The Magic of Sprouts

Author: Dueep J. Singh

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books


Category: Cooking

Page: 44

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The Magic of Sprouts Table of Contents Introduction The Nutritive Value of Sprouts Suitable Sprouting Seeds How to Use Sprouts Buying Sprouts Why Are My Sprouts Inedible? How to Make Sprouts Sprouting Lentils in Colanders Making a Sprouting Bag Readying Seeds for Germination How to Grow Wheatgrass Sprouts Sprouting the Seeds Beforehand Watering Wheatgrass sprouts/seedlings Harvesting Mung Bean and Rice Pancakes Author Bio Publisher Introduction Nobody is quite certain when human beings decided to make sprouts a part of their daily diet. Not only were they healthy and nourishing, but they are also an unusual contrast to other vegetable and fruit items in matters of texture and flavor. But it is a well-known fact that millenniums ago, people of those cultured civilizations knew everything about adding germinating seeds to their daily diet, and did so regularly. In olden days, people of many such civilizations worshiped the Gods and Goddesses of Harvest by offering them a handful of sprouted grains, before the first spring sowing of the year. So in one way they were appeasing the gods, and asking their blessings for a bountiful harvest. In another way, they were making sure that the seeds that they intended to sow in their lands were capable of producing plants through successful germination! So one could say that two birds were knocked out with just one stone. Sprouting is the process of germination in which seeds, which are edible are allowed to grow into little plants. These are then eaten raw or they are cooked. Sprouting is an integral part of East Asian cuisine, where traditionally nearly every meal had sprouts in some form or the other, either raw or in cooked form added to the platter. Luckily, this healthy habit spread throughout the world, and more and more people began to know all about the benefits of eating sprouts to gain nutrition and enjoy good health.

Bean Sprouts Kitchen

Simple and Creative Recipes to Spark Kids' Appetites for Healthy Food

Author: Shannon Payette Seip

Publisher: Fair Winds Press


Category: Cooking

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Bean Sprouts Kitchen brings the magic behind Bean Sprouts’ award-winning kids’ café menu to parents, kids, and chefs of all ages. The cookbook features tried-and-true tips for making mealtime hip and healthy with 60 creative and wholesome recipes that families will love to prepare and eat! Perfect for picky and adventurous eaters alike, Bean Sprouts Kitchen shares simple, smile-worthy ideas for dishes packed with protein, fruits, and veggies, including: Grilledzilla: healthy and goofy grilled cheese Crocamole: “croc” pot of avocado hummus and veggie dippers Spaceadilla: quesadilla propelled by pepper flames and jicama stars Do-Re-For-Me: musical munchie that won “Best Kids’ Meal in the U.S.” (Nat’l. Rest. Assoc.) Broctopus: broccoli-based veggie tot with eight veggie tot legs Daredeviled Eggs: deviled eggs with kale chip capes Dino S’mores: wholesome dino grahams with chocolate tarpits and fruity fillings Co-authors Shannon Seip and Kelly Parthen serve millions of visitors through their Bean Sprouts cafés in family destinations like children’s museums, science centers, amusement parks, zoos, and national parks. Based off the whimsical and wholesome kids’ menus from their cafes, Shannon and Kelly are experts in making healthy food fun. The new Bean Sprouts Kitchen cookbook captures their 10+ years of insight and their unique approach, including: Clean Ingredients: All recipes adhere to quality ingredient guidelines. In short: no artificial anything—no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Allergy-friendly Options: Bean Sprouts is known for its allergy-friendly approach. The recipes in Bean Sprouts Kitchen can accommodate nearly every dietary need, with ingredient alternatives and flexible recipes. Kid and Parent-approved: Bean Sprouts Kitchen features recipe themes around what kids love—from race cars and pets to building blocks and tutus—with healthy ingredients that make parents happy. Additional recipes are inspired by Bean Sprouts’ family destination locations (amusement parks, science centers, etc.)— from edible Roller Toasters to UFOats energy balls. Child Involvement: Shannon and Kelly know that getting kids to try new tastes and eat healthy foods can be tricky and frustrating. But studies have shown that the more playful an item and the more hands-on children can be in the food prep process, the more likely they are to try something new. The book’s recipes are simple enough for children to join in the prep. Add some whimsy to your healthy family cooking with Bean Sprouts Kitchen.

The Magic of Microwave


Author: Joanne Crocker

Publisher: Western Publishing Company


Category: Microwave cooking

Page: 208

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Coral Gardens and Their Magic: A Study of the Methods of Tilling the Soil and of Agricultural Rites in the Trobriand Islands

Volumen One - The Description of Gardening

Author: Bronislaw Malinowski

Publisher: SEVERUS Verlag


Category: Science

Page: 608

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As part of Papua New Guinea, the Trobriant Islands are located in a bordering sea of the Pacific Ocean. At the beginning of the 20th century the anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski was one of the first to explore the archipelago in the South Sea and ist inhabitants. In the context of his work he discovered that Freund’s psychoanalytic universality thesis regarding the Oedipus complex is not true for the islanders. In this first volume out of three, Malinowsky deals with the tribal economics and social organizations as well as the trobriandan gardening techniques and the magic within this kind of work.

Jack and the Bean Sprouts

Author: Cynthia D Howard




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Jack is a poor school boy who lives on a farm with his sick mother and a cow named Cassie Girl. Jack and his mother live off the milk from Cassie Girl, but one day Cassie Girl does not give them any milk. Jack's mom tells him to go sell Cassie Girl at the market so they can have money to buy food. At the market Jack sees clothes and food but he also sees an odd man. The odd salesman was singing a song about beans. The song said the beans were magical and would be just what Jack needed. Before Jack could explain to the odd salesman that he had no money to buy the beans and could only exchange the cow for the magical beans the salesman was gone but the beans were left behind. When Jack returns home he has no food. He proudly shows his mother the beans, but she becomes very angry with Jack and throws the beans out the window. After school Jack discovers the sprouted beans are magical just as the bean salesman said. He gives the sprouted beans to his mother and his mother felt good enough to dance. She is no longer sick and Jack is so excited. Jack is so excited he sets off to tell the village about the magic beans. Jack hopes to feed the hungry with his magic beans but soon discovers an old women and an amazing adventure is about to begin!

Reversing Ageing

Author: Paul Galbraith

Publisher: Magni Company


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 236

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Sprout Garden

Indoor Grower's Guide to Gourmet Sprouts

Author: Mark Mathew Braunstein

Publisher: Book Publishing Company


Category: Gardening

Page: 143

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Sprout Garden presents a comprehensive guide to the art and science of home sprouting. From aduki beans to wheat kernels, it explains the best methods and optimal conditions for growing and preparing the many varieties of fresh sprouts, and offers essential advice so that even beginners can succeed. With a generous helping of puns and subtle humor, this book entertains as it explains how to cultivate wholesome fresh food at home, the latest health research about broccoli sprouts and alfalfa, and mail order sources for sprouting equipment and seeds. Mark offers a collection of vegetarian recipes intended to tantalize the gourmet's palate not just with salads but also with entire dinners and delicious desserts. "Sprout Garden" provides an indispensable resource for every whole foods vegetarian kitchen.

Through the Wardrobe

Your Favorite Authors on C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia

Author: Herbie Brennan

Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 200

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The third in the latest film version of C.S. Lewis’ beloved Chronicles of Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, will be released in December 2010. In a crowded market of predictable tie-ins, Through the Wardrobe—a collection of always thoughtful, frequently clever explorations of the series by sixteen popular YA authors that proves the series is more than its religious underpinnings—stands out. Step through the wardrobe and into the imaginations of these friends of Aslan as they explore Narnia—from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to The Last Battle, from the heart of Caspian’s kingdom to the Eastern Seas. Find out: • Why Edmund Pevensie is totally crush-worthy • What tea and Turkish Delight have to do with World War II • Why The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be the best movie of the series • What Susan really did to get herself booted out of Narnia (it wasn’t the pantyhose or the lipstick) The series’ roots in C.S. Lewis’ Christianity are important, but there’s more to Narnia than just the religious symbolism. Through the Wardrobe, edited by internationally bestselling British fantasy author Herbie Brennan, reveals new levels of richness and delight the other Narnia books overlook.

Straw Into Gold

Books and Activities about Folktales

Author: Jan Irving

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited


Category: Social Science

Page: 109

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Suggests crafts, games, skits, and activities related to "The Frog Prince," "Cinderella," "Little Red Riding Hood," "Jack and the Beanstalk," and "Stone Soup"

The Magic of Well-being

Author: Judith Jackson

Publisher: Dk Pub


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 95

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Offers techniques for self-massage, stress control, aromatherapy, meditation, nutrition, and positive thinking intended to enhance mind/body awareness and achieve self-fulfillment

The Kingdom of Fife

Its Ballads and Legends ...

Author: Robert Boucher



Category: Fife (Scotland)

Page: 303

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Vegetable Magic

Author: Sheilah Kaufman

Publisher: Amer Cooking Guild


Category: Cooking

Page: 64

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Provides delicious and healthy recipes using vegetables.

Little Book of Good Health

Facts, Tips and Habits

Author: Dr. Sonia Kakar

Publisher: Orient Paperbacks


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

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True health is as much a matter of mind as it is a matter of body. It is about total wellness. The author has meticulously sifted through thousands of international studies on all aspects of health and medicine, both modern and alternative, and wellness philosophies and reduced them to 181 short, crisp, fact-based and helpful explanations you can incorporate in your daily routine. Like all good things in life the secret of good health lies in concepts that are simple, practical, easy-to-follow and inexpensive; ideas that may seem small or insignificant, but are the way to a fitter, healthier and a happier life.

If you love me, don't feed me junk!

Author: Sandy Gooch

Publisher: Prentice Hall Direct


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 228

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Explains how to establish good eating habits in children, discusses nutrition and the harmful effects of food additives, and looks at food allergies and sensitivities