The Incredible Years®

Trouble Shooting Guide for Parents of Children Aged 3-8 Years (3rd Edition)

Author: Carolyn Webster-Stratton




Page: 480

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Fully revised with new chapters that focus on promoting your child's social, emotional, and language development as well as ability to persist and be successful in school. All children misbehave sometimes! Some children are temperamentally more difficult to parent because they are impulsive, hyperactive, inattentive, or delayed in some aspect of their development. This invaluable handbook use the Incredible Years® Parenting Pyramid® as the architectural or construction plan for specific parenting tools that help prevent behavior problems from occurring and promote children's social, emotional, and academic competence, and healthy life styles. The book helps parents to build a strong positive relationship foundation before using respectful discipline tools to reduce target behavior problems. The book also focuses on tools for building family relationships and support networks as well as problem solving methods and self-regulation skills to manage stress.

Practical Handbook of School Psychology

Effective Practices for the 21st Century

Author: Gretchen Gimpel Peacock

Publisher: Guilford Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 626

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This authoritative guide addresses all aspects of school psychology practice in a response-to-intervention (RTI) framework. Thirty-four focused chapters present effective methods for problem-solving-based assessment, instruction, and intervention. Specific guidelines are provided for promoting success in core academic domains--reading, writing, and math--and supporting students' positive behavior and social-emotional functioning. The book also describes ways to team with teachers and parents to develop collaborative solutions and overcome obstacles. Grounded in research, this is an indispensable resource for daily practice and an invaluable text for school psychology training programs.

Delinquency in Society

Author: Regoli

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers


Category: Medical

Page: 418

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Delinquency in Society, Tenth Edition provides a comprehensive and systematic overview of juvenile delinquency, criminal behavior, and status-offending youths.

Evidence-based Parenting Education

A Global Perspective

Author: James J. Ponzetti, Jr.

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 342

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This is the first book to provide a multidisciplinary, critical, and global overview of evidence-based parenting education (PEd) programs. Readers are introduced to the best practices for designing, implementing, and evaluating effective PEd programs in order to teach clients how to be effective parents. Noted contributors from various disciplines examine evidence –based programs from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, as well as web-based alternatives. The best practices used in a number of venues are explored, often by the developers themselves. Examples and discussion questions encourage application of the material. Critical guidance for those who wish to design, implement, and evaluate PEd programs in various settings is provided. All chapters feature learning goals, an introduction, conclusion, key points, discussion questions, and additional resources. In addition to these elements, chapters in Part III follow a consistent structure so readers can easily compare programs—theoretical foundations and history, needs assessment and target audience, program goals & objectives, curriculum issues, cultural Implications, evidence-based research and evaluation, and professional preparation and training issues. The editor has taught parenting and family life education courses for years. This book reviews the key information that his students needed to become competent professionals. Highlights of the book’s coverage include: Comprehensive summary of evidence-based PEd training programs in one volume. Prepares readers for professional practice as a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) by highlighting the fundamentals of developing and evaluating PEd programs. Exposes readers to models of parenting education from around the world. The book opens with a historical overview of PEd development. It is followed by 20 chapters divided in four parts. The initial six chapters focus on fundamentals of parenting education --program design, implementation, evaluation, the role of mediators and moderators, as well as the U.S. Cooperative Extension Parent Framework. The three chapters in Part II review the latest status of parenting education in Europe, Asia, and web-based alternatives. Part III presents ten stellar, evidence-based parenting programs offered around the world. In addition to the learning goals, introduction, conclusion, key points, discussion questions, and additional resources that are found in all chapters, those in Part III also consider theoretical foundations and history, needs assessment and target audience, program goals & objectives, curriculum issues, cultural Implications, evidence based research and evaluation, and professional preparation and training issues. Part IV reviews future directions. Ideal for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses in parent education, parent-child relations, parenting, early childhood or family life education, family therapy, and home, school, and community services taught in human development and family studies, psychology, social work, sociology, education, nursing, and more, the book also serves as a resource for practitioners, counselors, clergy members, and policy makers interested in evidence based PEd programs or those seeking to become CFLEs or Parent Educators.

Delinquency in Society: The Essentials

Author: Robert M. Regoli

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers


Category: Law

Page: 547

View: 914

Delinquency in Society: The Essentials is a concise introduction to the important topics covered by the same authors in the popular Delinquency in Society, Eighth Edition. This practical text explores how juvenile delinquency is defined, measured, and explained, as well as how the juvenile justice system deals with delinquent youth. This new Essentials text provides separate chapters focusing on the police, juvenile courts, corrections, and delinquency prevention. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.

Delinquency in Society

Author: Professor Emeritus University of Colorado at Boulder Robert M Regoli

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers


Category: Law

Page: 674

View: 340

Delinquency in Society, Eighth Edition, provides a systematic introduction to the study of juvenile delinquency. This best-selling text covers the basic theories behind the cause of juvenile crimes, the sociological effects of juvenile delinquency, and the impact of juvenile crime on families, schools, and peer groups. Delinquency prevention programs and basic coverage of delinquency as it relates to the criminal justice system are also included to add context and help student comprehension. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.

"Ngaa Tau Miiharo: the Incredible Years (IY)"

An Exploration of Six Maaori Parents['] Experiences Attending an IY Program : a Thesis Presented in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Masters of Arts in Psychology at Massey University, Albany, New Zealand




Category: Behavior disorders in children

Page: 320

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Alan Turing, Enigma

Author: Andrew Hodges

Publisher: Springer Verlag


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 662

View: 675

Alan Turing, Enigma ist die Biographie des legendAren britischen Mathematikers, Logikers, Kryptoanalytikers und Computerkonstrukteurs Alan Mathison Turing (1912-1954). Turing war einer der bedeutendsten Mathematiker dieses Jahrhunderts und eine hAchst exzentrische PersAnlichkeit. Er gilt seit seiner 1937 erschienenen Arbeit "On Computable Numbers," in der er das Prinzip des abstrakten Universalrechners entwickelte, als der Erfinder des Computers. Er legte auch die Grundlagen fA1/4r das heute "KA1/4nstliche Intelligenz" genannte Forschungsgebiet. Turings zentrale Frage "Kann eine Maschine denken?" war das Motiv seiner Arbeit und wird die SchlA1/4sselfrage des Umgangs mit dem Computer werden. Die bis 1975 geheimgehaltene TAtigkeit Turings fA1/4r den britischen Geheimdienst, die zur EntschlA1/4sselung des deutschen Funkverkehrs fA1/4hrte, trug entscheidend zum Verlauf und Ausgang des Zweiten Weltkriegs bei.

The Incredible Years Basic Parent Program for Preschoolers at Risk for Developmental Disabilities in the Hong Kong Community Setting

Author: Mo-Yee Maureen Kong

Publisher: Open Dissertation Press




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This dissertation, "The Incredible Years Basic Parent Program for Preschoolers at Risk for Developmental Disabilities in the Hong Kong Community Setting" by Mo-yee, Maureen, Kong, 江慕儀, was obtained from The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong) and is being sold pursuant to Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong License. The content of this dissertation has not been altered in any way. We have altered the formatting in order to facilitate the ease of printing and reading of the dissertation. All rights not granted by the above license are retained by the author. Abstract: Parents of children with developmental disabilities experience a greater level of stress than parents of typically developing children. Parental stress disrupts parental functioning, setting a vicious cycle of coercive parent-child interactions and further stress. The current study aims to break this vicious cycle by evaluating the effectiveness of the Incredible Years Basic Parent Training (IYPT) for Chinese preschoolers at risk for developmental disabilities in a community clinic setting in Hong Kong. Fifty-two parents of children with developmental delays (age 3-6 years) were randomly assigned to either a parenting program (EXP) or a waitlist-control (WLC) condition. Multi-informants and multi-measures of child and parenting behaviors were taken before and after the 12-week intervention. Medium intervention effects were found in primary-caregiver parents' self-reported parental stress index. Medium-to-large intervention effects were found in both primary-caregiver parent-report and spouse-report measures of children's oppositional behaviors. While primary-caregiver parents did not report a significant change in their parenting practices, their kins/spouses nonetheless reported improvements of a small effect size in the primary-caregiver parents' parenting practices. Blinded observations of parent-child interactions during a structured play activity indicated significant short-term effects on positive parenting and coaching. Parents had a high attendance rate and reported high satisfaction with the program. Treatment effects did not seem to correlate with demographic and other characteristics of the parents, suggesting that the treatment effect was robust across different profiles of parents. Preliminary results suggest that the Incredible Years Basic Parent Training is an effective and feasible intervention in the community settings for Chinese preschoolers at risk for developmental disabilities and their parents in Hong Kong. DOI: 10.5353/th_b5435578 Subjects: Parents of children with disabilities - Services for - China - Hong Kong