The Journalist's Bookshelf

An Annotated and Selected Bibliography of United States Journalism

Author: Roland Edgar Wolseley



Category: Journalism

Page: 169

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Bowie's Bookshelf

The Hundred Books that Changed David Bowie's Life

Author: John O'Connell

Publisher: Gallery Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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Named one of Entertainment Weekly’s 12 biggest music memoirs this fall. “An artful and wildly enthralling path for Bowie fans in particular and book lovers in general.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) “The only art I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal from.” ―David Bowie Three years before David Bowie died, he shared a list of 100 books that changed his life. His choices span fiction and nonfiction, literary and irreverent, and include timeless classics alongside eyebrow-raising obscurities. In 100 short essays, music journalist John O’Connell studies each book on Bowie’s list and contextualizes it in the artist’s life and work. How did the power imbued in a single suit of armor in The Iliad impact a man who loved costumes, shifting identity, and the siren song of the alter-ego? How did The Gnostic Gospels inform Bowie’s own hazy personal cosmology? How did the poems of T.S. Eliot and Frank O’Hara, the fiction of Vladimir Nabokov and Anthony Burgess, the comics of The Beano and The Viz, and the groundbreaking politics of James Baldwin influence Bowie’s lyrics, his sound, his artistic outlook? How did the 100 books on this list influence one of the most influential artists of a generation? Heartfelt, analytical, and totally original, Bowie’s Bookshelf is one part epic reading guide and one part biography of a music legend.

Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory

Author: Microsoft Press



Category: Computers

Page: 699

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Offers a brief introduction to using the Internet and provides an alphabetical listing of thousands of Internet sites, arranged by categories, with descriptions of each site

The Book on the Bookshelf

Author: Henry Petroski

Publisher: Vintage


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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From the author of the highly praised The Pencil and The Evolution of Useful Things comes another captivating history of the seemingly mundane: the book and its storage. Most of us take for granted that our books are vertical on our shelves with the spines facing out, but Henry Petroski, inveterately curious engineer, didn't. As a result, readers are guided along the astonishing evolution from papyrus scrolls boxed at Alexandria to upright books shelved at the Library of Congress. Unimpeachably researched, enviably written, and charmed with anecdotes from Seneca to Samuel Pepys to a nineteenth-century bibliophile who had to climb over his books to get into bed, The Book on the Bookshelf is indispensable for anyone who loves books.


A Guide to the Reference Literature

Author: Jo A. Cates

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 291

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A critically annotated bibliographic guide to print and electronic sources in print and broadcast journalism. This edition separates Commercial Databases and Internet Resources.

Makers of the Media Mind

Journalism Educators and their Ideas

Author: Wm. David Sloan

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 376

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Makers of the Media Mind is a collection of analytical essays focusing on the most important and original ideas contributed to the field of mass communication by journalism educators. Divided into six sections representing the most prominent areas of specialization in the field, this text serves two significant purposes: first, it acquaints readers with the lives of preeminent journalism educators; second, it provides concise discussions and evaluations of the most compelling ideas those educators have to offer. The editor of, and contributors to, this text contend that ideas cannot be appreciated fully without an understanding of the creators of those same ideas. They hope that this volume's coverage of "creators" as well as concepts will demonstrate that journalism education has played a critical role in the making of the "media mind."

Forbidden Bookshelf Presents Dan E. Moldea

Interference, The Hoffa Wars, and Dark Victory

Author: Dan E. Moldea

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: True Crime

Page: 2538

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Three exposés of corruption—behind the NFL, the Teamsters and Jimmy Hoffa, and Ronald Reagan—from an investigative reporter who “never relents” (The Washington Post). Interference: A shocking exposé of widespread corruption and mob influence throughout the National Football League—on the field, in the owners’ boxes, and in the corporate suites. “[A] true and terrifying picture of a business whose movers and shakers seem to have more connections to gambling and the mob than to touchdowns and Super Bowls.” —Keith Olbermann The Hoffa Wars: The definitive portrait of the powerful, corruption-ridden Teamsters union and its legendary president, Jimmy Hoffa—organizer, gangster, convict, and conspirator—whose disappearance in 1975 remains one of the great unsolved mysteries. “Mr. Moldea’s view of [the Hoffa] wars, which reached its greatest intensity when Robert Kennedy was Attorney General, may explain not only Mr. Hoffa’s disappearance, but the assassination of John Kennedy as well.” —The Wall Street Journal Dark Victory: A “smoldering indictment” of the corrupt influences that rescued Ronald Reagan’s acting career, made him millions (resulting in a federal grand jury hearing), backed his political career, and shaped his presidency (Library Journal). “[Moldea] has, through sheer tenacity, amassed an avalanche of ominous and unnerving facts. [Dark Victory is] a book about power, ego, and the American way.” —Los Angeles Times

American Journalism

The Publication of the American Journalism Historians Association




Category: Journalism


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Writing Research Papers

A Complete Guide

Author: James D. Lester (Sr.)



Category: Report writing

Page: 332

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The World War II Bookshelf

50 Must-read Books

Author: James F. Dunnigan



Category: World War, 1939-1945

Page: 302

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Public Relations Review

Author: Foundation for Public Relations Research and Education (U.S.)



Category: Public relations Periodicals


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Communication Serials




Category: Communication

Page: 1041

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An international guide to periodicals in communication, popular culture, and the performing arts.


Author: Southern Newspaper Library (Chattanooga)



Category: Journalism

Page: 254

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America on Record

A Guide to Books and Other Materials Relating to the United States of America in the National Library of Australia

Author: National Library of Australia

Publisher: Canberra : National Library of Australia


Category: United States

Page: 106

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