The Happy Economist

Happiness for the Hard-Headed

Author: Ross Gittins

Publisher: Allen & Unwin


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 246

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A provocative look at an area few economists dare to tread, by Australia's most read economic commentator.

The Happiness Equation

The Surprising Economics of Our Most Valuable Asset

Author: Nick Powdthavee

Publisher: Icon Books Ltd


Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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Why is marriage worth £200,000 a year? Why will having children make you unhappy? Why does happiness from winning the lottery take two years to arrive? Why does time heal the pain of divorce or the death of a loved one – but not unemployment? Everybody wants to be happy. But how much happiness – precisely – will each life choice bring? Should I get married? Am I really going to feel happy about the career that I picked? How can we decide not only which choice is better for us, but how much it’s better for us? The result of new, unique research, The Happiness Equation brings to a general readership for the first time the new science of happiness economics. It describes how we can measure emotional reactions to different life experiences and present them in ways we can relate to. How, for instance, monetary values can be put on things that can’t be bought or sold in the market – such as marriage, friendship, even death – so that we can objectively rank them in order of preference. It also explains why some things matter more to our happiness than others (like why seeing friends is worth more than a Ferrari) while others are worth almost nothing (like sunny weather). Nick Powdthavee – whose work on happiness has been discussed on both the Undercover Economist and Freakanomics blogs – brings cutting-edge research on how we value our happiness to a general audience, with a style that wears its learning lightly and is a joy to read.

The Skeptical Economist

Revealing the Ethics Inside Economics

Author: Jonathan Aldred

Publisher: Earthscan


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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The Skeptical Economist rejects the story told by other popular economics books. It shows that economics is not an agreed body of knowledge or an objective science. In reality, economics is built on ethical foundations, distinctive and controversial views about how we ought to live, and what we value.

The Blackwell Companion to the Economics of Housing

The Housing Wealth of Nations

Author: Susan J. Smith

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 648

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The Blackwell Companion to the Economics of Housing willhelp students and professionals alike to explore key elements ofthe housing economy: home prices, housing wealth, mortgage debt,and financial risk. Features 24 original essays, including an editorialintroduction and three section overviews Includes 39 world-class authors from a mix of educational andfinancial organizations in the UK, Europe, Australia, and NorthAmerica Broadly-based, scholarly, and accessible, serving students andprofessionals who wish to understand how today’s housingeconomy works Profiles the role and relevance of housing wealth; themismanagement of mortgage debt; and the pitfalls and potential ofhedging housing risk Key topics include: the housing price bubble and crash; thesubprime mortgage crisis in the US and its aftermath; the linksbetween housing wealth, the macroeconomy, and the welfare ofhome-occupiers; the mitigation of credit and housing investmentrisks Specific case studies help to illustrate concepts, along withnew data sets and analyses to illustrate empirical points

Happy Customers Everywhere

How Your Business Can Profit from the Insights of Positive Psychology

Author: Bernd Schmitt

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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Every business knows that the best customer is a happy customer. They return again and again, bring their friends and family, and deliver tons of free advertising via word of mouth and social media. But in order to grow that loyal base, you must be keenly aware of your customers' needs and preferences. Drawing on the latest research in the exploding field of positive psychology, Columbia Business School professor Bernd Schmitt offers three unique approaches any business can use to turning a casual customer into a committed fan: • The Feel-Good Method: Use the experience of pleasure and positive emotion to hook new customers, and watch those feel-good moments transform an impulsive buyer into a committed loyalist. • The Values-and-Meaning Method: Attract passionate customers by appealing to their core values, like being socially responsible, protecting the environment, or living a simple life • The Engagement Method: Get customers to notice a unique or limited offer, immerse them in the experience, and have them share it with friends and family. Schmitt shows marketers, brand managers, and entrepreneurs how to design an authentic and successful campaign that will reach, grow, and sustain a devoted base of customers.

Happiness Around the World

The Paradox of Happy Peasants and Miserable Millionaires

Author: Carol Graham

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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The book reviews the theory and concepts of happiness, explaining how these concepts underpin a line of research that is both an attempt to understand the determinants of happiness and a tool for understanding the effects of a host of phenomena on human well being.

Gittins' Gospel

The economics of just about everything

Author: Ross Gittins

Publisher: Allen & Unwin


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 312

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Can any other economics guru claim to write the column in a daily newspaper that people turn to first? Or to pack the auditorium at a literary festival? Be it climate change, productivity, fairness, industrial relations, terrorism, media, the mining boom, the GFC, refugees and even economists themselves, every thorny topic under the sun is covered in sane and rational fashion. Gittins' Gospel collects the best of Ross's dispatches and explains almost everything you need to know about how Australia and the world works. And where it's going.

Evolutionary Economics

A Study of Change in Economic Thought

Author: David Hamilton

Publisher: Transaction Publishers


Category: Economics

Page: 132

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Reconstructing Urban Economics

Towards a Political Economy of the Built Environment

Author: Franklin Obeng-Odoom

Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

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Neoclassical economics, the intellectual bedrock of modern capitalism, faces growing criticisms, as many of its key assumptions and policy prescriptions are systematically challenged. Yet, there remains one field of economics where these limitations continue virtually unchallenged: the study of cities and regions in built-environment economics. In this book, Franklin Obeng-Odoom draws on institutional, Georgist and Marxist economics to clearly but comprehensively show what the key issues are today in thinking about urban economics. In doing so, he demonstrates the widespread tensions and contradictions in the status quo, showing how to reconstruct urban economics in order to create a more just society and environment.

The Family Economist

A Penny Monthly Magazine, Devoted to the Moral, Physical, and Domestic Improvement of the Industrious Classes






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