The Paper Trail

An Unexpected History of a Revolutionary Invention

Author: Alexander Monro

Publisher: Vintage


Category: History

Page: 384

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A sweeping, richly detailed history that tells the fascinating story of how paper—the simple Chinese invention of two thousand years ago—wrapped itself around our world, humankind’s most momentous ideas imprinted on its surface. The emergence of paper in the imperial court of Han China brought about a revolution in the transmission of knowledge and ideas, allowing religions, philosophies and propaganda to spread with ever greater ease. The first writing surface sufficiently cheap, portable and printable for books, pamphlets and journals to be mass-produced and distributed widely, paper opened the way for an unprecedented, ongoing dialogue between individuals and between communities across continents, oceans and time. The Paper Trail explores how the new substance was used to solidify social and political systems that influenced China even into our own time. We see how paper made possible the spread of the then new religions of Buddhism and Manichaeism into Japan, Korea and Vietnam . . . how it enabled theologians, scientists and artists to build the vast and signally intellectual empire of the Abbasid Caliphate and embed the Koran in popular culture . . . how paper was carried along the Silk Road by merchants and missionaries, finally reaching Europe in the late thirteenth century . . . and how, once established in Europe, along with the printing press, paper played an essential role in the three great foundations of Western modernity: the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Scientific Revolution. Here is a dramatic, comprehensively researched, vividly written story populated by holy men and scholars, warriors and poets, rulers and ordinary men and women—an essential story brilliantly told in this luminous work of history. From the Hardcover edition.

The Paper Trail

Author: Pam Holden

Publisher: Red Rocket Readers


Category: Children's stories, New Zealand

Page: 16

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Do you like treasure hunts? What do you have to do? These children had to follow a trail of papers to find a surprise. Where do you think it was hidden? What do you think the surprise was?

Paper Trail

Author: Creativesoulz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 48

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The story of the ultimate hustlers . . . . two brothers faced with adversities unsuccessful hustlers, father dead, mother strung out then she also dies, they are looking for a come up they failed at most of their attempts to get rich quick schemes then they fall on a fail proof plan to get that paper and let the scams begin.. with their superior gift for gab and that fl air for the ladies the race is on to stay one step ahead of the law and the victims they have scammed not to mention the hood thats trying to fi nd out how these two misfi t come up so fast with the women and the paper to become two of the hoods most infamous . . . money, cars, women, jewelry, they cant be stopped until greed shows its ugly face and divides the two . . . but in the end they discover no matter what all they need is each other . . . .

Teaching Information Literacy

50 Standards-based Exercises for College Students

Author: Joanna M. Burkhardt

Publisher: American Library Association


Category: Education

Page: 138

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"Covering the basics of planning, collecting, and evaluating, each of the 50 standards-based exercises in this book address one or more of the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education and promote conceptual and applied skills via active learning, problem-based learning, and resource-based learning."--[back cover]

Paper Trail

Common Sense in Uncommon Times

Author: Ellen Goodman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

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In this rich and savvy collection of commentaries on the events, people and issues that shape and define our world, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and New York Times bestselling author Ellen Goodman cuts to the heart of the stories and controversies that helped to define our times. For over twenty-five years, nationally syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman has been training her lens on contemporary American life. A marvelously direct writer with keen insight into what makes the average American tick, laugh and occasionally boil with rage, Goodman takes her measure of the national psyche in a voice that is at once perceptive, witty and deeply humane. Paper Trail, her first collection in more than ten years, journeys through an era that has been golden in its advances and bleak in its disappointments. In a voice both reasoned and impassioned, she makes sense of the cultural debates that have captured our attention and sometimes become national obsessions. She wrestles with the close-to-the-bone issues of abortion, working mothers and gay marriage, the struggles for civil liberties and equal rights, and the moral complexity of assisted suicide and biotech babies. As she wends through the era of the Clinton scandals and the "amBushing" of America, the dot-com boom and bust, the horrors of September 11 and the War on Terrorism, Goodman pauses to celebrate some of our lost icons, including Jackie Onassis, Princess Diana and Doctor Spock. She reminds us as well of the fleeting fame of such instant celebrities as Elian Gonzalez and Lorena Bobbitt. The lines that separate public and private life dissolve under Goodman's scrutiny as she shows us how Washington politics, Silicon Valley technology and the national media culture infiltrate our jobs, relationships and minds. With the trademark clarity that readers count on, she walks us through the dilemmas posed by new technologies that range from cloning to cell phones and makes us laugh at the vagaries of Viagra and Botox and unreality TV. And in a world that sometimes seems to be stuck on fast forward, she holds on to values as timeless as a family Thanksgiving and a summer porch in Maine. Including more than 160 of Ellen Goodman's lively and stylish columns, this timely collection walks us along the paper trail in a voice that is both crystal clear and original.

Cleaning Up the Paper Trail – Our Clinical Notes in Open View






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Abstract : Purpose: Ireland's physicians have a legal and an ethical duty to protect confidential patient information. Most healthcare records in Ireland remain paper based, so the purpose of this paper is to: assess the protection afforded to paper records; log highest risk records; note the variations that occurred during the working week; and observe the varying protection that occurred when staff, students and public members were present. Design/methodology/approach: A customised audit tool was created using Sphinx software. Data were collected for three months. All wards included in the study were visited once during four discrete time periods across the working week. The medical records trolley's location was noted and total unattended medical records, total unattended nursing records, total unattended patient lists and when nursing personnel, medical students, public and a ward secretary were visibly present were recorded. Findings: During 84 occasions when the authors visited wards, unattended medical records were identified on 33 per cent of occasions, 49 per cent were found during weekend visiting hours and just 4 per cent were found during morning rounds. The unattended medical records belonged to patients admitted to a medical specialty in 73 per cent of cases and a surgical specialty in 27 per cent. Medical records were found unattended in the nurses' station with much greater frequency when the ward secretary was off duty. Unattended nursing records were identified on 67 per cent of occasions the authors visited the ward and were most commonly found unattended in groups of six or more. Practical implications: This study is a timely reminder that confidential patient information is at risk from inappropriate disclosure in the hospital. There are few context-specific standards for data protection to guide healthcare professionals, particularly paper records. Nursing records are left unattended with twice the frequency of medical records and are found unattended in greater numbers than medical records. Protection is strongest when ward secretaries are on duty. Over-reliance on vigilant ward secretaries could represent a threat to confidential patient information. Originality/value: While other studies identified data protection as an issue, this study assesses how data security varies inside and outside conventional working hours. It provides a rationale and an impetus for specific changes across the whole working week. By identifying the on-duty ward secretary's favourable effect on medical record security, it highlights the need for alternative arrangements when the ward secretary is off duty. Data were collected prospectively in real time, giving a more accurate healthcare record security snapshot in each data collection point.

The Science of a Piece of Paper

The Science of Materials

Author: Camilla De La Bédoyère

Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 383

Introduces paper, including its scientific properties, its history, and how it is made.

Criminal Financial Investigations

The Use of Forensic Accounting Techniques and Indirect Methods of Proof, Second Edition

Author: Gregory A. Pasco

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Law

Page: 295

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Understanding the financial motivations behind white collar crime is often the key to the apprehension and successful prosecution of these individuals. Now in its second edition, Criminal Financial Investigations: The Use of Forensic Accounting Techniques and Indirect Methods of Proof provides direct instruction on the "how to" aspects of criminal financial investigations, taking readers through the different approaches used in gathering evidence and demonstrating how to present circumstantial evidence to a judge or jury in a simple and convincing manner. Simplifying how the financial pieces fit together, this text: Presents the logic and reasoning involved in constructing a financial criminal investigation Describes the requirements for legal acceptance of forensic accounting investigations Includes relevant examples of the step-by-step processes involved in financial investigations Explores the pitfalls—and how to avoid them—in financial investigating Contains two investigations with step-by-step procedures from initial inquiry to case completion—for use as term or topical assignments or to promote class discussion New Chapters in the Second Edition: What Is a Financial Investigation? Indirect Methods in Tax Investigations Unique Aspects of Criminal Tax Investigations Innovative Applications Written by a former Special Agent with the Criminal Investigation Division of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, this volume sets out a successful methodology enabling readers to identify, pursue, and successfully prosecute financial white collar crime.