The Rise of Athens

The Story of the World’s Greatest Civilisation

Author: Anthony Everitt

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited


Category: History

Page: 584

View: 764

The story of the modest city-state that would become the birthplace of democracy

The Transformational Decade

Snapshots of a Decade from 9/11 to the Obama Presidency

Author: Herbert I. London

Publisher: University Press of America


Category: History

Page: 177

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The Transformational Decade attempts to show the transformation that took place in American life from the attack on the World Trade Center to the emergence of the Obama presidency. It illuminates a decade that challenged the essence of the free market and contested America s role on the world stage. "

Arming the Confederacy

How Virginia’s Minerals Forged the Rebel War Machine

Author: Robert C. Whisonant

Publisher: Springer


Category: Science

Page: 206

View: 303

This is a fresh look at the American Civil War from the standpoint of the natural resources necessary to keep the armies in the field. This story of the links between minerals, topography, and the war in western Virginia now comes to light in a way that enhances our understanding of America’s greatest trial. Five mineral products – niter, lead, salt, iron, and coal – were absolutely essential to wage war in the 1860s. For the armies of the South, those resources were concentrated in the remote Appalachian highlands of southwestern Virginia. From the beginning of the war, the Union knew that the key to victory was the destruction or occupation of the mines, furnaces, and forges located there, as well as the railroad that moved the resources to where they were desperately needed. To achieve this, Federal forces repeatedly advanced into the treacherous mountainous terrain to fight some of the most savage battles of the War.

A History of the Italian Republics

Being a View of the Rise, Progress, and Fall of Italian Freedom

Author: Jean-Charles-Léonard Simonde Sismondi



Category: Italy

Page: 300

View: 442

The Classical Greeks

Author: Michael Grant

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: History

Page: 352

View: 213

The story of the Athenian Golden Age by one of the world's pre-eminent classical historians. The Golden Age of ancient Greek city-state civilization lasted from 490 to 336 BC, the period between the first wars against Persia and Carthage and the accession of Alexander the Great. Never has there been such a multiplication of talents and genius within so limited a period and Michael Grant captures this astonishing civilization at the height of its powers.

A Dictionary of the Ancient Greek World

Author: David Sacks

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: History

Page: 306

View: 837

Alphabetically arranged entries provide a detailed look at the history of this ancient culture, covering such topics as art, architecture, technology, and women's roles.

Religious and Philosophical Topics

Author: Gary Clifford Gibson



Category: Religion

Page: 234

View: 787

Religious and philosophical topics written between 2007 and 2009 form this collection of essays published by Gary C. Gibson in 2009.

The Uniqueness of Western Civilization

Author: Ricardo Duchesne

Publisher: BRILL


Category: History

Page: 527

View: 546

After challenging the multicultural effort to “provincialize” the history of Western civilization, this book argues that the roots of the West’s exceptional creativity should be traced back to the uniquely aristocratic warlike culture of Indo-European speakers.

A History of the Ancient World

Author: Chester G. Starr

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: History

Page: 742

View: 821

Traces the origins of civilization from prehistoric times to the fall of the Roman Empire and discusses early culture, government, agriculture, religion, and trade

The Classical World

An Epic History from Homer to Hadrian

Author: Robin Lane Fox

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: History

Page: 672

View: 554

The classical civilizations of Greece and Rome once dominated the world, and they continue to fascinate and inspire us. Classical art and architecture, drama and epic, philosophy and politics-these are the foundations of Western civilization. In The Classical World, eminent classicist Robin Lane Fox brilliantly chronicles this vast sweep of history from Homer to the reign of Hadrian. From the Peloponnesian War through the creation of Athenian democracy, from the turbulent empire of Alexander the Great to the creation of the Roman Empire and the emergence of Christianity, Fox serves as our witty and trenchant guide. He introduces us to extraordinary heroes and horrific villains, great thinkers and blood-thirsty tyrants. Throughout this vivid tour of two of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known, we remain in the hands of a great master.