The Reversal

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch together take on a seemingly unwinnable case in blistering legal thriller from Number One bestseller Michael Connelly. When defence lawyer Mickey Haller is invited by the Los Angeles County District Attorney to prosecute a case for him, he knows something strange is going on. Mickey's one of the best American legal brains in the business, and to switch sides likes this would be akin to asking a fox to guard the hen-house. But the high-profile case of Jason Jessup, a convicted child killer who spent almost 25 years on death row before DNA evidence freed him, is an intriguing one . . . Eager for the publicity and drawn to the challenge, Mickey takes the case, with LAPD Detective Harry Bosch on board as his lead investigator. But as a new trial date is set, it starts to look like he's been set up. Mickey and Harry are going to have to dig deep into the past and find the truth about what really happened to the victim all those years ago in this nail-biting courtroom drama.


Mind Your Mind


Publisher: Vimmy Bhatt


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 9

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THE REVERSAL THOUGHT PROCESS Book is based on the opposite reality of thoughts.It describes the Real Reality of Life.Yes you read it right,"THE REAL REALITY" because here your thoughts and your mind play so many tricky games with you that a person is unable to manifest the thoughts. Today most of us are fighting with one question in common i.e. "Whatever i think always the opposite happens".I have hereby tried to put up the two faces of a single thought. Thank you

The Reversal

The Power of the Stone

Author: Ronald Joseph Vaden




Page: 70

View: 327

The Mystery of the stone! Something Happened on that June Night while Star Gazing that Changes is Life and his way of thinking, it will take him on a journey that he will never forget. A time traveler he becomes to make a suggested difference in the minds of those he come encounter with and he'll have a spiritual message to pass on to you.

Martin Heidegger: In Europe and America

Author: E.G. Ballard

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Philosophy

Page: 200

View: 306

When Heidegger's influence was at its zenith in Gennany from the early fifties to the early sixties, most serious students of philosophy in that country were deeply steeped in his thought. His students or students of his students filled many if not most of the major chairs in philosophy. A cloud of reputedly Black Forest mysticism veiled the perspective of many of his critics and admirers at home and abroad. Droves of people flocked to hear lectures by him that most could not understand, even on careful reading, much less on one hearing. He loomed so large that Being and Time frequently could not be seen as a highly imaginative, initial approach to a strictly limited set of questions, but was viewed either as an all-embracing fmt order catastrophy incorporating at once the most feared consequences of Boehme, Kierkegaard, RiIke, and Nietzsche, or as THE ANSWER. But most of that has past. Heidegger's dominance of Gennan philosophy has ceased. One can now brush aside the larger-than-life images of Heidegger, the fears that his language was creating a cult phenomenon, the convictions that only those can understand him who give their lives to his thought. His language is at times unusually difficult, at times simple and beautiful. Some of his insights are obscure and not helpful, others are exciting and clarifying. One no longer expects Heidegger to interpret literature like a literary critic or an academic philologist.

Speech and System

Author: Peter Bornedal

Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 381

View: 599

In this investigation, creative writing and philosophy are shown to be specific types of language games, distinct from speech as used in communicative interaction between individuals. The author deals with thinking, speech and systems, respectively. The author's philosophical position is closest to that of Paul Ricoeur and Jacques Derrida, but on crucial issues he advances his own ideas on the relationship between speech and writing, also establishing a criticism of metaphysics that may be more radical than what has previously been developed.

Advanced Swing Trading

Strategies to Predict, Identify, and Trade Future Market Swings

Author: John Crane

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 217

View: 555

Real trading strategies for making a killing in today's volatilemarkets Advanced Swing Trading reveals the strategies used by George Soros,Warren Buffett and other high-profile traders to reap whirlwindprofits in today's volatile markets. With the demise of daytrading, traders are searching for new methods of exploiting theunprecedented volatility of post-9/11 securities markets. The mostsuccessful of these methods so far has been swing trading, apowerful technical approach that allows traders to profit fromshorter-term price moves, ranging from several days to a couple ofmonths. In Advanced Swing Trading, veteran trader and leadingtrading coach, John Crane clearly describes his originalAction/Reaction swing trading system. With the help of numerousreal-world examples, Crane clearly delineates his system and showsreaders how to use it to consistently to gain big returns in eventhe shakiest of markets. John Crane (Loveland, CO) is the founder of Traders Network, a firmproviding brokerage service and educational training products forsmart investors. His monthly columns have appeared in FuturesOptions magazine, and articles about his trading strategies haveappeared in Barron's, Consensus, and The Wall Street Journal.