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Chicago 1890

The Skyscraper and the Modern City

Author: Joanna Merwood-Salisbury



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Chicago's first skyscrapers are famous for projecting the city's modernity around the world. But what did they mean at home, to the Chicagoans who designed and built them, worked inside their walls, and gazed up at their façades? Answering this multifaceted question, Chicago 1890 reveals that early skyscrapers offered hotly debated solutions to the city's toughest problems and, in the process, fostered an urban culture that spread across the country. An ambitious reinterpretation of the works of Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham, and John Wellborn Root, this volume uses their towering achievements as a lens through which to view late nineteenth-century urban history. Joanna Merwood-Salisbury sheds new light on many of Chicago's defining events—including violent building trade strikes, the Haymarket bombing, the World's Columbian Exposition, and Burnham's Plan of Chicago—by situating the Masonic Temple, the Monadnock Building, and the Reliance Building at the center of the city's cultural and political crosscurrents. While architects and property owners saw these pioneering structures as manifestations of a robust American identity, immigrant laborers and social reformers viewed them as symbols of capitalism's inequity. Illuminated by rich material from the period's popular press and professional journals, Merwood-Salisbury's chronicle of this contentious history reveals that the skyscraper's vaunted status was never as inevitable as today's skylines suggest.

Burnham of Chicago

Architect and Planner

Author: Thomas S. Hines

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


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Daniel Burnham was the man who is largely responsible for the appearance of Chicago today, particularly the lakefront parks. With his partner, John W. Root, he designed and built the first skyscrapers and the World's Columbian Exposition.

Architectural Theory of Modernism

Relating Functions and Forms

Author: Ute Poerschke

Publisher: Routledge


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Architectural Theory of Modernism presents an overview of the discourse on function-form concepts from the beginnings, in the eighteenth century, to its peak in High Modernism. Functionalist thinking and its postmodern criticism during the second half of the twentieth century is explored, as well as today's functionalism in the context of systems theory, sustainability, digital design, and the information society. The book covers, among others, the theories of Carlo Lodoli, Gottfried Semper, Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Hannes Meyer, Adolf Behne, CIAM, Jane Jacobs, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, Charles Jencks, William Mitchell, and Manuel Castells.

Kindergarten Chats and Other Writings

Author: Louis H. Sullivan

Publisher: Read Books Ltd


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Kindergarten Chats and other writings by Louis H. Sullivan George Wittenborn. Originally published in 1917. Editorial Note: The printing of the unpublished revision of Kindergarten Chats in this volume carries out at last Louis Sullivans wish that his work be issued in book form his Foreword., written in July 1918, is our authority. That no publisher was found during the six remaining years of Ms life., and that a good deal of vagueness and misunderstanding arose concerning Sullivans attitude to this work as well as with regard to the existence and condition of a revised manuscript reflects the com monplace that human nature and scholarship are inextricably bound together. Sullivan believed that a building represented an act,, and that such an act re vealed the man behind it, the mind and ethics of the architect, more conclusively and unerringly than any statement. In this sense, the fifty-two consecutive essays entitled Kindergarten Chats are an act, requiring no officious introduction or inter pretation. Nevertheless, a few general remarks should be made to suggest the nature and significance of Sullivans editing of 1918, particularly since the first version published serially in 1901 is available only in a few obscure files, and that edited by Claude Bragdon in 1934 is out of print. From June to October 1918, Sullivan worked over the manuscript and produced the text which follows, and which therefore represents its definitive form. The actual manuscript gives the impression that Sullivan revised in the exact meaning of the word, that he gave attention to every sentence and paragraph, that his alterations of word and phrase, his cutting and rewriting, were the product of genuine reconsid eration and a desire for greater clarity. The redundant or unprecise adjective was discarded the specific term was substituted for the more general or the vague one repetitive passages were deleted. Throughout this revision and the text here pub lished was prepared directly from the original manuscript it may be said that the secondary has been sacrificed to the primary...

Caspar's Directory of the American Book, News and Stationery Trade, Wholesale and Retail, Comprising [also The] ...

Theory and Practice of the Book Trade and Kindred Branches; Hints and Suggestions; Trade Bibliographies, Trade Journals, Etc; a Vocabulary of Terms Employed in the Book Trade, Literature and the Graphic Arts, Etc. ... [also] a List ... of ... 2,500 ... Periodicals ...

Author: Carl Nicolaus Caspar



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Remington Brothers' Newspaper Manual

A Catalogue of the Newspapers of United States and Canada : with Supplementary Lists of the Best Agricultural, Religious, Scientific and Trade Papers, Leading Magazines and Principal Daily and Weekly Papers




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