Live the Life Within

Author: Keith Allan Brown

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Poem by Keith Allan Brown Walking with GOD When you walk with GOD, you walk on air, When you walk with GOD, you dont have a care, When you walk with GOD, the path is straight, When you walk with GOD, trust in HIM not fate. When you walk with GOD, theres nothing to fear, When you walk with GOD, HEll keep you near, When you walk with GOD, Youll feed from above, When you walk with GOD, Youre filled with love. When you walk with GOD, the way is clear, When you walk with GOD, you wont shed a tear, When you walk with GOD, your worries will cease, When you walk with GOD, youll be at peace. When you walk with GOD, youre never late, When you walk with GOD, HE opens the gate, When you walk with GOD, HE frees your mind, When you walk with GOD, Happiness youll find. When you walk with GOD, youre free of worry, When you walk with GOD, theres no need to hurry, When you walk with GOD, in HIS good time, When you walk with GOD, all from HIM are mine. After reading this book, listening to the music and lyrics of the 20 songs on the two CDs and reading the 20 Poems you may just be about to find out, as Ragnhild Anita and John from Norway did, that you can be in control of your inner life. We all have lessons to learn and Ragnhild Anita and John confirmed this to me by way of some comments they gave me shortly after reading some pre-published text and listening to the songs. Their comments, I think describe their thought process in just three stages of understanding. The first was one of uncertainty in that they said The Inner Life seemed too good to be true; their second stage process was one of possibility in that they said If it is possible to Live The Life Within then it must be a miracle; their third and final conclusion was one of acknowledgement in that they said To Live The Life Within you must to go away from noise, worries and concerns and dare to be alone and listen to your inner voice. Pray to GOD that he will show you the way.

The Life Within

Local Indigenous Society in Mexico's Toluca Valley, 1650-1800

Author: Caterina Pizzigoni

Publisher: Stanford University Press


Category: History

Page: 344

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The Life Within provides a social and cultural history of the indigenous people of a region of central Mexico in the later colonial period—as told through documents in Nahuatl and Spanish. It views the indigenous world from the inside out, focusing first on the household—buildings, lots, household saints—and expanding outward toward the householders and the greater community. The internal focus of this book provides a comprehensive picture of indigenous society, exploring the categories by which people are identified, their interactions, their activities, and the aspects of the local corporations that manifest themselves in household life. Pizzigoni brings indigenous-language social history into the later colonial period, whereas the emphasis until now has fallen heavily on the earlier phase. The late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries emerge as a dynamic time that saw, along with cultural persistence, many new adaptations and creations. Covering a period of over a century and a half, this study goes beyond a monolithic treatment of the region to introduce for the first time a systematic analysis of subregional variation in vocabulary and real-life phenomena, showing how, within larger regional trends, each tiniest community of the Toluca Valley retained markers of its individuality.

The Life Within

Classic Maya and the Matter of Permanence

Author: Stephen Houston

Publisher: Yale University Press


Category: Art

Page: 195

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Beautifully written and illustrated, The Life Within is the first full study of the vitality and materiality of Classic Maya art and writing and the quest for transcendence and immortality.

The Life within the Trees

Author: Ronda Richley



Category: Art

Page: 32

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The book showcases the tree art of Ronda Richley and includes, in the artist's own words, the significance or meaning behind the art. Over 25 color photos of her paintings including the well-known "Lovers" series, and "On Wings of Angels" Series.



Publisher: BookSquirrel Publication


Category: Fiction

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The book " The life within the cage of soul" is an anthology which is compiled by Author Shirisha.G and Najla kubra from India. This book composed of the changes occurs in every single human being. The Authors from India and many parts have also participated and made it successful with their amazing pieces in this book. This book also depicts the people's mentality with time and maturity which changes. It also says about life's ups and downs which people face in their life in every situation. This book shows the feelings and emotions which a bird or a human being can feel when they are tied up in a cage.

The Life Within

The Prayer of Union

Author: Dominic M. Hoffman



Category: Contemplation

Page: 242

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Life Within the Veil

Author: Linda Jennings

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 200

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Jesus suffered and died so that the veil of separation could be rent. No longer would we be separated from the Most Holy Place. No longer would we be separated from the fullness of the manifested presence of the lover of our soul. Now we could freely enter within. But this was not to be a place of visitation. This was to become our dwelling place. It would be in this place - in Him - that we would live and move and have our being. Tragically, we have spent centuries living outside the veil in a land so far beneath the fullness of our inheritance. But, "No more!" is the cry of our heavenly Father. "Now is the hour when I, Myself, stand at the entrance and call my church, my 'called out ones, ' within the veil. Come and behold the wonders which lie within." Life within the Veil gives you a glimpse of those glorious wonders. "Life within the Veil will take you to that place in God about which you've only dreamed. I couldn't put the book down and I didn't want it to end. Finally, someone put into words. the longings of my heart" Sharon Mullins Minister, Pastor's wife, Teacher, Intercessor "This book reveals a sacred flow from the heart of the Throne Room straight through the pen of Linda Jennings. Be blessed as you step upon holy ground." Maggie Murphy Pastor, Teacher, Co-host - Tea with Maggie and Linda "As I read Life within the Veil, I felt such a drawing to go there. My heart kept crying out, 'Me too, Lord!' I realized that this was the place I longed to go. This was the place I longed to live my life." Lisa Waters Worship Leader

My Life Within Itself

Author: Jarvis Mctavish

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 48

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My book talks about my life growing up from a religious background to venturing out on my own. It talks about my happiness as well as my misfortunes. It also talks about my lifelong dream of being a writer and how I used to journal. It explains my dreams, goals, and ambitions, as well as expectations. I find some of my journals humorous and engaging. Some entries will make you laugh and cry. Needless to say, this book is very inspirational. I am now forty-nine years old, and I've finally achieved all of my accomplishments.

Life Within Limits

Well-being in a World of Want

Author: Michael Jackson

Publisher: Duke University Press


Category: History

Page: 230

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Noted anthropologist Michael Jackson examines the problem of well-being and the question as to what makes life worthwhile