The Relationship Workbook

Activities for Developing Healthy Relationships & Preventing Domestic Violence

Author: Kerry Moles

Publisher: Wellness Reproductions & Pub Llc


Category: Social Science

Page: 153

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Relationship Workbook for Couples

A Guide to Deeper Connection, Trust, and Intimacy for Couples - Young and Old

Author: Rachel Stone

Publisher: Independently Published


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 184

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It may seem obvious to you that good communication is the foundation of every healthy, functioning relationship. Good communication skills will positively impact all of the relationships in your life, but this book will focus primarily on the practices that will have the greatest impact on the unique bond you share with your partner. You can aim to use these tools throughout your personal life, with friends and co-workers and family members--but regardless of how you incorporate these ideas into your day-to-day life, you and your partner should make a concerted effort to use these skills as you complete any of the questionnaires, quizzes or activities you find in this book. You may find a number of the questions to be challenging or provocative--they are intended to be! But you will find that with a toolbox of positive communication skills and a game plan to handle conflict, even the most nerve-wracking discussions will become manageable with your partner. Perhaps they'll even become easy and comfortable, once you are well-practiced with these skills. This book was designed with the intention of making the concepts of couples' therapy accessible to those who cannot find the time, money, or transport to reach a therapist's office. It also aims to make this work as simple, easy, and enjoyable as possible. Some chapters may pose challenging questions that expose difficulties in your relationship, while many others will offer fun, stress-free interactive exercises that you'll want to incorporate into date nights or lazy weekend mornings together. The concepts included can be applied to any relationship, whether your partnership is weeks, months, years, or decades old. You'll find activities designed for couples to use together, but you'll also find questionnaires to complete on your own which will help you to clarify your goals, both as an individual and as half of a partnership. This is a great book to keep handy at your bedside table or to carry with you and squeeze in a few minutes of relationship work wherever and whenever you can find time. This Workbook will provide you with: *Useful insights into what makes any romantic partnership successful and satisfying *Strategies, tools, questionnaires, and quizzes to discover, pursue and realize your personal relationship goals *Guided questions to help you learn more about yourself and your partner *Advanced exercises that aim at improving connection, trust, and intimacy within the couple *Suggestions on how to keep the unique relationship you share thriving for many years to come Regardless of your compatibility--whether you like the same colors, foods, movies, music, hobbies or friends--the health of your relationship will ultimately be determined by your willingness to invest in its future success. Keep asking questions and let yourself be open to unexpected answers. Don't look any further, scroll up, click "add to cart" and start your journey to a better relationship now"

Many Hearts, Many Loves, Many Possibilities: The Polyamory Relationship Workbook

The Polyamory Relationship Workbook

Author: Christina Parker



Category: Self-Help

Page: 164

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This book provides a powerful tool for everyone seeking to look beyond their fears, fantasies, and stereotypes and step into the reality of polyamory relationships whether they are just taking their first steps on that journey or are experienced travelers. A combination of information, insight, and detailed questionnaire, it is designed to help people get a clear understanding of who they are, what they want, and what they need in order to maintain a fulfilling relationship of any kind - regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or life situation. Ultimately, that personal understanding will facilitate communication among partners (current or potential) so they can work as a team to develop the relationship structure that will work best for everyone.

Relationship Workbook for Couples

The Practical Guide To Improve Communication Skills, Trust, Anxiety Management And Increase Intimacy – Quick Questions and Exercises

Author: Simon Brown

Publisher: Simon Brown


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 213

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Is your relationship all it could be? Are you happy and content or do you face challenges due to anxiety or trust issues? Would you like to improve your communication and build a deeper intimacy? All relationships must be worked at if they are to be a success. And all relationships encounter a time when they don’t run smoothly and problems within them can seem to be insurmountable. This is when good communication skills are essential and when you have to work the hardest to ensure you are doing all you can to reduce anxiety and stress. Inside this book, Relationship Workbook for Couples: The Practical Guide to Improve Communication Skills, Trust, Anxiety Management and Increase Intimacy, you will find plenty of advice and information that will help you achieve this, with chapters that cover: How to keep your relationship fresh and thriving The reasons you argue about the same things How to solve your problems constructively 15 practices that enhance intimacy Learning how to trust Dealing with difficult conversations Exercises to improve your connection with each other And more… At the end of each chapter, you will also find some questions that will help you better clarify your doubts, both as an individual and as a partner. This book is the result of many years of advice to couples who have found themselves facing so many communication problems. I can assure you all the secrets that you will find in this book are suitable for all couples, from the youngest to the oldest. If you cannot find the time, money, or transport to reach a therapist’s office but you have found that your relationship is faltering and have identified that communication, trust or anxiety are issues that are destroying it, then you should act now to change that before it’s too late. The Relationship Workbook for Couples is the perfect book that will help you achieve your goal, step by step.

The One-Way Relationship Workbook

Step-by-Step Help for Coping with Narcissists, Egotistical Lovers, Toxic Cowokers, and Others Who Are Incredibly Self-Absorbed

Author: Alan Cavaiola




Page: 244

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When you interact with a friend, family member, intimate partner, or coworker who is a narcissist, there's no give and take. The relationship only goes one way-their way-and you constantly have to adjust your own expectations and behavior to meet their standards. That's because people with narcissistic personality disorder, or NPD, are preoccupied with seeking admiration and power and find it difficult to empathize with others' feelings. And, as if maintaining a good relationship with a narcissist weren't hard enough, most narcissists do not realize or believe that they have a disorder at all. That's why The One-Way Relationship Workbook was created to help you effectively improve and ultimately transform your relationship with the self-absorbed, self-centered, or narcissistic individuals in your life.

The Relationship Skills Workbook

A Do-It-Yourself Guide to a Thriving Relationship

Author: Julia B. Colwell

Publisher: Sounds True


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

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Course objectives: Recognize relationship as an emotional healer; identify triggers, move through them, and come back into ease and aliveness Discover how intimacy in relationship requires curiosity, wonder, and the ability to find the truth of one's experience deep in one's body Discuss how to speak the "unarguable truth"; utilizing the eight step moving emotions process—moving from stuckness into emotional flow Define three toxic habits within relationships and their antidotes—transforming our own behavior, as well as those around us through positive attention Summarize how to move out of power struggles within relationships and into agreements which allow everyone to get everything they want Discuss how to live within the relationship you really want moving between contractiona and expansiveness—welcoming appreciations, creativity, play, aliveness, as well as love for self and other Utilize checklists, tools, and journaling exercises as a way to engage, reflect and explore relationship skills and self-growth What are the ingredients of a successful and enduring relationship? Love, passion, and commitment are all vital—yet without certain basic skills, even the most devoted partners can find themselves descending into arguments, power struggles, and disillusionment. With The Relationship Skills Workbook, Dr. Julia Colwell presents a practical guide for building a conscious partnership based on cooperation and trust—offering relationship-saving techniques and on-the-spot conflict resolution tools for disarming the explosive clashes that most commonly break couples apart. In this friendly and easy-to-use resource, Dr. Colwell teaches you essential tools for: Crisis and conflict first aid—communication strategies and emotional mastery techniques to stop arguing and start connecting Getting unstuck from power struggles—how to shift from deadlock to mutual responsibility and support Ending the blame game—letting go of accusation and resentment to create win-win agreements Supporting each other's growth and success—how to retain your personal autonomy while fully committing to your partner's happiness Moving from reactivity to creative solutions—techniques to keep your brain's flight-or-fight instinct from undermining your heart's desires Sustaining love, passion, and romance—how you can choose to create a magnificent relationship together "Relationships, while seemingly complicated, don't have to be so mysterious," Dr. Colwell says. "What I've learned from my decades of personal and professional experiences is that a few elegantly simple concepts and skills can help any couple through the most difficult spots—and help us transform conflict into intimacy, passion, and ever-deepening love."

Rebuilding Workbook

When Your Relationship Ends

Author: Bruce Fisher

Publisher: Impact Publishers


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 128

View: 501

Bruce Fisher's "Rebuilding" books and workshops have influenced hundreds of thousands of divorced persons worldwide. Built around ten carefully designed "lesson plans," the workbook offers a self-help or group work plan for systematic progress through the most important steps in divorce recovery. Included are sessions on the nine most important "Rebuilding Blocks" of divorce recovery: Adaptation, Grief, Anger, Self-worth, Transition, Openness, Love, Relatedness, and Sexuality. Each lesson plan includes behavioral objectives, a meeting agenda (including suggested group exercises), and "homework" for the following week's seminar. Self-help readers will enjoy the supplementary readings (poetry, articles, letters), specific exercises that may be completed alone, suggestions for affirmations, and other features of the "workbook" format. Divorce recovery groups find the Workbook an invaluable week-by-week guide as they share their experiences and work together to recover from the divorce crisis. The Workbook is widely used by therapists and other growth facilitators as a systematic plan for their seminars on divorce. Expert guidance from distinguished divorce therapist Bruce Fisher, together with the informal, readable, warm and friendly style of this manual, make the Rebuilding Workbook an outstanding resource for anyone involved in the process of putting life back together after divorce.

The Abusive Relationships Workbook

Author: Sam Vaknin

Publisher: Narcissus Publishing


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 185

View: 188

Self-assessment questionnaires, tips, and tests for victims of abusers, batterers, and stalkers in various types of relationships.

Emotionally Healthy Relationships Workbook

Discipleship that Deeply Changes Your Relationship with Others

Author: Peter Scazzero

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 398

Pete and Geri Scazzero developed The Emotionally Healthy (EH) Relationships Course over a 21-year period to directly address core biblical principles to guide you and others into an experience of discipleship that will deeply change your life. In the EH Relationships Course, everyone will learn 8 practical relationship skills to develop mature, loving relationships with others such as: Stop Mind Reading and Clarify Expectations Incarnational Listening Climb the Ladder of Integrity Clean Fighting And since loving others and loving God cannot be separated, each person will also grow in their personal, first-hand relationships with Jesus by incorporating stillness, silence, and Scripture as daily life rhythms. This workbook includes sessions introductions, group discussion questions, personal action steps, and between the sessions personal study. It is part of the Emotionally Healthy (EH) Relationships Course that also includes the Emotionally Healthy Relationships video and the Emotionally Healthy Relationships Day by Day devotional. Join us for a powerful journey that will walk you through a door that will change forever the way you love God, others, and yourself. Sessions include: Take Your Community Temperature Reading Stop Mind Reading and Clarify Expectations Genogram Your Family Explore the Iceberg Listen Incarnationally Climb the Ladder of Integrity Fight Cleanly Develop a “Rule of Life” to Implement Emotionally Healthy Skills Designed for use with the Emotionally Healthy Relationships Video Study (sold separately).

Relationship Workbook for Couples

A Guide to Deeper Connection, Intimacy, and Trust for All Couples!

Author: Smith Douglas




Page: 103

View: 127

♥♥ Do you want to create a healthy and happy relationship with your partner? Welcome to this transformational relationship guide! My goal is to touch your heartstrings and take you through a soul-searching trip that will have you looking into the nature and essence of your relationship, to find gentle solutions for most of the problems you may be experiencing with your partner. Every successful relationship, despite its uniqueness, credits its success to the same principles, consideration, understanding, a willingness to try, positivity, consistent support, compromise, and a deep friendship. That is a practical book with real-life examples and case studies, questionnaires, and exercises for you to implement alone or with your partner. Apply the principles I have shared in this couple's guide and fully commit to incorporating them in your day-to-day life and your relationship, no matter how difficult or how far out of your comfort zone the exercises may feel. If you feel an internal resistance, it should be a sign that you are making progress; change never comes easy, but it is always worth it! That way, you will receive amazing results! Encourage your significant other to join you on this journey, and with effort on both your parts, you will give birth to a healthy relationship that will make both of you feel confident and supported, not just for a moment, but possibly for eternity. What will you discover in this book? How to Say I Love You; Develop Positive Habit of Saying I Love You? Making Time with your Partner; Difference Between Making Sex and Love; The Best Time to Show your Love is During a Conflict; The Five Stages that let you Take in Love; Why Emotional Intimacy is the key to a Happy Relationship and Couples Communication; How Could you get to the Deepest level of Emotional Intimacy with your Partner; What Determines Happiness in a Husband-wife Relationship; Effective Couple Communication Techniques, Tools, and Strategies; Identifying your Personal Needs and Goals as the First and the Most Crucial Step in Building a Long-lasting Relationship; How to Transform your Personal Negative Beliefs and Attitudes; Simple and Effective Ways to Make the Desired Changes Happen; Remember, you and your partner can work through just about anything as long as you are both willing to try, apply the same kind of effort, and refrain from destroying each other or yourselves. At the very core, most relationships, despite their uniqueness, are successful for the same reasons, and in this couple's workbook, I seek to share those principles and approaches with you. ♥♥ Enjoy this journey of creating a fulfilling relationship! Are you Ready? ✔ Scroll Up and Click the "Add To Cart And Buy Now" Button to Get Your Book!