The Ink Master's Silence

Glass and Steele, #6

Author: C. J. Archer




Page: 308

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It should be a happy time for India and Matt, but forces beyond their control conspire to ruin their future. A distraction from their troubles comes in the form of murder. When the editor of The Weekly Gazette is killed, controversial journalist and ink magician Oscar Barratt asks India and Matt to investigate. As the recipient of threatening letters written on magic paper, he believes he was the intended target. With suspects ranging from Oscar's brother to guild masters and London's elite, India and Matt have a lot of investigating to do. But the more they dig, the more dark secrets they uncover. Secrets that involve blackmail and an exclusive club of magic collectors who want to preserve the value of their collections. When one of the secrets can give India and Matt the future they desire, will they give in to blackmail or sacrifice their happiness?

The Ink Master Murder

A Mystery

Author: Gene Lovell

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 220

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Zippy Cosmo moves his wife and family from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore to escape the city’s inhumanity and growing civil rights violence. The small provincial town they settle in is sleepy and remote; it seems ideal to raise their five children. But, a tattoo artist rents the old post office building and “tattoos the wrong farmer’s daughter” according to the local intel. The search for his killer and how it impacts this family’s lives is what makes THE INK MASTER MURDER, a mystery by Gene Lovell, a fascinating read. Can you dig it?

The Convent's Secret

Book 5 of the Glass and Steele series

Author: C.J. Archer

Publisher: C.J. Archer


Category: Fiction

Page: 268

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The Oligarch's Daughter

Author: Eric Van Lustbader

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 60

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Nicholas Linnear, hero of New York Times–bestseller The Ninja, returns in an all-new adventure of intrigue, deceit, and death Returning to Tokyo after many years, Nicholas Linnear—the ninja—must make a deal with the devil if he is to maintain control of his newly launched shipping concern. The exiled Russian oligarch Vladimir Orkin is the buyer Linnear needs for his liquid natural gas, but his offer is contingent on the ninja’s performance of an unusual service. Well aware of Linnear’s legendary skills in martial arts, Orkin demands that he take deadly revenge on the oligarch’s longtime enemy and avenge his beautiful daughter. As a final persuasion, he dangles information about Linnear’s past—information the ninja has never been able to uncover on his own. The lure is irresistible, but the danger may prove his undoing. . . . The Oligarch’s Daughter is the 4th book in the Nicholas Linnear Series, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Walls of Silence

A Novel

Author: Philip Jolowicz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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The hero of Philip Jolowicz's astonishing debut thriller is an everyman who believes he has everything but soon finds himself inexplicably plunged into a world of unspeakable moral corruption. A world where, for its victims, death is most likely the preferred option. In his office off Wall Street, Fin Border surveys his future with confidence. He's a young attorney bound for partnership in a British law firm set to merge with its immensely powerful American cousin in Rockefeller Center. His client list is the envy of his colleagues, his already burgeoning bank account is about to swell. And he truly believes he has consigned to the past the shame and disillusion surrounding the death of his once-revered father, a founding partner of the firm. But an invitation from JJ Carlson, Fin's client and best friend and one of Wall Street's most mercurial investment bankers, proves just how fragile Fin's existence really is. After five shocking minutes, Fin is staring at a scene of carnage on the FDR Drive, as well as the wreckage of his own life and career in New York. Fin's clients are abruptly torn from him, his money is siphoned and replaced by crippling debt, and the prospect of crushing litigation and a criminal record loom large. Fin's friendships and connections count for nothing. Only Carol Amen, senior in-house counsel with Jefferson Trust -- JJ's former employer -- seems to offer any chance of survival, professional or emotional. She has a deal for him, a salve for his pride and something that will get him out of the United States for a while. But Fin has been booked on a flight to the last place on earth he wants to visit. A crackling, character-driven business thriller, masterfully spun by a true-life legal titan of global finance, Walls of Silence follows a fast-rising lawyer through a treacherous international maze of preying power brokers and deadly conspiracies.

The Channings

A Novel

Author: Mrs Henry Wood




Page: 738

View: 896

Excelsior Dialogues

Comprising New and Original First-class School Dramas, Colloquies, Etc

Author: Phineas Garrett




Page: 376

View: 397

Accomplices of Silence

The Modern Japanese Novel

Author: Masao Miyoshi

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Japanese fiction

Page: 194

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