The Law

The Classic Blueprint for A Free Society

Author: Frederic Bastiat



Category: Law

Page: 88

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The Courage to Do Nothing

A Moral Defense of Markets and Freedom

Author: Bill Flax

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Political Science

Page: 396

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Are you fed up with Washington politicizing our economy and bureaucrats more focused on aggrandizing their power than aiding commerce? For many of us, the rhetoric emanating from our government doesn't reflect reality. In The Courage to do Nothing, Bill Flax gives a voice to the angry taxpayer articulating our concerns and offering cogent advice to our political leaders. Socialism is inherently flawed, but instead of allowing the free market to function, our politicians employ socialism concealed as compassion. Our cultural elites in Washington, Academia, Media, and Hollywood have built a modern Tower of Babel based on progressive fantasies. Their idealistic pursuit of Utopia is funded by your tax dollars. Socialism is but one pillar in this faulty tower, but it is the pillar du jour and America's future if we don't restore the traditional Christian values and limited government our nation was built upon. At eighteen, Bill Flax enlisted in the Marine Corps to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. It's now clear the gravest threat to our liberty comes from Washington itself. In The Courage to do Nothing, Bill interweaves faith, economics and patriotism through fascinating perspectives on the economy and relevant historical examples offering solutions for today's issues. Read The Courage to do Nothing to learn economic truths ignored by the cultural elites determined to change America into a European-style socialist boondoggle. Bill Flax provides the economic answers America needs to restore prosperity and liberty before it's too late. This book is essential reading for anyone desiring to understand how Washington's policies created and now prolong our economic turmoil. Learn the truth and the keys to restoring America.

The Official Handbook of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 2008

The Arguments You Need to Defeat the Loony Left This Election Year

Author: Mark W. Smith

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Political Science

Page: 217

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Already tired of the left-wing media spin on the 2008 elections? Had enough of Democratic talking heads hyping tax increases and the global warming scare? Looking for an island of straight-talking sanity in today's swamp of multi-cultiliberal gibberish? Look no further. Mark Smith continues his crusade against the lunatic Left with this new edition of The Official Handbook of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Right on time for the 2008 elections, this book shows you how to shoot down the latest liberal rants for bigger government, a cowardly foreign policy, and depraved social values. Why stay silent in the face of so many leftist lies? Grab a copy of The Handbook and you'll be ready to wade into a San Francisco cocktail party, a Grateful Dead reunion concert, or an Ivy League classroom and take on liberals on their home turf.

Baffling Puzzle

Sidelining Truth

Author: Luke Lloyd

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 380

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"The truth is in the eye of the beholder." This is a popular expression that enables many people to twist reality and historical truth to their own advantage without requiring accountability. Thus, political correctness becomes censorship, and truth is sidelined. Knowing this, Luke Lloyd, a retired army colonel who spent thirty years in airborne infantry and armor combat units as well as intelligence-related to the Middle East, couldn't resist setting forth the realities of Islam as he had studied and experienced them at American University of Beirut and lived with them while working in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Since September 11, 2001, Lloyd has taught and spoken on issues concerning the Middle East and authored an educational novel titled, Out of Darkness. He believes Islam provides our greatest national security threat because of our appeasing leadership and an unsuspecting populace that interprets it broadly as a religion but, in general, is oblivious to its political focus.

The Hong Kong Basic Law

Blueprint for "stability and Prosperity" Under Chinese Sovereignty?

Author: Ming K. Chan

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press


Category: China

Page: 310

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Analyses how China's socialist legal principles are incorporated into the Basic Law, and examines the conflicts in the drafting process between maintaining China's control and achieving genuine democracy and autonomy..

The Freeman

Ideas on Liberty




Category: Liberty


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The Social Contract

Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions


Category: Fiction

Page: 139

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In this translated classic, Rousseau argues for the preservation of individual freedom in political society. He says that we can only be free under the law by voluntarily embracing that law as our own. Hence, being free in society requires each of us to subjugate all our desires to the collective good, the general will.