The Myth of Santa Fe

Creating a Modern Regional Tradition

Author: Chris Wilson

Publisher: UNM Press


Category: Architecture

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A wave of publicity during the 1980s projected Santa Fe to the world as an exotic tourist destination--America's own Tahiti in the desert. The Myth of Santa Fe goes behind the romantic adobe facades and mass marketing stereotypes to tell the fascinating but little known story of how the city's alluring image was quite consciously created early in this century, primarily by Anglo-American newcomers. By investigating the city's trademark architectural style, public ceremonies, the historic preservation movement, and cultural traditions, Wilson unravels the complex interactions of ethnic identity and tourist image-making. Santa Fe's is a distinctly modern success story--the story of a community that transformed itself from a declining provincial capital of 5,000 in 1912 into an internationally recognized tourist destination. But it is also a cautionary tale about the commodification of Native American and Hispanic cultures, and the social displacement and ethnic animosities that can accompany a tourist boom.

La Herencia




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Our Lady of New Mexico

Author: Jacqueline Orsini Dunnington



Category: Religion

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Our Lady of Guadalupe, the primary Marian devotion in New Mexico, is an ever-present symbol, at once peaceful, powerful, and persuasive. The New World advocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Guadalupe appeared five hundreds years ago near Mexico City to Indian peasant Juan Diego. First introduced into the northern Rio Grande Valley with the Spanish reconquest in 1692, Guadalupe has played an important role in the daily lives of New Mexicans for three hundred years. Guadalupan scholar Jacqueline Dunnington brings fifteen years of extensive research to this study, tracing the devotion of Guadalupe from Mexico to its full expression in the religious folk life of New Mexicans. Today in New Mexico, Guadalupe's name appears everywhere and her image graces tombstones, prayer cards, street murals, and folk art; feasts and plays are held in her name and myriad pilgrimages are undertaken annually by her devotees. Drawing from a variety of sources including church records, newspapers, archives, and interviews, this book significantly fills a void in New Mexican cultural history.

Old Santa Fe Today

Author: Historic Santa Fe Foundation

Publisher: University of New Mexico Press


Category: Architecture

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This enlarged edition describes twelve historic properties recently named worthy of preservation in addition to fifty-three that have long been representative of Santa Fe's diverse cultural history.


Author: Ruth Kiel

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


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Ernst Altgelt and people from what is now Germany founded Comfort in 1854 in the Guadalupe Valley of the Texas Hill Country. When the Civil War began, many of these freethinking people opposed secession. Some attempted to go to Mexico and were surprised by Confederates near the Nueces River. A few Unionists escaped; some were killed, and others were wounded and later killed. In 1865, friends and relatives retrieved their remains, and they now lie under the Treue der Union Monument. The first school was built in 1856, but not until 1892 did Comfort build a church. Charles Apelt created the Armadillo Farm, which made lamps, purses, and baskets from armadillo shells. Today descendants of original settlers live on family ranches and in houses built by their ancestors. Comfort is unincorporated to this day, and it retains a sense of its freethinking independence.

Quetzalcoatl and Guadalupe

The Formation of Mexican National Consciousness, 1531-1813

Author: Jacques Lafaye

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: History

Page: 336

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"In this study of complex beliefs in which Aztec religion and Spanish Catholicism blend, Lafaye demonstrates the importance of religious beliefs in the formation of the Mexican nation. Far from being of only parochial interest, this volume is of great value to any historian of religions concerned with problems of nativism and syncretism."—Franke J. Neumann, Religious Studies Review

Santa Fe on Foot

Adventures in the City Different

Author: Elaine Pinkerton

Publisher: Treasure Chest Books


Category: Sports & Recreation

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The best guide to exploring the Ancient City in depth, on walking, running and bicycling tours through narrow streets and broad vistas. Pinkerton shares the stories behind the churches, monuments and neighborhoods. "This is a wonderful book. The fine text will not only provide route information and plenty of background historical material but a pleasurable reading experience as well." --Going Places: The Guide to Travel Guides