The Quiet Side of Passion

Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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THE TWELFTH INSTALLMENT OF THE MUCH-LOVED ISABEL DALHOUSIE SERIES It is summer in Edinburgh and Isabel Dalhousie is once again caught between 'gossip' and significant rumour. It is none of her business that Patricia, the mother of her son Charlie's little friend Basil, is estranged from Basil's father, or that the woman has a somewhat brazen attitude to childcare. And yet, it is curious. Isabel, however, has much else on her mind as editor of the 'Review of Applied Ethics'. Along with the work involved for its impending next issue, she really needs to get her house in order and tend to the demands of her niece, Cat. Thankfully, the arrival of Antonia, the exuberant Italian au pair, will take care of urgent chores. And the hiring of Claire, a diligent if unsettlingly beautiful new assistant at the 'Review', surely means that Isabel can breathe, at least a little. But her sharp observation and assured role as confidante soon have Isabel doubting all her recent decisions. What's more, her instinct to help others may have put her in real danger. In her desire to run both a smooth household and working life, has she simply created more chaos? Perhaps the quiet side of passion is, after all, the best side on which to be? The Quiet Side of Passion is the twelfth book in the series, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

How to Raise an Elephant

Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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The latest instalment from the beloved THE NO. 1 LADIES' DETECTIVE AGENCY series Catch up on the latest from Mma Ramotswe, Mma Makutsi and other favourites in this new instalment of Alexander McCall Smith's The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series. As the temperature rises in Gaborone, Precious Ramotswe, founder of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, wonders whether the heat could be the reason that business is particularly slow. Luckily, a slower pace in life is her natural preference, unlike her colleague Mma Makutsi, who is alert to every passing observation and inclined to making snap decisions. With fewer cases to handle, Precious has time to contemplate her new neighbours, a couple who, by the sounds of it, have a rather volatile relationship . . . But then a distant cousin of Mma Ramotswe's comes to the agency with a plea for help, and the ladies decide to pursue the issue together. Armed with Mma Ramotswe's circumspection and Mma Makutsi's sharp eye, they proceed with confidence and open hearts. What, after all, could be more straightforward than a family matter? Meanwhile, their colleague Charlie is behaving oddly, borrowing Mma Ramotswe's van and returning it in an unusual condition. Digging a little deeper, the explanation is both strange and extraordinary, and takes Charlie, along with Mma Ramotswe's husband, Mr J. L. B. Matekoni, on a hair-raising night-time expedition. In the end, Precious is reminded of the need to view a picture from every angle, to accept the imperfections in people and situations, and then find a solution - preferably over a delicious slice of her friend Mma Potokwani's fruit cake. 'Irresistible' The Times 'Every page contains a gem of wit and insight' Scotsman

99 Thoughts to Help You Fill Your Life Management Tool Box

Author: Nathan S. Collier

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Self-Help


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This book is a compilation of personal leadership and development blogs written by Nathan S. Collier, a real estate developer, entrepreneur, attorney, general contractor and certified public account. His words of wisdom are meant to help, motivate and encourage those looking to improve in different aspects of their lives by focusing on goal-setting, motivation, positive affirmations, leadership, life work balance, personal awareness, habit creation and continual learning techniques. His thoughts are based on real life experiences rooted in great challenges and extraordinary success.

Passion and Pedagogy

Relation, Creation, and Transformation in Teaching

Author: Elijah Mirochnik

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


Category: Education

Page: 466

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The inaugural title of a series in which faculty members at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts will address critical issues in arts education for university faculty, classroom teachers, and students of education, based on the innovation programs in the arts there. The 25 contributions discuss creating the teacher and changing the world, collaborative learning and improvisation, constructing a space for creativity in science, and other topics. There is no index. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Crimes of Passion

Author: Herbert J. Salomon



Category: Detective and mystery stories

Page: 337

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Author: P.G. Simmons

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 456

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The prominent and wealthy socialite, Gerri Fitzgerald, has reached the very pinnacle in the social world of New York City in 1909. Using each of her husbands as steppingstones, she secured what she had always considered her destiny—power and wealth. As she prepares for her fourth marriage, her eldest daughter gets another chance to rekindle an old relationship, her youngest son returns from the dead, her youngest daughter comes to the realization that she controls her own future, and her eldest son finally ascertains his own mettle. Being a very obsessive and psychotic individual, Gerri believes that the wealthy are impervious to the law, but because of her Pride, Power and Passion she does not believe that her own children could ever defy her.

Passion Week

Three Sermons of Lancelot Andrewes ... on the Passion of Our Lord : to which are Added, Extracts from His Devotions, &c

Author: Lancelot Andrewes



Category: Holy Week sermons

Page: 164

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The Autumn of the Middle Ages

Author: Johan Huizinga

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: History

Page: 490

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"Here is the first full translation into English of one of the 20th century's few undoubted classics of history." —Washington Post Book World The Autumn of the Middle Ages is Johan Huizinga's classic portrait of life, thought, and art in fourteenth- and fifteenth-century France and the Netherlands. Few who have read this book in English realize that The Waning of the Middle Ages, the only previous translation, is vastly different from the original Dutch, and incompatible will all other European-language translations. For Huizinga, the fourteenth- and fifteenth-century marked not the birth of a dramatically new era in history—the Renaissance—but the fullest, ripest phase of medieval life and thought. However, his work was criticized both at home and in Europe for being "old-fashioned" and "too literary" when The Waning of the Middle Ages was first published in 1919. In the 1924 translation, Fritz Hopman adapted, reduced and altered the Dutch edition—softening Huizinga's passionate arguments, dulling his nuances, and eliminating theoretical passages. He dropped many passages Huizinga had quoted in their original old French. Additionally, chapters were rearranged, all references were dropped, and mistranslations were introduced. This translation corrects such errors, recreating the second Dutch edition which represents Huizinga's thinking at its most important stage. Everything that was dropped or rearranged has been restored. Prose quotations appear in French, with translations preprinted at the bottom of the page, mistranslations have been corrected. "The advantages of the new translation are so many. . . . It is one of the greatest, as well as one of the most enthralling, historical classics of the twentieth century, and everyone will surely want to read it in the form that was obviously intended by the author." —Francis Haskell, New York Review of Books "A once pathbreaking piece of historical interpretation. . . . This new translation will no doubt bring Huizinga and his pioneering work back into the discussion of historical interpretation." —Rosamond McKitterick, New York Times Book Review

A Highlander's Passion

A Highlander's Beloved Novel

Author: Vonnie Davis

Publisher: Loveswept


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 647

Two of the wildest hearts in Scotland fight for their destiny in this searing-hot romance, sure to be devoured by fans of Jennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound series and Shelly Laurenston’s Pride Stories. As a bear-shifter in a pack roaming the Scottish countryside, Bryce Matheson embodies brute force and untamed abandon. As a widower, he’s running scared. When Bryce attempted to open his scarred heart to another, she grew tired of waiting for him to state his intentions, and the unearthly beauty spurned him for someone who wasn’t worthy. But now that fate has conspired to set Kenzie Denune free once again, Bryce vows to finally win her love. Kenzie is a witch who summons her powers to protect those too weak to care for themselves. After surviving an abusive husband, she swears off men—even men like Bryce, whose iron muscles make her knees weak, and whose piercing eyes fill her with longing. Her life’s purpose is to help others. However, dark forces have different plans for her gifts. To save herself, Kenzie must team up with the shifter who has always stirred her soul—and trust in a passion powerful enough to set her blood aflame. Praise for A Highlander’s Passion “A sexy power play between two characters that brought me to tears with laughter and emotion . . . I’m in love with the Highlander’s Beloved series!”—Kelly Moran, award-winning author of Return to Me “A sexy-hot blast of mystery, magic, and a second chance at claiming the love of a lifetime.”—Maeve Greyson, author of the Highland Time Runners series “Packed with red hot passion, mystical suspense, and snicker-inducing humor, this heart-tugging kilted romance entertains and satisfies from beginning to end. Well done, Ms. Davis.”—Mackenzie Crowne, RONE Award–winning author of A Song for Sophie “Vonnie Davis is a bard of romance in the truest sense of the word: She’s a comedian, a storyteller, and a poet. I never hesitate to recommend her to readers because she never fails to deliver. She’s absolutely brilliant.”—Melissa Snark, author of Battle Cry “The beautiful Highlands, witchcraft, and shifters set the scene for this passionate tale.”—Fresh Fiction “I am such a huge fan of Vonnie Davis. Her books just make me happy.”—Romancing the Readers “I loved A Highlander’s Passion. . . . We have some very sexy Highlander bear shifters, great fun-loving characters, and a sweet romance. . . . I can’t wait for more books in this series.”—Angel’s Guilty Pleasures “An excellent story that had a whole lot of everything I needed to escape the real world for a few hours: lust, love, the past, the present, the future, a touch of mystery and suspense, and a healthy happily ever after.”—Written Love “Quite an entertaining read, exciting and action-packed.”—Musings of a Bookish Kitty “A good read for fans of Katie MacAlister’s books . . . I’d recommend this to readers who like contemporary Highland romance and paranormal romance with a lot of action.”—Libromancer’s Apprentice “This fun, sexy read kept me turning the pages needing to know more about the sexy shifter and his witch.”—Travels n Reads Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Passion's Palette

Author: Peggy Jaeger

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc


Category: Fiction

Page: 294

View: 333

Talented and witty portrait artist Serena MacQuire is successful in everything but love. Her gift for capturing people on canvas is rivalled only by her fiery and legendary temper. A tragedy from the past keeps her heart securely locked away, preventing any man from getting close enough to claim it. But Seamus Cleary isn’t just any man. After he left his professional football career to become a veterinarian, his bitter wife ended their marriage. Now, as he starts his life over in a new town, love is the last thing he's looking for. The more he tends to Serena’s horses, though, the more he realizes her own heart needs tender care and healing as well. Will he be the man who finally unlocks and claims her heart?

Dark Passion the Novel

Author: Warren Tijuan-Thomas Anderson

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 709

Dark Passion The Novel, is an Urban delight; Good times, parties and non-ending cash flows were the lifestyle DeMillo Sneed, and his friends grew up in and loved. Shortly after returning home from a visit with relatives in Kenya, Jamal a new type of boi enters their circle. DeMillo befriends him, but not with out warnings of his odd demon like behavior from his cousin Josh. After several contacts with Jamal, DeMillo and his friends notices their lives and most things around them are changing. Although they were sure he was not like them they still accepts an invitation to a party given by him and learn they have made the worst mistake of their young vibrant lives. DeMillo and his friends turns to Mogis, a professor of supernatural studies hoping for answers and truth, but everything goes wrong. They began to turn on one another, they are picked up and questioned for murders they did not commit, shadows and voices fills their homes followed by echoes of death and that horrible night of Jamal's party. They decide to go old school and play detective to find the underlying cause of things, and that is when their ride began. They do everything their young minds can think of to get help with their dilemma and when all hope was gone, they had to face Jamal and the reasons behind his visit, and they eagerly learn that their own sexuality holds the key.

The Quiet Americans

Four CIA Spies at the Dawn of the Cold War - A Tragedy in Three Acts

Author: Scott Anderson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: History


View: 415

‘A darkly entertaining tale about American espionage, set in an era when Washington’s fear and skepticism about the agency resembles our climate today.’ New York Times At the end of World War II, the United States dominated the world militarily, economically, and in moral standing – seen as the victor over tyranny and a champion of freedom. But it was clear – to some – that the Soviet Union was already executing a plan to expand and foment revolution around the world. The American government’s strategy in response relied on the secret efforts of a newly-formed CIA. The Quiet Americans chronicles the exploits of four spies – Michael Burke, a charming former football star fallen on hard times, Frank Wisner, the scion of a wealthy Southern family, Peter Sichel, a sophisticated German Jew who escaped the Nazis, and Edward Lansdale, a brilliant ad executive. The four ran covert operations across the globe, trying to outwit the ruthless KGB in Berlin, parachuting commandos into Eastern Europe, plotting coups, and directing wars against Communist insurgents in Asia. But time and again their efforts went awry, thwarted by a combination of stupidity and ideological rigidity at the highest levels of the government – and more profoundly, the decision to abandon American ideals. By the mid-1950s, the Soviet Union had a stranglehold on Eastern Europe, the US had begun its disastrous intervention in Vietnam, and America, the beacon of democracy, was overthrowing democratically elected governments and earning the hatred of much of the world. All of this culminated in an act of betrayal and cowardice that would lock the Cold War into place for decades to come. Anderson brings to the telling of this story all the narrative brio, deep research, sceptical eye, and lively prose that made Lawrence in Arabia a major international bestseller. The intertwined lives of these men began in a common purpose of defending freedom, but the ravages of the Cold War led them to different fates. Two would quit the CIA in despair, stricken by the moral compromises they had to make; one became the archetype of the duplicitous and destructive American spy; and one would be so heartbroken he would take his own life. Scott Anderson’s The Quiet Americans is the story of these four men. It is also the story of how the United States, at the very pinnacle of its power, managed to permanently damage its moral standing in the world.

The Story of Ian

Author: Hyden Standards

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 398

View: 276

14 year old Ian is found swimming in shark filled waters after having survived the Cuban gunboat attack and massacre of the 13-de-Marzo tug. He is rescued by a U.S. naval vessel and brought back to the U.S. It is while living in Miami that Ian grows up to become another of America's great success stories. His tenacity, determination, and math skills earn him a place among America's youngest ever self-made millionaries. But disaster strikes Ian in more ways then one, turning his rags to riches story back again into a riches to rags downfall. First, there's the financial meltdown in 2008 that robs him of most of his wealth. A $20 million fine leaves him near penniless. Then a freak accident leaves him for dead if not for the heroic efforts of paramedics. Ian next awakens from a 40 day coma whereupon he spends the next 2 years in rehab relearning his motor skills. He thinks he's cheated the Grim Reaper yet again. This convinces him that he's meant for a special purpose in life, or at least that's what his new visions and voices tell him. Ian's life journey takes a startliing twist once he is back on his own. He begins filling journals upon journals with events only he can interpret. But it's when he starts his new revolutionary website, and then begins video taping some of his intentions, that Ian comes to the immediate attention of Homeland Security. What he suggests on his site for the coming New Year shoots him straight to the top of Homeland's watch-list. Once a sterling example of an 'against all odds' success story, Ian is now forced to hide from authorities who consider him having goine rogue, though his site continues to grow as a voice of the people. Fast paced and informative, this is the story of Ian.

The Bookseller

A Newspaper of British and Foreign Literature




Category: Bibliography


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The Quiet Storm

My Life, My Process, My Victory

Author: Stormy Wellington

Publisher: Brown Girls Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 254

View: 279

Born to fail! That's what many would say about the beginning of Stormy Wellington's life. Born to a mother who wanted to abort her, Stormy didn't have the best of beginnings. Raised mostly by her brothers and family friends while her mother took care of her business in the streets, it didn't seem like Stormy had any kind of path to success. And for a while, Stormy found herself caught up in the life of hustling and drug dealing, scheming and stripping. But even in the midst of that life, Stormy had a dream. Inside she knew she would rise above it all. She was determined never to be a product of that environment. The Quiet Storm is the autobiographical journey of Stormy Wellington as she overcame all the traps of her life. Not even her pregnancy at the age of fifteen stopped Stormy from shaping her future and taking control of her destiny. Stormy endured a life that was filled with pain, but instead of being a victim, she embraced her past, understanding the entire time that every situation and circumstance was a part of her process and would help her along her road to success. Today, Stormy Wellington is one of the top network marketers in the country and for the first time, this renowned motivational speaker and life coach, shares her story. The Quiet Storm is a story of hope and purpose and will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired, knowing that by embracing your past, like Stormy, you can step into the magnificence of your future!

Jairus's Daughter

A Midrash

Author: Patti Rutka

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 180

View: 636

Jairus's Daughter is a literary-historic novel that sets up a rhythm between two women separated by twenty centuries. Their lives nonetheless mirror each other in subtle ways and finally intersect in modern Israel. Aviel, a scribe in first-century Israel, has a gift and a secret that, millennia later, will affect the choices of Anna Washington, a modern rock climbing woman searching for her heart's direction. Colorful characters and striking detail combine in this tale of passion and integrity from midrashic novelist Patti Rutka.