A Guy from Brooklyn

Author: Don LoCicero

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 350

View: 249

Like the acclaimed television series, The Sopranos, A Guy from Brooklyn offers a keen insight into the complexity of human nature. Unlike the mafia Don, however, Guy Lorenzos life-defining journey leads him from the tough Brooklyn streets to the hallowed halls of academia. While reminiscent of the great European novels of development, A Guy from Brooklyn is pure Americana, often simultaneously solemn and hilarious, and always thought provoking.

That Guy Fae The Corries

Author: Ronnie Browne

Publisher: Sandstone Press Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 390

View: 235

One of the most easily recognised figures on the Scottish scene, Ronnie Browne was one half of The Corries until the untimely death of his musical partner, Roy Williamson, in 1990. He is also a gifted artist, a portraitist of distinction, who has received both critical and commercial success from childhood to the present day. He met his wife, Pat, when they both attended Boroughmuir High School in Edinburgh and formed the most important and enduring partnership of his life, together having three children and four grandchildren. In That Guy Fae The Corries, Ronnie Browne writes revealingly of his childhood in pre-War Edinburgh, of The Corrie Folk Trio with Paddy Bell, and The Corries throughout their existence, of the many famous musical personalities he has rubbed shoulders with through the decades, of family, travel and his life as an artist.

The Guy Davenport Reader

Author: Guy Davenport

Publisher: Catapult


Category: Philosophy

Page: 400

View: 122

"The difference between the Parthenon and the World Trade Center, between a French wine glass and a German beer mug, between Bach and John Philip Sousa, between Sophocles and Shakespeare, between a bicycle and a horse, though explicable by historical moment, necessity, and destiny, is before all else a difference of imagination. The imagination is like the drunk man who has lost his watch, and must get drunk again to find it. It is as intimate as speech and custom, and to trace its ways we need to re–educate our eyes."—Guy Davenport Modernism spawned the greatest explosion of art, architecture, literature, painting, music, and dance of any era since the Renaissance. In its long unfolding, from Yeats, Pound and Eliot to Picasso and Matisse, from Diaghilev and Balanchine to Cunningham and Stravinsky and Cage, the work of Modernism has provided the cultural vocabulary of our time. One of the last pure Modernists, Guy Davenport was perhaps the finest stylist and most protean craftsman of his generation. Publishing more than two dozen books of fiction, essays, poetry and translations over a career of more than forty years, he was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship in 1990. In poetry and prose, Davenport drew upon the most archaic and the most modern of influences to create what he called "assemblages"—lush experiments that often defy classification. Woven throughout is a radical and coherent philosophy of desire, design and human happiness. But never before has Davenport's fiction, nonfiction, poetry and translations been collected together in one compendium. Eight years after his death, The Guy Davenport Reader offers the first true introduction to the far–ranging work of this neglected genius.

The Last Dance Over the Berlin Wall

Author: Lisa Selvidge

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Fiction

Page: 274

View: 175

In 1984, Johnny East, a dancer, is invited to West Berlin by mad Alice, an English girl living a bohemian life in the city at the heart of the Cold War. Alice is besotted with Johnny but on a trip to the East one day, Johnny meets and falls in love with a Russian tightrope walker in East Berlin. They begin an affair that leaves a trail of East-West transits, both legal and illegal, including one of the most daring crossings of the Berlin Wall. Twenty years on Johnny is the director of an aerial company and with an exciting new performance returns to Berlin, a new vibrant city, to face the ghosts of the past, the present, and Alice. The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall is a story of young love, decadence and tragedy in the walled-in city of West Berlin.

The Adventures of a Real-life Cable Guy

Author: Dan Armstrong

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Humor


View: 109

Growing up, author Dan Armstrong dreamed of becoming an FBI agent or a police officer. He hadn’t considered working as a cable guy. He didn’t know it was a profession. But when he was twenty years old, Armstrong began working for his local cable television company and hasn’t looked back. In The Adventures of a Real-Life Cable Guy, Armstrong recounts his experiences with dozens of characters, stories gathered during his thirty-year career—from the hilarious and the horrifying to the happy and the heartbreaking. He’s serviced a million-dollar mansion and a five-hundred dollar trailer on the same day. He’s been in homes where the cats outnumbered the humans. He’s saved a man’s life. And he was the last to see someone alive. Praise for The Adventures of a Real-Life Cable Guy “It’s always fun to read the insights into other worlds where we will never travel. Reading The Adventures of a Real-Life Cable Guy is a great collection of humorous and fun stories ...” —Ron White, Two-Time USA Memory Champion

The Writing on the Wall and Other Stories

Author: Penny Edwards

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 622

Peter Bayer was seventy-three. He’d taught at the school just up the road for most of his life and, when the wall came down, saw no reason to move. Nobody could say life had been easy, and when it was built, he’d lost contact with many friends, but he’d learnt to enjoy life as best he could and had had the good fortune of a happy marriage to Elsa. It’s 2006. Peter Bayer and his wife, Elsa, live on the East side of Berlin, as they’ve always done, even when that wasn’t an attractive proposition. What limits Peter’s freedom nowadays isn’t a concrete wall but often feels like one. Elsa has dementia and barely recognises him, so his life is not only hard work, but it’s lonely. What makes it lonelier is that his wife’s illness has given her a distorted view of the past and one that would horrify the woman he married. When Helen, a recently widowed English woman, rents the flat Peter owns nearby, he experiences the kinds of conversations that used to be normal for him, which makes his current reality all the more painful. Helen’s come to Berlin to find out more about her husband’s past in the city and learns things from their German friends that she was unaware of when he was alive. During her struggle to come to terms with her present life, Helen sees that the terrible demands on Peter’s life are almost impossible to endure. Other stories in the book show the toll of war, as fear is passed from one generation to another and we see how the power of secrecy never disappears. They also reveal how gratitude can take various forms and how intergenerational friendships really are all they’re cracked up to be. The Writing on the Wall and Other Stories is a collection of tales, spanning the 1980s to the present day, that will appeal to fans of Anne Tyler, Alan Bennett and Alice Munro, whom Penny Edwards takes inspiration from.

A Guy's Guide to Life

How to Become a Man in 224 Pages or Less

Author: Jason Boyett

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 224

View: 376

A Guy's Guide to Life: How to Become a Man in 224 Pages or Less is a teenage guy’s handbook to becoming a man with a healthy mind, body, and soul. What does society want of teen guys? To be independent, tough, and macho? To be a sensitive, caring metrosexual? To excel in school and sports and business? The challenges are many, and we haven't even mentioned the most important-and most frightening-topic of conversation: girls. The road to manhood is a perilous one. Guys need a guidebook, one that asks and answers the questions they're reluctant to discuss. They need a book that addresses the myths of manhood with a straightforward approach teenage guys will appreciate and absorb. Author Jason Boyett understands what many fail to realize—that somewhere between the awkwardness and braggadocio, the goofiness and the developing body, there is a real person struggling to make his mark on the world.

The Guy Under the Sheets

The Unauthorized Autobiography

Author: Chris Elliott

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 675

"This hugely entertaining pack of lies reads like a Woody Allen essay from the New Yorker."—David Pitt, Booklist Is Chris Elliott a highly successful and beloved comedian—or a slightly dim-witted notalent from a celebrity family who managed to convince a generation of disillusioned youth that he was funny? From a ghastly childhood on the posh Upper East Side to his fi rst job entertaining mobsters with his Judy Garland impersonation, Th e Guy Under the Sheets is packed with countless episodes from the life of a mediocre artist who somehow faked his way to the top—of semi-moderate fame and fortune. Woven throughout the ctional fun in Elliott's memoir are wonderful real-life anecdotes that will delight many new readers and loyal fans alike. "The arc of [Elliott's] career remains unique and inspiring . . . that he blazed a trail for Arrested Development and Community and all the other freaky, convention- outing TV comedies."—Grantland

Guy Martin: Worms to Catch

Lone Ranger

Author: Guy Martin

Publisher: Random House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 239

‘I was never going to sleep in and take it easy, there were worms to catch.’ Breaking records on the world’s biggest Wall of Death, cycling 2,745 miles across the length of the United States (while sleeping rough), attempting to be the fastest person ever on two wheels and travelling to Latvia to investigate his family’s roots, it's been a busy year for Guy Martin. There’s been some thrilling racing too, including wild Harley choppers on dirt and turbo-charged Transit vans through the Nevada desert. And don't forget there’s the day job to get back to in North Lincolnshire – the truck yard and the butty van. Guy has done more in one year than most people do in a lifetime, and with his gift for story-telling, he takes you with him to the outer limits of human endurance, and on a dizzying adrenalin high, all in a day’s work.

The Spenser Novels 22-27

Author: Robert B. Parker

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 2128

View: 829

The iconic Boston P.I. stars in six classic crime novels in “one of the great series in the history of the American detective story" (New York Times Book Review). Thin Air Chance Small Vices Sudden Mischief Hush Money Hugger Mugger

The Guy Next Door, A Potter Lake Novel

Potter Lake Book 3

Author: DL White

Publisher: DL White


Category: Fiction

Page: 227

View: 445

"Evonne busted into Taj's life like a wrecking ball!" Quiet, reserved musician and Registered Nurse Taj Wright has his world turned upside down when he rents his guest house to Evonne, a spunky hair stylist who's a big fan of murder podcasts. The attraction between them at first sight is immediately electric. When a storm ravages Potter Lake, and they're forced to share close quarters, they can no longer resist each other. But... now what? Evonne is on a mission to prove that she isn't the screwup that was sent home from Spelman College ten years ago. Taj is floundering, trying to tamp down a desire that can't be stifled. The last thing either of them wants is an emotional attachment to a temporary relationship.. but does it have to stay temporary? On a rainy night in Georgia, two hearts meet. They're never the same again. Grab this fun and funny small town Black romance.


A Must Read Mystery Thriller

Author: Jake Cross

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 262

View: 904

Would you face danger or run away? When armed men infiltrate the tiny Peak District hamlet of Barkelow, Emil Torrance thinks they're here to kill him because of his past. After killing one of the gunmen he flees, but when he learns that the men have taken control of the entire hamlet, he realises his son is in grave danger. Believing that calling the police will cost lives, he decides to deal with the problem alone. But when he learns that he’s not the target at all, Emil realises he is facing an even greater threat. How far are the armed men prepared to go? What is their motive? If Emil and his son are going to survive, he will have to become the man he has been trying to hide from… Jake Cross is also the author of the explosive crime thriller Betrayed. Hide is an explosive thriller which will appeal to fans of authors like Harlan Coben, Michael Connelly and Matt Brolly.

Guy Martin: When You Dead, You Dead

My Adventures as a Road Racing Truck Fitter

Author: Guy Martin

Publisher: Random House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 618

'The maddest 12 months of my life. The journey starts with an oddball race up an American mountain and ends with me checking myself out of hospital with a broken back. Again ...' As Guy’s Latvian grandfather frequently reminded him, ‘When you dead, you dead’. So before it’s all over, Guy Martin is making the most of the time he’s got. In this past year alone, Guy has raced the Isle of Man TT and finished on the podium; bike trekked through India; competed in solo 24-hour bicycles races; flown a stunt plane; broken a go-kart speed record down a French mountain and attempted to break the motorcycle land-speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats. And he’s done all this around his day job as a truck mechanic. But let Guy tell you about it himself: ‘This book starts in a Transit, ends in a Transit, and in between I’ve raced a few pushbikes, raced a few motorbikes and got a fair few stories to tell you.’ Spot on.