Goodbye Pink Room

Rose's Story

Author: Jane Grayshon

Publisher: Lion Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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Rose grew up in a family where she felt inferior to her brothers and afraid of her mother, who warned her fiercely about men who hid in bushes and did unspeakable things to children. But Uncle George made her feel safe, loved and wanted. Her whole family trusted him - so when he wanted to take Rose off for special treats, her parents were delighted. And so was Rose - but she got puzzled when he wanted to take photographs of her in the nude. Soon he was warning her that she had been very naughty and he could get her into a lot of trouble, so she must keep quiet. Knowing she was special to him, she knew he wouldn't want her to get hurt - even though he did hurt her sometimes. And besides, Jesus was watching over her - and Uncle George was a big part of church life. So what he was doing must be all right, mustn't it - and if it wasn't, Jesus would stop him, wouldn't he?

In the Pink Room

Author: Stephen Gillers



Category: Law

Page: 20

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This essay, drawn from Legal Ethics: Law Stories, tells a story about Ramos v. City of New York, a wrongful conviction; the misconduct that led to it; and the creative work of a single lawyer who won his client's release - and then successfully sued for the largest settlement New York City had ever paid in this kind of case. Legal Ethics classes mostly focus on rules, hypothetical fact patterns, and cases, perhaps with a smattering of tales from the headlines. Rarely do they get into the details of actual cases seen through the eyes of the participants as the case unfolds.

The Pink Room

Author: Mark LaFlamme



Category: Fiction

Page: 276

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In this novel by LaFlamme, the world's leading physicist attempts to use string theory to bring his daughter back from the dead.

The Pink Room

Author: Jody-Lynn Reicher

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 352

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"The Pink Room" is a sequel to, "How To Ruin a Pearl." It addresses what's next for Jackqueline Bloodworth; the dynamics of the new relationships she now has in self-defense classes, and how the old relationships she'd had prior to the incident dissolve. "The Pink Room," unveils certain mysteries about the people who were in her life, yet were not so involved before her abduction. Characters such as Detective Bianchi, Jr., Mr. Sgroi, Dante Contadino, Crazy Joe Prosciutto, and so forth, are shown on a more detailed scale; increasing the vividness of their lives. "The Pink Room" gives some possible insight into the detective and forensic work that is done for crimes such as sexual assault, domestic violence and murder are touched upon to give the reader a feel for what may occur to have findings enough to bring a case to findings for the Discovery, Arraignment, Felony Hearing, Indictment and subsequent Trials. "The Pink Room" will be the second one of four books in this series.

Room & Remains

Carole Itter, "The Pink Room: a Visual Requiem" : Bev Pike, "Microscopic Remains".

Author: Open Space Arts Society





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Werke Aus Der Sammlung Der / Works from the Collection of the Nationalgalerie - Staatliche Museen Zu Berlin, Aus Der / From the Friedrich Christian Fl

Author: Gabriele Knapstein

Publisher: Verlag Fur Moderne Kunst


Category: Art

Page: 181

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"The exhibition 'Architektonika' at the Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin displayed sculptural works, paintings, photographs and films that relate to architecture in a variety of ways. The thematic presentation sought to illustrate how differently artists have approached the interface between art and architecture since the 1960s. Besides the design, they also reflect on the social implications of buildings and urban spaces. This publicaiton considers the exhibition from various viewpoints, whilst focusing on individual aspects of this multifaceted topic"--Front cover flap


Author: Charles Walter Berry



Category: Wine and wine making

Page: 140

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Changing Rooms


Author: Linda Barker

Publisher: Bbc Publications


Category: House & Home

Page: 144

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This text aims to banish decorating disasters. It explains how to achieve a colour scheme that suits the reader's home and lifestyle. Drawing on projects from the television series, it shows how to take advantage of the many shades, textures and types of wall covering available.

Furnishings at Faraway

Faraway Ranch, Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona

Author: David H. Wallace



Category: - Arizona

Page: 521

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Stop Breakin Down


Author: John McManus

Publisher: Picador


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Winner of the Whiting Writers' Award In a voice somewhere between Cormac McCarthy and Kurt Cobain, John McManus explores young people living in extreme situations. Some are in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains, some in the Pacific Northwest, a few are in the Western deserts of Utah and Nevada, one is in England, and many are scattered throughout the Southern US. All are desperate for something beyond the ordinary lives that are given to them, and every one is absolutely unforgettable.

Pink Room

Author: Tammy Williams-Jackson

Publisher: CreateSpace



Page: 26

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comes from the series 'Childhood Days' and is an encouraging book for children. I hope you will enjoy this book.

Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt-Vanderbilt Sites, Hyde Park, New York

Author: Peggy A. Albee



Category: Architecture, Domestic

Page: 519

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Next of Kin

Author: Ami Elizabeth Reeves

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer


Category: Fiction

Page: 218

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Welcome to Delight, Arkansas, where the roots of family trees grow so deep, old secrets poison the groundwater. When marathoner Sally Brown shows up in Arkansas, her sister Suzanne gives her such a chilly reception that even ten-mile runs can't warm her. Then reporter Bobbie Lou Voight--who's been snooping into Suzanne's past--turns up dead during Delight's chicken cook-off. Could pregnant Suzanne have wielded the lethal weapon? What about the beauty queen cheated out of the Miss Arkansas crown years ago by the deceased? Even local restaurateur R.D. Blackwell is under suspicion, what with those regular cash payments he'd been making to Bobbie Lou. As a fifty-foot tall chicken statue named Shorty keeps an eye on all the citizens of Delight, the mystery surrounding Sally's sheltered childhood unravels at an even pace with her race to uncover the killer.

Moonlight Veil

Author: Janis Laden

Publisher: Zebra Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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Vowing to rescue her sister from an arranged marriage to a decadent rake, Allegra Caulfield finds that her well-meant machinations may result in her own betrothal to the scoundrel

The Noise of Time

Selected Prose

Author: Osip Mandelʹshtam

Publisher: European Classics


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 249

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Osip Mandelstam has come to be seen as a central figure in European modernism. This volume includes his autobiographical sketches, The Noise of Time; his novella The Egyptian Stamp; Fourth Prose; and his travel memoirs. There are essays by Clarence Brown.

The Little Bookroom

Author: Eleanor Farjeon

Publisher: Oxford University Press - Children


Category: Juvenile Fiction


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A girl sits in a dusty room, crammed to the rafters with books. Sunlight dances on the covers, between which are stories of magical worlds and faraway places, lands of princesses, kings, giants, and real children too. Eleanor Farjeon was that girl, who was so enchanted by her little bookroom that she recreated it by writing this wonderful collection of short stories. This charming book was the winner of the prestigious Carnegie Medal and is beautifully illustrated throughout by Edward Ardizzone, whose exquisite pictures immediately bring to mind the magical atmosphere of the stories

House & Garden




Category: Architecture, Domestic


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