Enchanted (in the Land of Enchantment)

Author: D. C. Maplesden

Publisher: Lomaland Books


Category: Poetry

Page: 116

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Thoughts and comments on animals, people and miscellaneous conditions.

A Winding Road to the Land of Enchantment

Author: Gerald W. Thomas

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Clark County (Idaho)

Page: 270

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In this book, Thomas recounts growing up on a ranch in Idaho during the Great Depression, playing baseball with Jackie and Mack Robinson, joining the Navy after Pearl Harbor, and serving as a TBM Torpedo Bomber pilot on aircraft carriers in the Atlantic and Pacific.

Scruffy and Muffin in the Land of Enchantment

A Dot-to-Dot Storybook

Author: Anna Pomaska

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 520

Travel with Muffin the kitten and Scruffy the puppy to a magical realm and meet fabulous creatures of legend and fantasy. Answers, plus notes on each of the mythic characters.


The Land of Enchantment

Author: Elizabeth Keith Morris



Category: Hungary

Page: 291

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Land of Enchantment

Author: Janet Dailey

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 120

View: 426

New Mexico inspires a western romance in the series that made Janet Dailey a household namewith more than 300 million books in print. Nothing seemed to be turning out right. “Stop trying to kid yourself—and me,” Lije snapped. “You’re homesick for city life. But I told you before we were married how much this ranch meant to me. I’m not going to give it up, even for you.” Diana was hurt. She had loved Lije enough to give up her career; she had really tried hard to adapt to the ranch. And yet that apparently was not enough. Because Lije was not prepared to compromise, there were limits to his love.

Land of Enchantment

Author: April Dawn Duncan

Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 342

View: 787

Moving is never easy. Especially when you are about to turn thirteen, forced to leave a lush paradise for a barren wasteland and afflicted by a know-it-all-smart-aleck for a brother. With an old lady for her new neighbor and parents who think looking at rocks is fun, Micay has only her geeky brother to console her. At least he understood that beach bunnies were not meant to be desert rats. Though she is determined to remain miserable in her new life, little does she know that her neighbor is more than meets the eye and will set her on a grand and ancient adventure that challenges all her preconceived ideas. Land of Enchantment is a fresh take on an old adage, don't judge a book by its cover, and showcases the little known grandeur of the truly enchanting state of New Mexico (yes, it really is a part of the United States). Keywords: Tween, Adventure, Archaeology, Mystery, Discovery, Imagination, History, Artifacts, Moving, Self-Discovery

Land of Enchantment

Author: Liza Wieland



Category: Fiction

Page: 296

View: 355

New Mexico, 1985. Brigid Long Night, a young half-Navajo painter, goes to work as an assistant for the elderly Georgia O’Keeffe. Haunted by the decision to give up her newborn daughter for adoption, Brigid struggles with the direction and inertia of her life. With O’Keeffe’s encouragement, Brigid develops a powerful style, incorporating language and wordplay as well as image in her portrayal of Native American life and her place in it. Atlanta, 1995. Nancy Diamond, an aspiring playwright, encounters Brigid’s work and begins to understand the hidden truths about her own life as the child born of an affair between her white mother and an African American artist. New York City, 2001. Sasha Hernandez enrolls at Columbia University to study filmmaking. She has only recently discovered that her mother, living in Manhattan, is a celebrated painter and sculptor whose work is installed in the sculpture garden at the World Trade Center. In Liza Wieland’s deeply moving novel, these interwoven stories show how art reveals the depth and complexity of human love, in all its betrayals and losses, beauty and redemption

Robert Crum in the Land of Wonder and Enchantment

A Faerie Adventure

Author: Scott Martin

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 68

View: 582

Alone, in the dark cave of an ancient mountain, something sinister sits and waits for all eternity for the arrival of Robert Crum Enter into the Land of Wonder and Enchantment, a mythological world inhabited by witches and goblins, knights and fairies where Robert Crum, aided by the mysterious Lady of the Forest, is forced to travel a painful, terrifying road through places of beauty and danger to finally face his own, worst nightmare.This first book in the series of Robert Crum's adventures chronicles his Becoming; a quest unlooked for that costs him everything he holds dear.

Good-bye my Land of Enchantment

a true story of some of the first Spanish-speaking natives and early settlers of San Miguel County, Territory of New Mexico

Author: Alfonso Griego



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 132

View: 999