The Rise and Fall of Bartle Frere

Colonial Rule in India and South Africa

Author: Roy Digby Thomas



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In the nineteenth century Bartle Frere was one of the great heroes of the British Empire. His achievements in India brought him a knighthood and a baronetcy. His opinion was sought by politicians, military men and civil servants. He was a favourite of Queen Victoria, and arranged a tour of India by the Prince of Wales. He was appointed Governor-General of the Cape, in South Africa, with the mission to bring together the collection of British colonies and semi-autonomous republics in a confederation of South Africa. Within three years he was regarded as a villain by the British Government, and pilloried in the press. His career was ruined, and he died in ignominy. His sin was to start a war against the Zulus which led to the disaster at Isandlwana, where the British army suffered one of its worst ever defeats. What went wrong? Why did a man with such a proud record blunder so seriously? Why did he start a war against the express instructions of the British Government? This book will attempt to answer these questions, in the course of which it will show the influences which caused Frere to risk everything, and fail.

Sir Bartle Frere and His Times

A Study of His Bombay Years, 1862-1867

Author: Rekha Ranade

Publisher: Mittal Publications


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The Washing Of The Spears

The Rise and Fall of the Zulu Nation Under Shaka and its Fall in the Zulu War of 1879

Author: Donald R Morris

Publisher: Random House


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In 1879, armed only with their spears, their rawhide shields, and their incredible courage, the Zulus challenged the might of Victorian England and, initially, inflicted on the British the worst defeat a modern army has ever suffered at the hands of men without guns. This is the definitive account of the rise of the Zulu nation under the great ruler Shaka and its fall under Cetshwayo. The story is studded with tales of drama and heroism: the Battle of Isandhlwana, where the Zulu army wiped out the major British column; and Rorke's Drift, where a handful of British troops beat off thousands of Zulu warriors and won eleven Victoria Crosses. Acclaimed for its scholarship, its monumental range, and its spellbinding readability, The Washing of the Spears is a gripping portrait of not just the Zulu War of 1879, but also of Britain’s colonial policy at this moment.

Below Bartle Frere

A North Queensland Story

Author: C. R. Cummings

Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing


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Mt Bartle Frere is the highest mountain in Queensland. The Aboriginal name is Chooreechilum. Its massive bulk is covered in thick tropial rain forest full of leeches, snakes and prickly plants. The mountain sits at the headwaters of the Mulgrave River and the steep sides of the valley have been described by one of the early European explorers as 'truly awful country' - a real wilderness. To the North West of the mountain is the rolling farmland of the Atherton Tablelands - green, lush, well-developed, closely settled with farms, roads and towns.It is the start of the Christmas holidays - December in North Queensland - the 'wet' season in the tropics. Twelve year old Kylie and her friends Margaret and Allison travel with Kylie's mother in her car from Cairns to her grandmother's dairy farm on the Atherton Tablelands. On arrival they are confronted by a situation which immediately requires Kylie to act with determination and courage. She does so and an unexpected adventure begins.At the heart of the adventure is an old family legend. This will draw them into the rain-soaked, tropical jungle in the rugged country below Mt Bartle Frere. It will also draw in Kylie's older brother Graham and his friends of the 'Hiking Team': Peter, Stephen and Roger. But nature is not the only enemy. There are rivals - some known, others unsuspected.The adventure reaches its climax in a desperate life and death struggle against both man and nature which tests Kylie and her friends to their absolute limits of endurance.Suitable for teenagers.