The Iraqi Cookbook

Author: Lamees Ibrahim

Publisher: Stacey International


Category: Cooking, Iraqi

Page: 302

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This cookbook is full of authentic recipes that have been handed down through the generations, developed and enriched over time, and infused with cultures of different eras. Throughout Lamees Inbrahim singles out only those ingredients available to a Western reader, and suggests plausible alternatives where necessary.

Iraqi Family Cookbook

From Mosul to America

Author: Kay Karim

Publisher: Iraqi Family Cookbook


Category: Cooking

Page: 102

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Delights from the Garden of Eden

A Cookbook and History of the Iraqi Cuisine

Author: Nawal Nasrallah

Publisher: Equinox Publishing (UK)



Page: 458

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This is an abbreviated version of the award-winning and highly acclaimed second edition published in 2013, beautifully illustrated throughout, and displays the diversity of the region's traditional culinary practices, delicious and enduring. This edition contains 300 of the original 400 recipes, all tested and easy to follow, and covers all food categories. Ingredients and cooking techniques indigenous to the region are fully explained, with practical ways for making them in the convenience of our modern kitchens, such as baking the Iraqi flat tannour bread and sammoun, and grilling fish masgouf way. Unlike the majority of cookbooks, this book uniquely traces the genesis and development of the Iraqi cuisine over the centuries, starting with the ancient Mesopotamians, through medieval times and leading to the present, aided throughout by the author's intimate native knowledge of cookery. Of particular interest are the book's numerous food-related folkloric stories, reminiscences, anecdotes, songs, poems, excerpts from narratives written by foreign visitors to the region, and cultural explications of customs, all interwoven with the recipes. The book's comprehensive glossary helps familiarize the reader with the indigenous ingredients used in creating authentic Iraqi meals, with substitutes suggested without compromising taste or tradition. This book is a valuable addition to the shelves of specialized and general libraries alike, and a must-have for food lovers everywhere.

Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook

100 Great Recipes, Photographs, and Voices

Author: Sheri L. Wetherell

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing


Category: Cooking

Page: 216

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As the first grassroots cookbook to emerge from social media, The Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook features competition-tested recipes from foodie-favorite Web site is the Web's premier source for collaborative cooking. The site's goal is to build the world's largest high-quality online cooking encyclopedia that offers followers everything from recipes to cooking instructions. bloggers worldwide were invited to submit their favorite blog posts, recipes, and photos to compete for a spot inside this cookbook. Winning entries were selected from all over the globe and include recipes such as Smoked Salmon and Mascarpone Calzone, Spiced Wine-Poached Persimmon, Prosciutto-Wrapped Broccolini with Basil Crisps, and Snickerdoodle Ice Cream. So, step away from the keyboard and open up The Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook to explore the world of food that awaits.

Mama Nazima's Jewish-Iraqi Cuisine

Low-fat, Low-cholesterol : Cuisine, History, Cultural References, and Survival Stories of the Jewish-Iraqi

Author: Rivka Goldman

Publisher: Hippocrene Books


Category: Cooking

Page: 192

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When the Jews fled Iraq for Israel, they could not take their material possessions with them, but did take their rich cuisine. Delicious dishes like Smack ab Thum oo Rihan (Garlic and Basil Fish) and Burekas im Gevina veh Tered (Feta and Spinach Pie) are included in this unique book. Jewish Iraqi aphorisms and beautiful photographs complete this presentation of the foods of the Iraqi Jews. As the saying goes, Man yakle al ein au el'thum (Who desires the food, the eyes or the mouth?).

Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia [4 volumes]

[Four Volumes]

Author: Ken Albala

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Social Science

Page: 1434

View: 997

This comprehensive reference work introduces food culture from more than 150 countries and cultures around the world—including some from remote and unexpected peoples and places. • Entries covering over 150 countries and cultures from around the world • More than 100 expert contributors • Vignettes • An index that facilitates cross-cultural comparison

Global Jewish Foodways

A History

Author: Hasia R. Diner

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press


Category: Cooking

Page: 354

View: 848

"An exploration of the many facets of the global history of Jewish food when Jews struggled with, embraced, modified, or rejected the foods and foodways which surrounded them, from Renaissance Italy to the post-World War II era in Israel, Argentina and the United States"--

Annals of the Caliphs' Kitchens

Ibn Sayy?r Al-Warr?q's Tenth-Century Baghdadi Cookbook

Author: al-Muẓaffar Ibn Naṣr Ibn Sayyār al-Warrāq

Publisher: BRILL


Category: History

Page: 867

View: 180

This English translation of al-Warraq’s tenth-century cookbook offers a unique glimpse into the culinary culture of medieval Islam. Hundreds of recipes, anecdotes, and poems, with an extensive Introduction, a Glossary, an Appendix, and color illustration. Informative and entertaining to scholars and general readers.

We Visit Iraq

Author: Claire O'Neal

Publisher: Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc.


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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Welcome to Iraq, the birthplace of history! Iraq’s Tigris and Euphrates rivers turned this Middle Eastern desert into the world’s first farmland. Over six millenia, Iraq’s civilizations have laid foundations for the rest of the world. They built great stone ziggurats and soaring mosques. They invented the wheel, the calendar, and the written word. With their riches, they also attracted war. Conqueror after conqueror—the bloodthirsty Assyrians, Alexander the Great, the Mongols, the British, and more—sought to claim Mesopotamia for their own. Today, Iraq’s enormous oil deposits, the cheapest to produce in the world, interest outside powers most. From the Taurus and Zagros mountains in the north to marshy Basra in the south, Iraqis have suffered under oppressive rulers and dictators for a thousand lifetimes. Today they cry out for a chance at freedom and democracy. The country’s lasting legacy in stone and thought hints that the determined Iraqi people will find their path to greatness once more.

The Good Book Cookbook

Author: Naomi Goodman

Publisher: Fleming H Revell Company


Category: Cooking

Page: 96

View: 640

More recipes with specially commissioned photos invite readers to enter Bible times through the kitchen door. The authors have recreated the recipes for everything from Rebekah's stew and Esau's pottage, to what Jesus might have eaten at the wedding feast at Cana. Full-color photos.