The Pattern-Welded Blade

Artistry in Iron


Publisher: Redd Ink Press




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Pattern-welded blades are among the most beautiful and durable creations ever to emerge from the bladesmith's forge. Now, Jim Hrisoulas, reveals the secrets of this ancient craft, from the welding of the starting billet to the final assembly of the completed blade.

Stage Combat Resource Materials

A Selected and Annotated Bibliography

Author: J. Michael Kirkland

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 343

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This volume is designed to educate the reader about the evolution of stage combat.

The Chesopiean




Category: Indians of North America


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Old English Enigmatic Poems and the Play of the Texts

Author: John D. Niles

Publisher: Brepols Pub


Category: Poetry

Page: 330

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Old English Enigmatic Poems and the Play of the Texts consists of a close study of a number of verse texts, most of which are preserved in the Exeter Book of Old English poetry. All of these texts are enigmatic. Some are riddles; others are riddle-like in their manner of simultaneously giving and withholding information. A number of them feature the literary use of runes. The author approaches these poems as microcosms of the art of Old English poetry in general, which (particularly in its more lyrical forms) relies on its audience's ability to decipher metaphorical language and to fill out many details that remain unexpressed. The author's chief claim is that Old English poetry is a good deal more playful than is often acknowledged, so that the art of interpreting it can require a kind of 'game strategy' whereby riddling authors match their wits against adventurous readers. New readings of a number of particular poems and passages are offered; the whole collection of Exeter Book riddles is given a set of answers posed in the language of the riddler; and some possible instances of 'creative runography' are explored. The book combines the methods of rigorous philology and imaginative literary analysis.

The Celtic World

Author: Miranda Green

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 864

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The Celtic World is a detailed and comprehensive study of the Celts from the first evidence of them in the archaeological and historical record to the early post-Roman period. The strength of this volume lies in its breadth - it looks at archaeology, language, literature, towns, warfare, rural life, art, religion and myth, trade and industry, political organisations, society and technology. The Celtic World draws together material from all over pagan Celtic Europe and includes contributions from British, European and American scholars. Much of the material is new research which is previously unpublished. The book addresses some important issues - Who were the ancient Celts? Can we speak of them as the first Europeans? In what form does the Celtic identity exist today and how does this relate to the ancient Celts? For anyone interested in the Celts, and for students and academics alike, The Celtic World will be a valuable resource and a fascinating read.

Beyond the bloom

bloom refining and iron artifact production in the Roman world

Author: David Sim

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports


Category: Social Science

Page: 155

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Details and results of the author's experimental Roman iron-artefact production, including a database for comparative study. Contents: The place of iron in the Roman world; technical aspects of iron making; bloom forging experiments; Roman iron artefacts; evaluation of microscopic debris from bloomsmithing and blacksmithing experiments.