The Little Book of the Isle of Wight

Author: Jan Toms

Publisher: The History Press


Category: History

Page: 144

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Did you know? A new species of cat-like dinosaur, yet to be named, was discovered on the Isle of Wight in 1988. Darwin began his world famous ‘On the Origin of the Species' while staying at the Kings Head Hotel. There are 21 tourists to every Island resident. The Little Book of the Isle of Wight is a funny, fact-packed compendium of the sort of frivolous, fantastic or simply strange information which no one will want to be without. The Island’s most eccentric inhabitants, blood-curdling murders and literally hundreds of facts combine to make this required reading for locals and visitors alike. Illustrated with humorous cartoons and delivered with wit and flair, this captivating compendium is almost impossible to put down.

The Little Book of the Sea

Author: Lorenz Schröter

Publisher: Macadam Cage Pub


Category: Nature

Page: 233

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An entertaining and informative collection of trivia and facts about the sea answers a host of questions about the maritime world, ranging from Why is the ocean blue? to What exactly do fish hear? and How much foam is on the sea right now?

Stories Descriptive of the Isle of Wight

Author: Emma Macallan



Category: Children's stories

Page: 203

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Easter garlands -- The little zoophyte gatherers -- The children of St. Catherine's Chantry -- Sand drawings -- A moorland ramble -- A parish festival.

The Little Book

Author: David Hughes

Publisher: Trafalgar Square


Category: Fiction

Page: 186

View: 991

Follows the thoughts and actions of an author who publishes a book entitled "The Little Book," which is not simply read, but rather lived, and draws its readers into it


The Organ of the Book Trade




Category: Bibliography


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Vols. for 1871-76, 1913-14 include an extra number, The Christmas bookseller, separately paged and not included in the consecutive numbering of the regular series.

The Accidental Assassin

An Island, a Poodle, a Body...

Author: Jan Toms

Publisher: History PressLtd


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Victor Green is 37, unmarried and the sort of man who irons his underpants. When pruning his tree, he falls from his ladder and kills the pedestrian below - the gangster Tommy 'Gruesome' Hewson. As word spreads of the gangster's demise, Victor is mistaken for Vincent Green, an international hitman, and swept into a turf war between two local gangs. The hapless Victor's life is turned upside down as he inherits Tommy's poodle, gets a girlfriend and is recruited to fight in both gangs, accidentally leaving a trail of bodies in his wake as he tries to figure out what seems to be a horrific misunderstanding.

Thomas Powell, Colonial-yeoman-planter

Circa 1616-1687, Isle of Wight County, Virginia and John Hardman, Colonial-planter, Circa 1725-1800 : Progenitors with Thousands of Their Descendants Arranged in Chronological Order to 1985

Author: George Travis Powell




Page: 1773

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