The Hidden Wound

Author: Wendell Berry

Publisher: Catapult


Category: Political Science

Page: 160

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An impassioned, thoughtful, and fearless essay on the effects of racism on the American identity by one of our country’s most humane literary voices. Acclaimed as “one of the most humane, honest, liberating works of our time” (The Village Voice), The Hidden Wound is a book-length essay about racism and the damage it has done to the identity of our country. Through Berry’s personal experience, he explains how remaining passive in the face of the struggle of racism further corrodes America’s great potential. In a quiet and observant manner, Berry opens up about how his attempt to discuss racism is rooted in the hope that someday the historical wound will begin to heal. Pulitzer prize-winning author Larry McMurtry calls this “a profound, passionate, crucial piece of writing . . . Few readers, and I think, no writers will be able to read it without a small pulse of triumph at the temples: the strange, almost communal sense of triumph one feels when someone has written truly well . . . The statement it makes is intricate and beautiful, sad but strong.” “Mr. Berry is a sophisticated, philosophical poet in the line descending from Emerson and Thoreau." ―The Baltimore Sun "[Berry’s poems] shine with the gentle wisdom of a craftsman who has thought deeply about the paradoxical strangeness and wonder of life." ―The Christian Science Monitor "Wendell Berry is one of those rare individuals who speaks to us always of responsibility, of the individual cultivation of an active and aware participation in the arts of life." ―The Bloomsbury Review “[Berry’s] poems, novels and essays . . . are probably the most sustained contemporary articulation of America’s agrarian, Jeffersonian ideal.” ―Publishers Weekly

The Secret Wound

Love-Melancholy and Early Modern Romance

Author: Marion Wells

Publisher: Stanford University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 384

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This book offers a new reading of early modern romance in the light of historically contemporary accounts of mind, and specifically the medical tradition of love-melancholy. The book argues that the medical profile of the melancholic lover provides an essential context for understanding the characteristic patterns of romance: narrative deferral, epistemological uncertainty, and the endless quest for a quasi-phantasmic beloved. Unlike many recent studies of romance, this book establishes a detailed historical basis for investigating the psychological structure of romance. Wells begins by tracing the development of the medical disorder first known in the Latin west as amor hereos (lovesickness) from its earliest roots in Greek and Arabic medicine to its translation into the Latin medical tradition. Drawing on this detailed historical material, the book considers three important early modern romances: Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, Tasso's Gerusalemme Liberata, and Spenser's The Faerie Queene, concluding with a brief consideration of the significance of this literary and medical legacy for Romanticism. Most broadly, the interdisciplinary nature of this study allows the author to investigate the central critical problem of early modern subjectivity in substantially new ways.

Healing Hidden Wounds

A Journey to Liberation

Author: Karen Ibarguen

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 186

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The traumas that accumulate over a persons lifetime are varied and numerous. Sexual assault. Surgical trauma. Car accidents and near misses. Serious illness. War. Traumatic experiences, those remembered or forgotten, can manifest as pain, impaired mobility, addiction, illness, fear, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, and other suboptimal conditions. Yet regardless of the traumatic event(s) of our lives, human beings have a tremendous capacity to heal. In the tradition of classic spiritually-based healing texts such as Louise Hays Heal Your Body and White Eagles Heal Thyself, Dr. Karen Ibarguens HEALING HIDDEN WOUNDS: A JOURNEY TO LIBERATION offers readers a window into how the subtle energies of the mind and body work together to create physical and emotional harmony. As Dr. Karen walks readers through her own journey of self-discovery and healing from childhood sexual abuse, she connects readers to a rich legacy of meditation and mind-body consciousness that opens the heart, quiets the mind, and creates a foundation for healing.The traumas we experience need not keep us from our destiny. Indeed, they can lead to liberation. Part memoir, part self-help book, part travelers guide to the mystical world of spiritual and energetic healing, HEALING HIDDEN WOUNDS is like nothing else out there. In addition to offering readers substantial food for thought, this book offers practical ways to bring the ideas to life. It all starts with taking two minutes out of your day to find a quiet spot, sit comfortably, relax and breathe. Karen guides the reader as a process of self-inquiry naturally unfolds. I couldnt put this book down. HEALING HIDDEN WOUNDS is a must read for anyone interested in the journey to personal liberation. -Carine Feyten Ph.D., Chancellor of Texas Womans University Dr. Karen Ibarguen D.C. is certified in chiropractic clinical neurology, applied kinesiology, naturopathic medicine, reiki, and homeopathy. Her interest in somatic responses to trauma stems from her personal experience and those of the many patients she has helped to achieve more optimal health and well-being during 17 years of private practice in North Texas. To explore holistic healing modalities and their legacies within ancient traditions, she has spent time with Kogi elders in South America, practiced Karma Yoga in Portugal, worked with a modern-day shaman, taken refuge with the venerable Lama Dorjee Rinpoche, and walked the sacred Tibetan ground of Mount Kailash. She has come to realize through self-inquiry how meditation and other energy practices unite in the pursuit of health and healing. Dr. Ibarguen shares these techniques with her patients and others in trainings and healing workshops. More information can be found on her website at

Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds

Cooperating with the Holy Spirit in Healing Ministry

Author: Brad Long

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Religion

Page: 220

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Most people get hurt and suffer painful memories as a result of living in an imperfect world. But God's original plan for humanity included spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational wholeness. Through the example of Jesus, who heals from the inside out, readers will learn how to experience this wholeness and assist in the healing of others. Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds speaks to the individual who wants to be or already is involved in healing ministry. This is not another technique for doing healing, but a description of how the prayer minister cooperates with the Holy Spirit to bring healing and deliverance to people with hidden wounds. Each chapter includes several questions for use in a Bible study setting or to provoke further personal reflection. Those called to healing ministries will be taken to a new level of understanding and greater effectiveness from reading and studying this book. And those with hidden wounds will find new hope for restoration and freedom.

The Secret Wound

A Completely Gripping Psychological Suspense Thriller

Author: Deirdre Quiery

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 362

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“Ripe with truths, secrets and lies, The Secret Wound is a beautifully conjured story of the depths of the human heart.” —Richard Rohr, New York Times-bestselling author All that glitters is not gold . . . In the seemingly tranquil ex-pat community of Mallorca, a dangerous secret lies buried and a murderer hides in plain sight. When a member of the community fears their dark and deadly secret will be exposed, they plan to murder a fellow ex-pat to keep the truth concealed. Will any of the close-knit community discover the deadly plans and stop the inevitable before they are all put in grave danger? Deirdre Quiery’s gripping thriller is not just an addictive page-turner but provides a compelling exploration of human emotion and desires, and the terrible costs of jealousy and ambition. “This is an atmospheric and beautifully charged story, which moves between time frames and locations to ratchet up the building tension . . . Highly recommended. A great summer read!” —Rachel O’Connor “A beautiful story and one which I find hard to box into a genre. It is beautifully written, lyrical at times, and simply tells the story of what it is to love and to be loved. It is a story about grief and of why people choose to commit murder. The Secret Wound hooked me in from the very beginning and I was so sad to read the final words. Highly recommended.” —Brew and Books Review

The Be Happy Attitudes

Author: Robert H. Schuller

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Category: Religion

Page: 236

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In a society of quick fixes and instant gratification, it seems as though true happiness is always just around the next bend. But the "happiness" of the world will never offer the wholeness that makes one content and satisfied. Dr. Robert Schuller believes the answer to this cycle of disappointment, frustration, and regret can be found in one of the most famous passages in scripture - Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

The Hidden Wound






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With the expected grace of Wendell Berry comes The Hidden Wound, an essay about racism and the damage it has done to the identity of our country. Through Berry's personal experience, he explains how remaining passive in the face of the struggle of racism further corrodes America's potential. In a quiet and observant manner, Berry opens up about how his attempt to discuss racism is rooted in the hope that someday the historical wound will begin to heal.

Hidden Wounds

The Problems of Northern Ireland Veterans in Civvy Street

Author: Alistair Renwick



Category: Northern Ireland

Page: 122

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This revealing study looks at the issues of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the effect that this condition has had on ex-soldiers returning from Northern Ireland. Although the MoD and successive British governments have offered little help to these veterans, there is increasing evidence that their experiences have made it difficult for them to adjust to normal life with, for example, around one quarter of the single homeless in London being ex-service, many of whom end up in prison.

Western Lyrics

Author: Anna Louisa Hildebrand



Category: Irish poetry

Page: 202

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