The Secret History of Mac Gaming

Author: Richard Moss

Publisher: Unbound Publishing


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The Macintosh challenged games to be more than child’s play and quick reflexes. It made human–computer interaction friendly, inviting, and intuitive. Mac gaming led to much that is now taken for granted by PC gamers and spawned some of the biggest franchises in video game history. It allowed anyone to create games and playful software with ease, and gave indie developers a home for their products. It welcomed strange ideas and encouraged experimentation. It fostered passionate and creative communities who inspired and challenged developers to do better and to follow the Mac mantra ‘think different’. Drawing on archive material and interviews with key figures from the era – and featuring new material from Craig Fryar, Apple’s first Mac games evangelist and the co-creator of hit game Spectre – The Secret History of Mac Gaming is the story of those communities and the game developers who survived and thrived in an ecosystem that was serially ignored by the outside world. It’s a book about people who followed their hearts first and market trends second, showing how clever, quirky, and downright wonderful video games could be.

London Magazine

Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer...




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Chronicles of Newgate

Author: Arthur Griffiths

Publisher: Dorset Pr


Category: Criminals

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Questo libro di storia potrebbe contenere numerosi refusi e parti di testo mancanti. Solitamente gli acquirenti hanno la possibilita di scaricare gratuitamente una copia scansionata del libro originale (senza refusi) direttamente dall'editore. Il libro e Non illustrato. 1884 edition. Estratto: ...justifies the belief that an exaggerated importance was given to Lord George's vagaries, both by the Government and his own relations and friends. No doubt he was a thorn in the side of his family, but the ministry could well have afforded to treat him and his utterances with contempt. He was, however, indicted at the King's Bench for publishing the petition, which he had actually himself written, with a view to raise a tumult among the prisoners within Newgate, or cause a disturbance by exciting the compassion of those without. The pamphlet included the law and judges in indiscriminate abuse. "The laws," said the Attorney-General, " might not be absolutely perfect, but those who condemned them should not reside under their jurisdiction. The criminal law was nowhere attended to with more, or enforced with so much, lenity." Lord George when "wanted" on these charges was not to be found. At first it was thought he had escaped to Holland, but he was at length arrested in Birmingham, dressed in Jewish garb, and wearing a long beard. Some time before this he had espoused Judaism, even submitting, it was alleged, to circumcision, a change of religious belief for which he was excommunicated at Marylebone church. When put upon his trial he conducted his own defence, and made a long and desultory harangue, which included a history of the English criminal law from the days of Athelstan. He had been induced, he said, to look into the laws against felony because of a petty fraud in his family, which he had found constituted a capital offence, although the sum stolen was only eighteenpence. He went on to protest against the code as much too sanguinary, an opinion which proves...

New Riders' Official World Wide Web yelow pages

Author: New Riders Development Group

Publisher: New Riders


Category: Computers

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Find everything worth knowing about on the Web using this ultimate reference. With over 12,000 sites covering everything from animals to travel, readers will easily find sites of interest. The CD-ROM contains an HTML version of the book. Users can search through an alphabetical list of Web site names or locate sites by category--saving time and money.

Hoover's Handbook of Private Companies

Author: Hoover's Business Press



Category: Private companies

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Hoover's Handbook of Private Companies covers 900 nonpublic U.S. enterprises including large industrial and service corporations.