The Nine Doors of Midgard

A Curriculum of Rune-Work

Author: Edred Thorsson

Publisher: Rune-Gild


Category: Religion

Page: 272

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The Nine Doors of Midgard is a complete course of study in self-transformation through the Runes. It been used by the initiates of the Rune-Gild since 1980. The graded steps offer a systematic and traditional approach to inner Rune-work. The author, Edred Thorsson (Stephen Flowers, PhD), is the world's leading authority on esoteric runelore.

Ritual Magic

Author: Donald Tyson

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 28

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Discover how magic—real magic—can change your life with The Truth About Ritual Magic by Donald Tyson. Magic is real. It can give you inner peace and self-confidence, personal magnetism, the power to attain your goals, and a true understanding of your self and your place in the universe. This book is your gateway to understanding a powerful and once-secret art: ·Discover what you can expect from ritual magic—and what not to expect ·Find out how ritual magic can change your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being through opening a channel to your Higher Self ·Explore the use of song, chants, dance, and special postures and breathing in ritual magic ·Learn about the basic instruments of ritual magic: altar, magic circle, lamp, elemental symbols, robe, wand, sword, athame, and ring ·Practice a simple ritual to awaken your magical perception of the world ·Awaken your magical perception As a creative, potent force, magic has been an important part of human civilization for millennia. The power to shape the world still lies within each of us. The Truth About Ritual Magic is your key to deciphering the mystery of ritual magic—and your own latent magical powers.

Western Esotericism in Scandinavia


Publisher: BRILL


Category: Religion

Page: 716

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Western Esotericism in Scandinavia is a detailed encyclopaedic work covering all major esoteric currents in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Ritual Embodiment in Modern Western Magic

Becoming the Magician

Author: Damon Zacharias Lycourinos

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Religion

Page: 222

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In the Western world, magic has often functioned as an umbrella term for various religious beliefs and ritual practices that seek to influence events by harnessing supernatural power. The definition of these myriad occult and esoteric traditions have, however, usually come from those that are opposed to its practice; notably authorities in religious, legal and intellectual spheres. This book seeks to provide a new perspective, directly from the practitioners of modern Western magic, by exploring how a distinctive mode of embodiment and consciousness can produce a transition from an ‘ordinary’ to a ‘magical’ worldview. Starting with an introduction to the study of magic in the Western academy, the book then presents the author’s own participant observation of five ethnographic case studies of modern Western magic. The focus of these ethnographic case studies is directed towards ideas and methods the informants employ to self-legitimise and self-represent as ‘magicians’. It concludes by discussing the phenomenological implications and issues around embodiment that are inherent to the contemporary practice of magic. This is a unique insight into the lived experience of practitioners of modern magic. As such, it will be of keen interest to scholars of the Occult and New Religious Movements, as well as Religious Studies academics examining issues around the embodiment and the anthropology of religion.

ALU, An Advanced Guide to Operative Runology

Author: Edred Thorsson

Publisher: Weiser Books


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

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This follow-up to the classic Futhark breaks new ground by applying current scientific theories on how magic works in traditional societies to the world of practical magic. ALU, An Advanced Guide to Operative Runology contains completely new and fresh descriptions of all the individual runes based on traditional sources, rune-poems, Old Norse literature, and more. Thorsson one of the most respected runic scholars living today, synthesizes the old and the new, the scholarly and the practical, and brings the use of runes in magical work to a new level in ALU, An Advanced Guide to Operative Runology. ALU features:Practical magic Divination practicesReveals new techniques and methodsHow modern English can be used in the creation of runic writings

Paganism Today

Author: Charlotte Hardman

Publisher: Thorsons Pub


Category: Religion

Page: 251

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The number of practicing Pagans in Britain is increasing dramatically, but still Paganism is shrouded in a cloak of fear and misunderstanding. This collection of views reflects the diversity of traditions and thinking that characterize modern Paganism.

The Utne Reader





Category: Underground press publications


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The Nine Waves of Creation

Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution, and the Destiny of Humanity

Author: Carl Johan Calleman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

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A guide to aligning your life with the frequencies of the Nine Waves of Creation • Explains the quantum physics behind the Waves of the Mayan Calendar system and how their holograms shape the human mind • Shows how throughout history each revolution in human consciousness has been driven by the activation of one of the Nine Waves of Creation • Reveals how we can consciously work to deactivate the negative patterns of the Sixth Wave and manifest the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave In the past few years the world has witnessed changes in social consciousness whose sudden development the ruling scientific paradigm has not been able to explain. These changes correspond with the activation of new Waves of Creation emanating from the center of the universe that influence human thinking. From the Big Bang to the present, these Waves guide the evolution of the universe and, through their holographic resonance with the human mind, profoundly shape revolutions in religion, technology, economy, and social consciousness. Presenting a quantum-holographic perspective on world history and human consciousness, Carl Calleman explains the quantum physics behind the Waves of the Mayan Calendar system and how these Waves allow us to understand the shifting eras on Earth as well as the possibilities of the future. He describes how, prior to the activation of the 6th Wave in 3115 BCE, our social systems were based on a unified cosmic order, but the hologram of this Wave shifted society to an all-consuming focus on Good and Evil, leading to the rise of patriarchal religious structures, slavery, and warfare. He explores how later Waves and their new holograms helped humanity survive the negative effects of the 6th Wave, such as the Industrial Revolution of the 7th Wave and the Digital Revolution of the 8th Wave. In 2011, the 9th Wave was activated, bringing with it an accelerated push for a more egalitarian world, a rising awareness of unity consciousness, and access to the full power of all Nine Waves of Creation. Calleman explains how our individual resonance with each Wave plays a role in the quality of our lives and how we must consciously work to resonate with the higher Waves. Revealing how we can become quantum activists in a holographic world by aligning with the 9th Wave, the author shows how we each can help manifest the destiny of humanity hinted at in ancient texts.

Eagle's Mead

Initiatory Poetry and Prose

Author: Eirik Westcoat

Publisher: Skaldic Eagle Press



Page: 318

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Eagle's Mead is a poetic and prose record of one initiate's journey in the Runic Tradition through Edred Thorsson's The Nine Doors of Midgard, which went beyond that to encompass not only the Runes, but also the Mead of Poetry and the Grail Mythos. This is a book for initiates, magicians, esotericists, and other travelers of hidden realms.