The Magic of Forgiveness

Emotional Freedom and Transformation at Midlife, A Book for Women

Author: Tian Dayton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Self-Help

Page: 350

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Forgiveness is not an event, it is a process. Forgiveness is most powerful when a woman reaches midlife: a natural time for reflection when she stands at a biological and emotional crossroads. In this groundbreaking book—the first of its kind for women—acclaimed therapist Tian Dayton shows women how assessing their lives and forgiving old wounds is as essential to their well-being as proper nutrition and retirement planning. In forgiving, we must work through layers of issues, pain and resentment. Because of this, the process is of great psychological, emotional and spiritual benefit. Left unresolved, past hurts wield their power from within and can contribute to depression and anxiety, undermining the immune system and ultimately opening the door to a multitude of diseases. And harboring resentment prevents us from engaging in deep, meaningful relationships. Through solid research, poignant case studies and personal examples, Dr. Dayton guides women through the sometimes painful but healing process to provide the comfort that may have eluded them for years. This beautifully written book will open women's eyes to the liberating power of forgiveness and provide the ability to find true joy.

The Magic of Forgiveness

Author: Gianmichael Salvato




Page: 136

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Liberate your mind and life from the drama, pain, and useless anger that comes from resentment. Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato shares some of the most practical esoteric approaches to the art and science of forgiveness; pointing out that forgiveness is something we do for ourselves, and no one else. Explore the ancient Hawaiian code of Forgiveness (Ho'oponopono), the Tibetan practices of mind control and Tonglen, and New Thought approaches for a healed heart and freed mind.

Power of Thoughts and The Magic of Forgiveness

A Pocket Guide to Love, Joy & Peace

Author: Sirshree



Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 50

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'The Source… Power of Happy Thoughts' is a life transforming book by Sirshree–a book that has brought about all-round growth and evolution in the lives of thousands of readers. Today, readers who have understood and applied the laws expounded in The Source are experiencing love, happiness, peace, abundance and good health. While this happens, it is equally important to apply the Magical Power of Forgiveness. When understood properly, the power of forgiveness can pave the way to liberation from the burdens of the past and make our lives simple, smooth and powerful. This pocket book presents an abridged extract of the Laws of Thought from the original book The Source. It also presents the Power of Forgiveness by outlining the practice of Kshama Sadhana. Read, contemplate and apply these laws, understand and practice Kshama Sadhana to create a life that you aspire for by being liberated from the past!

The Magic of Forgiveness

Author: J. P. Vaswani

Publisher: Sterling Publications


Category: Forgiveness

Page: 170

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"To err. is human, to forgive divine", goes the familiar saying. If you have ever aspired to realise the divine within you, you need look no further -- within the pages of this powerful book you will find the means to master The Magic of Forgiveness. What is forgiveness? Why should we forgive? How can forgiveness empower us, heal us, help us to bury the dead past and begin our lives anew? Answers to these and other burning questions are offered here. Dada J P Vaswani, whose knowledge of human nature is profound, but, at the same time, compassionate and non-judgemental, teaches us how to apologise with grace; how to forgive with generosity; how to restore damaged relationships; how to overcome resentment and bitterness; how to forgive ourselves when the need arises; and above all, how to forget after we have forgiven someone.

The Life-Changing Magic of Forgiveness

Living a Life of Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World

Author: Lucy London

Publisher: Independently Published


Category: Religion

Page: 132

View: 545

Do you struggle to let go and forgive every little thing that others have ever done to hurt you? You don't have to; freedom from unforgiveness is only a few easy steps away. I will show you how I overcame a life of bitterness, hate, and anger, and turned my life around to experience true freedom from the bondage of an unforgiving heart. The Power of true Forgiveness can set you FREE in a way that will change your life forever. Follow the 12 easy steps in this book to create a life filled with forgiveness; it's almost like magic!

The Magic of Forgiveness

Bringing Inner Well-being Through the Act of Pardoning

Author: J. P. Vaswani



Category: Forgiveness

Page: 169

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The Magic Alchemy


Author: Anthony J. J. Emmett



Category: Forgiveness

Page: 76

View: 471

Alchemy was the ancient practice of seeking by chemical means to change base metals of little value into gold. Isaac Newton was known to have been an alchemist. The problems of human society today require a fresh approach as we re-examine the way we relate to each other and to the world of life and matter. Open these pages to find insightful and inspiring poems that will certainly have a lasting effect on your life. Australian author.


Revenge and the Magic of Forgiveness

Author: Kenneth Cloke



Category: Conflict management

Page: 469

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The Magic of Forgiveness (Magic of Imagination, Book 3)

Author: David Swanson




Page: 90

View: 287

Bunny, Jesse, their woodland animal friends and the elf, Emeline, do everything they can to rescue a fawn and her mother from certain death. It takes all of their ingenuity, and some help from Jesse's mother, to attempt the rescue. And then there are the trolls........

The Philosophy of Forgiveness - Volume II

New Dimensions of Forgiveness

Author: Court D. Lewis

Publisher: Vernon Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 330

View: 649

Volume II of Vernon Press’s series on the Philosophy of Forgiveness offers several challenging and provocative chapters that seek to push the conversation in new directions and dimensions. Volume I, Explorations of Forgiveness: Personal, Relational, and Religious, began the task of creating a consistent multi-dimensional account of forgiveness, and Volume II’s New Dimensions of Forgiveness continues this goal by presenting a set of chapters that delve into several deep conceptual and metaphysical features of forgiveness. New Dimensions of Forgiveness creates a theoretical framework for understanding the many nuanced features of forgiveness, namely, third-party forgiveness, forgiveness as an aesthetic process, the role of resentment in warranting forgiveness, the moral status of self-forgiveness, epistemic trust, forgiveness’s influence on the moral status of persons, forgiveness in time, the status of Substance and Subject within a Hegelian framework, Jacques Derrida’s “impossible” forgiveness, and the use of imaginative “magic” to become a maximal forgiver. Readers will be challenged to question and come to terms with many oft-overlooked, yet important philosophical dimensions of forgiveness.

Roots of Forgiveness

Find Freedom to Heal in Your Marriage After Betrayal

Author: Christine Elizabeth Leon

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 201

View: 420

Facing the challenges of betrayal in a marriage can be quite difficult, therefore, Christine Elizabeth Leon has created an eight-step process on how to overcome these challenges. When betrayal happens in a marriage, many couples face the decision to leave or divorce their spouse. However, it is possible to resolve a relationship after betrayal and to nurture a healthy relationship. In Roots of Forgiveness, Christine Elizabeth Leon provides an eight-step process to repair one’s marriage and ignite healing in their relationship. She created these steps by learning from her own personal journey, background in psychology, and life-coaching practice. Within Roots of Forgiveness, readers learn: How to handle the powerful urge for revenge How one’s marriage will never be the same…and why that’s a very good thing How to lovingly self-empower to decide whether to stay or go How to manage the breakdown moments AND SO MUCH MORE! Roots of Forgiveness is for those who are ready to begin healing their heart and can envision their heart healing in their marriage after betrayal.

The Love and Forgiveness Meditation

Author: Mark Landau



Category: Self-Help

Page: 64

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This book contains a new, profound healing meditation that has the potential to heal the wounding and divisions in our hearts, souls and psyches like nothing that has come before. We are all connected with everyone and everything. We each make a difference. We can grow and evolve. But, prior to now, many of us have been held back. No matter what we did, we never really healed. We now can. This is a new time for the world and the human race. The old world is dying. Over time, more and more will come to see this. This meditation is part of our new world. When we do it, at the deeper levels of existence, it touches everything. When we move through the world living love and happiness, it affects everything. As more of us start doing this, we push forward the envelope of love, creativity, wholeness and freedom in the world. We can move into higher levels of functioning. We must. Perhaps this meditation will help you do this. Add it to your life, and let me know. God bless us all.

Finding Forgiveness

Author: Kristy Denice Bock

Publisher: Kristy Denice Bock


Category: Fiction

Page: 52

View: 999

Kimberly waited until her youngest child went off to college before she imploded her marriage. After years of infidelity, her heart could no longer bear the thought of staying beside the man who thought so little of her. After years of his mistress calling, she'd finally believed the truth of her husband's betrayal. Gregory is not about to let the love of his life walk out on him. He will use every tool in his arsenal to keep his marriage. His faith and his heart demand that he set right the wrong that has been done to his family. Can she ever trust him again?

Forgiveness- Key to the Creative Life

Its Power and Its Practice-lessons from Brain Studies, Scripture, and Experience

Author: James G. Emerson, Jr. Rev.

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 228

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From the seedy saloons of the old west through the searing heat of the badlands, Cheyenne O'Brien relentlessly stalks her bounty. She has accepted her fate with total resolve. She must find and kill Jake Masters, the man who murdered her family and took away her desire to live for anything but to see him dead. Only when Dillon Slade enters her life does she let down her guard and allow herself to feel again. But Slade has a deadly secret and finds himself in the dangerous position of using Cheyenne to further his own agenda. Unfortunately for Slade, if Cheyenne discovers his plan, he will most likely find himself facing the business end of her Colt 45.

The Gospel of Forgiveness

A Series of Discourses

Author: Robert Smith Candlish



Category: Law (Theology)

Page: 491

View: 324

Entrepreneurs Don't Cry(Faith, Healing and Forgiveness)

Author: Mack Thomas



Category: Business & Economics

Page: 106

View: 312

Entrepreneurs Don't Cry is a 21st Century Gem. A collection of inspirational materials, stories, and blurbs, which will guide you to a clearer pathway, weaving your way through the nuances of life, liberties, and challenges This book is all about YOU and the new horizons you will encounter with the only controllable thing in YOUR world, ...YOU. --Your life doesn't get better by chance. Your life gets better by change-- -Jim Rohn (speaker, Author, trainer) Regardless of who signs your paycheck, YOU are ultimately responsible for YOUR life! Thank you in advance for your support. Peace, Love and joy

Before Forgiveness

The Origins of a Moral Idea

Author: David Konstan

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History


View: 715

In this book, David Konstan argues that the modern concept of interpersonal forgiveness, in the full sense of the term, did not exist in ancient Greece and Rome. Even more startlingly, it is not fully present in the Hebrew Bible, nor in the New Testament or in the early Jewish and Christian commentaries on the Holy Scriptures. It would still be centuries - many centuries - before the idea of interpersonal forgiveness, with its accompanying ideas of apology, remorse, and a change of heart on the part of the wrongdoer, would emerge. For all its vast importance today in religion, law, politics and psychotherapy, interpersonal forgiveness is a creation of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when the Christian concept of divine forgiveness was fully secularized. Forgiveness was God's province and it took a revolution in thought to bring it to earth and make it a human trait.

The Gift of Forgiveness

A Magical Encounter with don Miguel Ruiz

Author: Olivier Clerc

Publisher: Findhorn Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 80

View: 263

Detailing the author's attendance at a Toltec workshop with don Miguel Ruiz in Teotihuacán, Mexico, this guide unearths and explores the unique and simple tool of forgiveness. The resource explains how this practical and powerful tool is believed to have immediate impact by bringing relief while unleashing love that has been blocked by personal resentments. Through the magic of reversal taught in this useful reference, readers can change their understanding of forgiveness and free themselves from the grip of resentment and hatred.