The Reluctant Tarot Reader

Adventures in the Gypsy Trade

Author: Raven Mardirosian

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 184

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She's a gay girl in a Christian world, becoming the healer she was meant to be. But what do you do with a gift that you really don't want? Raven Mardirosian dreamed of being a missionary. A veterinarian. An English teacher. How did she go from staunch evangelical Christian and promising academic . . . to life as a Tarot reader? Beginnings: The Fool, The Coyote, The Real Me tells the story of Raven leaving the church with no real plan, and how a Catholic nun opened the door to the Tarot world. Part II of The Reluctant Tarot Reader is divided into 4 sections of 78 stories -- *To Birth, To Flame {Vignettes of Fire} *To Live, To Heal {Vignettes of Earth} *To See, To Speak {Vignettes of Air} *To Love, To Dream {Vignettes of Water} Read compelling works such as: "How To Be Ageless", "Steps To Being A Powerful Woman", "My Angels Prefer Harleys", "Reiki Love" and "Secrets from the Psychic World". Get an unflinching view into the mysterious aura of psychics, healers and Tarot readers -- straight from an insider. If it's time for you to come out of the metaphysical closet, The Reluctant Tarot Reader will help light the way. This is the story of a Tarot reader. A reluctant one.

Love. Sex. Tarot.

Author: Raven Mardirosian

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 579

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There are plenty of great Tarot books that teach you how to read the deck. But if you've searched for a story about being a psychic / healer / Tarot reader in the real world -- or even where to land, once you've discovered your gifts -- you're now holding it in your hands. "Love. Sex. Tarot." merges the wisdom of "The Reluctant Tarot Reader: Adventures in the Gypsy Trade", the tenderness of "Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story" and pure rawness of "Home: Thoughts on Belonging" into one big, bold trilogy with a brand new introduction from healer and Tarot reader Raven Mardirosian. "Love. Sex. Tarot." is the definitive memoir for those who feel like this planet is not where they belong -- but that they are destined for great things. The soul always knows.I needed a guide like this when starting out 15 years ago; a voice that was direct, comforting and down-to-earth; a waypoint where I could rest when the woo world was confusing and cliquey; a book that made me feel like I'd been heard. This is also for those struggling to come out of their closets, whether metaphysical or sexual. "Love. Sex. Tarot." will teach you how to find wisdom, be confident and stay healthy in a world littered with burned-out healers. It will also show you how to keep sane as an entrepreneur and create abundance in every area of your life. It's easier than you think. Plus, you'll laugh your butt off.I offer you my story -- insights, anger, loves and heartbreak -- to help you along the path. You are stronger than you think and as creative as you imagine. Once you accept your gifts, you can walk through life with a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Discoveries of a Reluctant Psychic

Author: John I. Magee

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Religion


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In this book I talk about my experiences with the odd and sometimes unexpected contact with the “spirit world” I have never asked to be a psychic or for spirits to visit or talk to me, it just happens, but I do know when to listen and know there is always a reason when they show their presence. I sometimes feel myself having premonitions of events yet to happen and I often wonder if I have an over active imagination and if I should seek proof for my own peace of mind that people live on in another dimension and visit on occasion (when they want to!).

The Reluctant Healer

Author: Andrew D. Himmel

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group


Category: Fiction

Page: 312

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Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2018 Between Doubt and Belief The Reluctant Healer tells the story of a young attorney who is torn between mounting evidence that he has the spiritual ability to heal others and his life-long skepticism of alternative views. Will Alexander is cautious and conventional. But when he meets Erica, a beautiful, intense energy healer, he becomes troubled not only by her unorthodox endeavors but also by the limitations of his own existence. Amidst this turmoil, Will is startled to discover that he may possess metaphysical gifts of healing that confront the narrow doctrines of his regulated life. ​The Reluctant Healer paints a portrait of a reasonable man who traces a path between skepticism and belief. Flawed, funny, and agnostic, Will distrusts much of the alternative world, even as he struggles internally with phenomena that challenge both his sense of self and his orderly perspective. Will’s love for Erica, the exposure to her world, and his newfound powers place his life in a state of uncertainty, teetering between disruption and liberation.

Conscous Conduit

A User’s Guide to Ascension

Author: William Gee

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 156

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Whether you are self-taught, or trained through the Spiritual Response Association (SRA), as a new practitioner of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), it can be difficult to grasp how to use this powerful and unique healing modality. This book is your guide into a world of connection with SPIRIT that explains how you can use SRT to make changes to your life to bring you closer to SPIRIT. Once you have opened yourself as the conscious conduit, the book goes on to provide helpful advice on how you can take your skills to the next level by bringing your gift to the world.

The Reluctant Psychic

A Memoir

Author: Suzan Saxman

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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We all, as children, saw imaginary friends and heard monsters in the closet. But for Suzan Saxman, those friends and monsters didn't go away—and they weren't imaginary. They were the dead who came to her from the time she was a little girl with urgent messages for the living. Raised in a house filled with secrets, she saw and spoke the truth as soon as she could talk, alarming the nuns in her convent school with her revelations and terrifying her own mother with her strange visions. Each night she woke to see a man with no eyes watching her, and each day she kept watch by the window while her father was at work and Steve, her real father, a swarthy drifter, rendezvoused with her mother. It was the 1960s in suburban Staten Island and she tried to hide it all, and be a daughter her mother could love. Always skeptical of her tremendous gift, she struggled to come to terms with her calling even as she revealed the destinies of everyone, from housewives to hit men, stockbrokers to rock-and-rollers. She could witness everyone's future—everyone's but her own. Why was she visited by angels and demons? Could she ever escape this strange fate? Where was her own soul mate? Now Suzan tells the story of her journey and tries to make sense of her family's buried secrets. Through powerful readings of others' destinies interwoven with compelling narrative, a reluctant psychic emerges from the shadows.

The Tarot Reader's Daughter

Author: Helen Dunwoodie

Publisher: Random House


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

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Rosa is surprised to discover tarot cards hidden in the wardrobe of her down-to-earth mum. Inextricably drawn to the cards, Rosa is rather shocked to find that she has a talent for using them - but even more shocked by her mother's fierce reaction to this. Unable now to resist the temptation to discover more, Rosa delves into her mother's background and finds it weirdly tangled with that of the mother of her new friend, Andy. As the two of them investigate what happened when their mothers were young, they tentatively develop their own feelings for each other too.

Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story

Author: Raven Mardirosian

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 158

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Is a cat just a cat? "The Reluctant Tarot Reader" and "Home: Thoughts on Belonging" told the story of Raven's struggle to embrace her intuitive gifts. In "Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story," we join a younger Raven in her 20s as she races around America with a broken heart after being rejected by the church, her sort-of girlfriend and climbing onto the wild ride of what it means to be a lesbian. When she lands in Colorado for a short-lived attempt at grad school, Raven discovers what's missing from her life: a cat. When she visits the local shelter, a tiny orange and white kitten named Avery grabs her finger and from that moment, they forge a friendship that lasts over 20 years and carries her through numerous breakups, the death of her mother and the ever-present question, "When are you finally going to settle down?" Avery and Zoey - a tough Brooklyn street cat who joins them four years into the journey - do their best to keep Raven tethered to earth as they travel cross-country in the quest for a little peace, love and a good home. To some, a cat is just a cat. To this crazy cat lady, her two companions are part of the great evolution and healing of her soul. And when the time comes to say goodbye to Avery, Raven faces the true test of love: letting go.

The Reluctant Spa Director

And the Mission Dream

Author: Skip Williams

Publisher: Infinity Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 176

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Skip Williams take his years of experience in the spa business and writes about successful spa management, presented in the form of a page turning story of fiction in this exciting and instructive novel. Through this journey, the characters as well as the reader learn about themselves and the principles of creating and running a successful spa.

Chrysalis: Poems of Release

Author: Raven Mardirosian

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Poetry

Page: 56

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Love. The greatest magic of all.But -- what happens when you lose your soulmate? How does the heart continue living?Not everyone makes it.Chrysalis invites the reader to join a modern day heroine on a journey through the passionate and treacherous landscape of the beloved. Movingly intimate and real, Chrysalis beautifully chronicles the arduous task of returning home to one's self after the loss of a great love. Weaving the Tarot, myth and the natural world throughout the narrative, Chrysalis is an enduring testament to the power and eternalness of love.