The Nearly Men of Rugby League

Author: Tom Mather

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 154

View: 185

This book deals with the sporting life of fifteen Australian Rugby League players who almost reached the pinnacle of their sporting career. Sadly, for many reasons, they were to fall at the final hurdle. The book also gives fascinating insights into the players’ lives off the field—one player gaining the second-highest military honour during World War I and another dying while en route to England to represent his country. One player was to lose his life in the most bizarre and mysterious circumstances while another remains somewhat of a mystery even to this day. Whilst essentially a book about Rugby League players, it is also a book about the extraordinary lives of sportsmen.

The Nearly Man

A True Story of a Young Man's Striving to Achieve His Life's Ambition.

Author: J. S. Nearey

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 264

View: 861

This is the true moving story of a young man growing up in the 1950's, of staunch Roman Catholic parents. Encouraged by family and teachers, the eleven years old holds a burning desire to become a Missionary Priest. His story unfolds against the backdrop of a Catholic Church going through massive change, yet stuck firmly in the past, with teachings and traditions going back hundreds of years. Leaving the love of his family he joins a junior seminary where he begins his progress towards becoming a priest. It describes his fears and concerns about his calling from God and his life at a boarding school. It tracks his adolescent life, desperately trying to come to terms with being a youth with normal feelings, whilst living in the unusual environment of a Monastery. It tells of his emotional turmoil and inability to make a definite decision about his future, as he becomes more and more institutionalised. It follows his time in a Scottish Monastery where he is initiated into strict Monastic ways, then moves onto a Seminary where he struggles with Monastic life, his studies and emotional relationships. Finally, illness and love are the catalysts for The Nearly Man making the decision of his lifetime.

Hamish Sheaney

The Nearly-Man of Irish Literature

Author: Joe Cushnan



Category: Poetry

Page: 98

View: 983

Hamish Sheaney, poet, thinker, figment...He may not exist, so it might have been necessary to invent him. Hamish Sheaney might be Joe Cushnan or Joe Cushnan might be Hamish Sheaney. They are never seen in the same rooms together, but more often than not they are in the same rooms. Shirt collar, shoe size, dental records and preference for Mini Cheddars are purely coincidental. Here is the profile of literature's nearly-man, his wit, wisdom and poetry for all to enjoy and endure in equal measure. Joe Cushnan is the author of Retail Confidential, an offbeat look at shops, shoppers and shopping, and a freelance writer/media contributor.

The Very Nearly Man

An Autobiography

Author: Robert Hounsome

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd


Category: Celebrities

Page: 259

View: 256

An autobiography that recounts Robert Hounsome's varied and exciting life that has seen him come into contact with aristocrats, Nazis, criminals, film stars, singers, beauty queens and ghosts. As well as a moving account of one man's life, it also captures the golden age of Fleet Street journalism after the Second World War.

Nearly Man: The Complete Second Series

Author: Henry Harding



Category: Humor

Page: 418

View: 328

Altruist, spiritualist, pacifist, communist, philanthropist... Stan Turner thinks he is well on his way to becoming some kind of superman. Unfortunately for him, everyone else still just sees the Nearly Man. This volume contains all six scripts (plus the Christmas and New Year specials) from the second series of the greatest sitcom never seen on TV. Episodes - 1: Look Who's Stalking; 2: Play It Again, Stan; 3: O Brother, There Thou Art!; 4: Training Days; 5: Night Of The Missing Fred; 6: Solitary Stan; Xmas: It's A Glorious Death; New Year: Dead Stan Walking

Nearly Man: The Complete First Series

Author: Henry Harding



Category: Humor

Page: 286

View: 925

Writer, musician, painter, comedian, philosopher... Stan Turner sees himself as a bit of a renaissance man. Unfortunately for him, everyone else just sees the Nearly Man. This volume contains all six scripts (plus the pilot) from the first series of the greatest sitcom never seen on TV. Episodes - Pilot: Guess Who's Coming To Ruin Dinner; 1: My Big Fat Greedy Wedding; 2: Spy-Baby; 3: When Hailey Met Stanley; 4: Fear and Loathing in Lyme Regis; 5: Permission: Impossible; 6: The Liar, The Snitch & The Wardrobe

A State of Play

British Politics on Screen, Stage and Page, from Anthony Trollope to The Thick of It

Author: Steven Fielding

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

View: 782

A State of Play explores how the British have imagined their politics, from the parliament worship of Anthony Trollope to the cynicism of The Thick of It. In an account that mixes historical with political analysis, Steven Fielding argues that fictional depictions of politics have played an important but insidious part in shaping how the British think about their democracy and have helped ventilate their many frustrations with Westminster. He shows that dramas and fictions have also performed a significant role in the battle of ideas, in a way undreamt of by those who draft party manifestos. The book examines the work of overtly political writers have treated the subject, discussing the novels of H.G. Wells, the comedy series Yes, Minister and the plays of David Hare. However, it also assesses how less obvious sources, such as the films of George Formby, the novels of Agatha Christie, the Just William stories and situation comedies like Steptoe and Son, have reflected on representative democracy. A State of Play is an invaluable, distinctive and engaging guide to a new way of thinking about Britain's political past and present.

Rough Ride

Behind the Wheel with a Pro Cyclist

Author: Paul Kimmage

Publisher: Random House


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 336

View: 391

An eye-opening expose of and a heart-breaking lament for professional cycling Paul Kimmage's boyhood dreams were of cycling glory: wearing the yellow jersey, cycling the Tour de France, becoming a national hero. He knew it wouldn't come easy, but he was prepared to put in the graft. The dedication paid off – he finished sixth in the World Championships as an amateur and in 1986, he turned professional. He soon discovered it wasn't about courage, training hours or how much you wanted to win. It was about gruelling defeats, total exhaustion, and drugs - drugs that would allow you to finish the race and start another day. Kimmage ultimately left the sport to write this book – profoundly honest and ground-breaking, Rough Ride broke the silence surrounding the issue of drugs in sport, and documents one man’s love for, and struggle with, the complex world of professional cycling. ‘A must read for any cyclist’ Cyclist WINNER OF WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR

The One New Man

Author: Witness Lee

Publisher: Living Stream Ministry



Page: 77

View: 995

Nobles and Nobility in Medieval Europe

Concepts, Origins, Transformations

Author: Anne Duggan

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 285

View: 238

The great strength of this collection is its wide range...a valuable work for anyone interested in the social aspects of the medieval nobility. CHOICE Articles on the origins and nature of "nobility", its relationship with the late Roman world, its acquisition and exercise of power, its association with military obligation, and its transformation into a more or less willing instrument of royal government. Embracing regions as diverse as England (before and after the Norman Conquest), Italy, the Iberian peninsula, France, Norway, Poland, Portugal, and the Romano-German empire, it ranges over the whole medieval period from the fifth to the early sixteenth century. Contributors: STUART AIRLIE, MARTIN AURELL, T. N. BISSON, PAUL FOURACRE, PIOTR GORECKI, MARTIN H. JONES, STEINAR IMSEN, REGINE LE JAN, JANET N. NELSON, TIMOTHY A REUTER, JANE ROBERTS, MARIA JOAO VIOLANTE BRANCO, JENNIFER C. WARD

Where Have You Been?

Selected Essays

Author: Michael Hofmann

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

View: 160

An adventure with a roving genius of literary criticism Michael Hofmann—poet, translator, and intellectual vagabond—has established himself as one of the keenest critics of contemporary literature. Safely nestled between the covers of Where Have You Been?, he offers a hand to guide us and an encouraging whisper in our ear, leading us on a trip through what to read, how to think, and why to like. And while these essays bear sharp insights that will help us revisit writers with a fresh eye, they are also a story of love between a reader and his treasured books. In the thirty essays collected here, Hofmann brings his signature wit and sustained critical mastery to a poetic, penetrating, and candid discussion of the writers and artists of the last hundred years. Here are the indispensable poets without which contemporary poetry would be unimaginable—Elizabeth Bishop, "the poets' poets' poet," the "ghostly skill" of Robert Lowell, and the man he calls the greatest English poet since Shakespeare, Ted Hughes. But he also illumines the despair of John Berryman and the antics of poetry's bogeyman, Frederick Seidel. In essays on art that are themselves works of art, Hofmann's agile and brilliant mind explores a panoply of subjects from the mastery of translation to the best day job for a poet. What these diverse gems share are the critic's insatiable curiosity and great charm. Where Have You Been? is an unmissable journey with literature's most irresistible flaneur.

The Associates: Four Capitalists Who Created California (Enterprise)

Author: Richard Rayner

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 219

"A first-rate look at the little-known story behind the creation of America's first continental railroad…Entertaining and well written." —Publishers Weekly One hundred forty years ago, four shopkeepers in Sacramento, California, rose to become the force behind the American transcontinental railroad, achieving along the way wealth beyond measure. To build influence and maintain power, they lied, bribed, and, when necessary, arranged for obstacles, both human and legal, to disappear. Their names were Collis Huntington, Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker, and Mark Hopkins, and they were known as "The Big Four" or "The Associates." Their drive for money—nothing more, nothing less—was epic. Their legacy is a university, public gardens, museums, mansions, banks, and libraries—and to a large degree, California itself. A captivating chronicle of a crucial period in American urban expansion, The Associates is a true-to-life tale of ruthless ambition, staggering greed, and the making of a nation.

The Nearly Departed

Or, My Family and Other Foreigners

Author: Brenda Cullerton

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 213

Cullerton's parents were always eccentric. Her mother gardened in curlers, pop beads, and black satin underpants, while her father hid wads of cash in shoes in the garage. This is a haunting, heartbreaking, and incredibly funny book that is a love letter to parents, family, and home -- however strange they may be.

Gossy The Autobiography

Author: Jeremy Goss

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 208

View: 884

The official autobiography of the famous ex-Canary and Welsh international, Jeremy Goss.


50 Years of Irish Football Managers

Author: Trevor Keane

Publisher: Mercier Press Ltd


Category: Soccer managers

Page: 320

View: 943

This is a complete history of Irish international football managers. The Irish football manager is high profile and prestigious postition with many dramatic highs and lows. This book includes over 55 personal interviews from all the key personalities and the people who knew them best.

The Nearly Perfect Plan

Author: Karl Boyd




Page: 320

View: 577

When Roger Odem Booth first mentioned he and Carl Jesse James becoming confidence men, Carl asked, "Do you really think we can make a living by conning old fogies out of their money?"Roger smiled and said, "Yes, we can."Carl matched his smile and made a bad pun; "Don't you mean,"Yes we con?"And so, the "Yes, we con", trilogy begins:A fiction crime thriller, "The Nearly Perfect Plan", is the first in a trilogy chronicling the adventures of Roger Booth and Carl James, two young, ambitious confidence men. Fate works overtime when Roger and Carl stumble upon the perfect way to hijack three Brinks armored trucks in broad daylight and make them disappear in a matter of minutes. They enlist the aid of twenty of their ex-Army buddies to pull off "The Perfect Plan".