The New Science of Consciousness Survival and the Metaparadigm Shift to a Conscious Universe

Author: Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

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"Alan Hugenot" lectures on “the Leading-Edge Science of the Afterlife,… he concluded that the entire universe is conscious and that this explains both near-death experiences and certain paradoxes of quantum theory…. As someone with a physics degree, I know that Hugenot’s….basic idea of a conscious universe is neither crazy nor new…. Erwin Schrödinger, one of the fathers of quantum physics, was an avid student of Hindu philosophy, and believed something similar." Gideon Lichfield, April 2015 Atlantic Monthly “The existence of a hidden field (Bohm’s implicate order) of non-physical consciousness, occupying as yet undiscerned additional dimensions, which are outside the visible reality (Bohm’s explicate order) as defined by 3-D plus time, has now been proven scientifically by the following collated data: Recent repeated replication of John Bell’s theory of non-locality, Studies of the Near-Death experience, and After-death communications demonstrated in triple blind laboratory experiments testing evidential mediumship This hidden field (implicate order) of non-physical consciousness, also provides the matrix upon which the explicate order of observed reality is continually manifested." Alan Hugenot “Our challenge is to discover, through careful science, how we can interface with this matrix of consciousness. Viewing psi phenomena as belonging to aspects of reality, about which we as yet simply know very little, is the only honest way for any scientist to proceed. Healthy scientific skepticism must be open to new discoveries; and so allow open examination of the scientific data developed by rigorous para-normal research. Honest, open minded inquiry will bring both new discoveries of truth and new laws of physics beyond the limits of the Newtonian paradigm. Alan Hugenot

Death Is Not the End

Understanding the Transition Between Lives

Author: Ines Beyer

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 196

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Do you wonder what happens to your consciousness after your body dies? Are you hoping for or believing in an afterlife, but just arent sure? Would you prefer more evidence that leads beyond religion, mediums, or blind faith? Inside youll discover research that suggests consciousness exists outside the human brain and body; insights out-of-body and near-death experiences can provide; how we continue to live after physical death and what to expect; the three types of deaths (or deactivations) and how they affect our awareness; how we spend the period between lives and the importance of a life mission; and ways to come to peace with leaving this life and letting family, friends, or partners go. Navigating this difficult phase in your life and being able to help your loved ones transition can be challenging. We all have to go through it and this book will assist you! If youre curious about exploring lifes most existential questions and what research is available in this field, perhaps because you had to face a serious illness, an accident, the passing of someone close to you, or harbor any fear of dying, this book is for you (Luis Minero, author of Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience). Personally, I have walked out-of-body in the afterlife, traveling well beyond the horizon of our perceived physical reality during my own near-death experience. So I know that the concepts of OBE and NDE are valid. I welcome this new model and will use it in my work (Alan R. Hugenot, PhD, author of The Death Experience: What it is like when you die).