The Greens Cookbook

Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine

Author: Deborah Madison



Category: Vegetarian cooking

Page: 443

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'The Greens Cookbook' contains more than 260 recipes for various seasons, occasions and tastes. From salads to frittatas, this work includes recipes such as Mexican vegetable soup with lime and avocado, artichoke and fennel stew, wild mushroom ragout and charcoal-grilled leeks.

The Power Greens Cookbook

140 Delicious Superfood Recipes

Author: Dana Jacobi

Publisher: Ballantine Books


Category: Cooking

Page: 320

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The Power Greens Cookbook presents 140 delicious, healthy recipes for dark, leafy greens that will please your palate and inspire you to clean your plate. Kale and collards don’t have to be the only greens on your shopping list anymore. Rising stars include romaine and parsley, Brussels sprouts and beet greens, and more. But say the words “Eat your greens,” and even though we know they’re good for us, many people are afraid that they won’t taste good. Fear no more! The Power Greens Cookbook provides go-to recipes that are both nutritious and delicious. Acclaimed cookbook author and blogger Dana Jacobi expands your culinary repertoire and introduces the fifteen Power Greens—from arugula to watercress—that are loaded with health-supporting nutrients and phytochemicals that enhance vitality, all the while protecting against diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, fortifying eyes and muscles, even making your skin glow. Jacobi also shares simple cooking techniques that help you prepare these super veggies quickly. Including main dishes and hearty salads, dips, spreads, snacks, and even drinks, The Power Greens Cookbook offers myriad mouthwatering vegetable-centric recipes. • Soups: Cabbage and Brussels Sprouts Soup, Spinach Gazpacho with Walnuts, Hoppin’ John Stew with Mustard Greens • Salads: Caesar Salad with Parmesan Chickpeas, Tuscan Kale Salad with Pomegranate Seeds and Walnuts, Beets and Beet Greens with Citrus Dressing • Main Dishes: Red Beans and Smoky Greens, Kale-Smothered Pork Chops with Carrot and Apple, Tortelloni with Broccoli Rabe Florets • Small Meals and Snacks: Avocado and Watercress Tartine, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Sandwich with Kimchi, Poached Eggs in a Nest of Bacon-Wilted Kale • Side Dishes and Condiments: Carrots with Wild Arugula Pesto, French Lettuce Stir-Fry, Tahini Creamed Spinach, Kale Za’atar Shown in dozens of tantalizing photographs, these dishes are sure to become mainstays in your kitchen for weeknight family meals, casual entertaining, and elegant dinner parties. From the cruciferous and crunchy to the leafy and light, The Power Greens Cookbook is just what the doctor—and your taste buds—ordered. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Leafy Greens Cookbook

100 Creative, Flavorful Recipes Starring Super-Healthy Kale, Chard, Spinach, Bok Choy, Collards and More!

Author: Kathryn Anible

Publisher: Ulysses Press


Category: Cooking

Page: 130

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Presents a collection of one hundred recipes using a variety of leafy green vegetables, with options for appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, and smoothies.

The Green Cookbook

Author: Philipp Aichholzer

Publisher: Philipp Aichholzer


Category: Cooking

Page: 295

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The Green Cookbook is a Cookbook with 101 Highly Delicious and Healthy Vegan Recipes which are infused with Cannabis . The Book is Chaptered in 6 Chapters : Chapter 1 Introduction to Cannabis Chapter 2 Appetizers & Snacks Chapter 3 Main Dishes Chapter 4 Desserts & Sweets Chapter 5 Drinks & Smoothies and Chapter 6 which is and Table of Contents where you can finde all recipes pages at one look . Also: There is no doubt that the healthiest way to consume cannabis is by eating it and with this unique, totally vegan marijuana cookbook, you’ll have 101 new ways to create tasty cannabis edibles that are actually good for you too! Smoking marijuana can wreak havoc on your lungs and throat and with the revelation that smoking weed can increase your risk of pesticide exposure, it only makes sense that you should cook your bud instead of lighting it. When you infuse your food or drinks with marijuana, it’s possible to eliminate the damage that a buildup of residue in your respiratory system is known to cause. Best of all, the effects of cannabis edibles are much longer lasting than that of smoked marijuana, due to the fact that your endocannabinoid system is better able to absorb and process the active ingredients in cannabis through digestion than it can through smoking. If you’ve always thought that cannabis edibles had to be difficult and time-consuming to make, or if you’re tired of the same old “special” brownies and teas, you’ll be thrilled to discover that there are a number of easy recipes included in The Green Cookbook that are ideal for anyone who is just getting started cooking with cannabis, as well as a host of original and inventive concoctions that are sure to thrill even the pickiest palates. Eating vegan cannabis edibles is an excellent way to get your daily dose of marijuana and to eat more responsibly as you do it. A vegan diet is better for both you and the environment and best of all, it doesn’t require the suffering of another living being to provide you with sustenance. When you use The Green Cookbook to prepare your meals, you can rest assured that you are doing what is right not only for your body, but for the rest of the world too. The Green Cookbook is full of fun and easy recipes for all kinds of tasty dishes, including breakfast meals, convenient snacks and indulgent desserts, as well as unique drinks that will satisfy your thirst and your need for weed at the same time. This is one cannabis cookbook that you’ll never tire of using, thanks to the wide variety of vegan offerings included in it pages. It will also make the perfect gift idea for your favorite medical marijuana patient or recreational user at anytime of the year! So have fun with the Cookbook and cooking. I hope you enjoy the recipes.

The Complete Idiot's Guide Greens Cookbook

Author: Trish Sebben-Krupka

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Cooking

Page: 320

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The Complete Idiot's Guide® Greens Cookbook includes more than 200 mostly vegan and many vegetarian recipes for greens and provides nutritional and preparation information to help readers get the most flavor and nutrition from the greens they eat. In addition to traditional greens, this cookbook covers many newly-popular greens, such as bok choy, beet, kale, and dandelion.

The Complete Leafy Greens Cookbook

67 Leafy Greens & 250 Recipes

Author: Susan Sampson

Publisher: Robert Rose


Category: Cooking

Page: 480

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VEGETARIAN COOKERY. This comprehensive book is a reflection of the groundswell of enthusiasm there is out there for healthy eating - leafy greens in particular. Kale led the charge and now consumers are looking for new alternatives to these inexpensive, nutritious and versatile ingredients. Dozens of varieties of leafy green (67 to be exact) are featured, each with a photograph for easy identification - from popular ones like spinach, to the trendy such as kale and collards, to the obscure like mizuna or purslane, which may only be familiar to foragers, avid gardeners or world travellers. But the world is getting smaller every day and our grocery store selection larger, so it's probably just a matter of time before you see these at your local grocers.

Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison's Kitchen

Author: Deborah Madison

Publisher: Ten Speed Press


Category: Cooking

Page: 240

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The author of the bestselling cookbook classic, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone and the forthcoming In My Kitchen, solves the perennial question of what to cook for dinner in her first collection of suppertime solutions, with more than 100 inspiring recipes to enjoy every night of the week. What’s for supper? For vegetarians and health-conscious nonvegetarians, the quest for recipes that don’t call for meat often can seem daunting. Focusing on recipes for a relaxing evening, Deborah Madison has created an innovative array of main dishes for casual dining. Unfussy but creative, the recipes in Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison’s Kitchen will bring joy to your table in the form of simple, wholesome, and delicious main dish meals. These are recipes to savor throughout the week—quick weekday meals as well as more leisurely weekend or company fare—and throughout the year. The emphasis is on freshness and seasonality in recipes for savory pies and gratins, vegetable stews and braises, pasta and vegetable dishes, crepes and fritters, delicious new ways to use tofu and tempeh, egg dishes that make a supper, hearty cool-weather as well as light warm-weather meals, and a delightful assortment of sandwich suppers. Recipes include such imaginative and irresistible dishes as Masa Crêpes with Chard, Chiles, and Cilantro; Spicy Tofu with Thai Basil and Coconut Rice Cakes; Lemony Risotto Croquettes with Slivered Snow Peas, Asparagus, and Leeks; and Gnocchi with Winter Squash and Seared Radicchio. Vegan variations are given throughout, so whether you are a committed vegetarian or a “vegophile” like Deborah Madison herself, you’ll find recipes in this wonderful new collection you will want to cook again and again. I love supper. It’s friendly and relaxed. It’s easy to invite people over for supper, for there’s a quality of comfort that isn’t always there with dinner, a meal that suggests more serious culinary expectations—truly a joy to meet, but not all the time. Supper, on the other hand, is for when friends happen to run into each other at the farmers’ market or drop in from out of town. Supper is for Sunday night or a Thursday. Supper can be impromptu, it can be potluck, and it can break the formality of a classic menu. With supper, there’s a willingness to make do with what’s available and to cook and eat simply. It can also be special and beautifully crafted if that’s what you want. —from the Introduction From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Green City Market Cookbook

Great Recipes from Chicago's Award-Winning Farmers Market

Author: Green City Market

Publisher: Agate Publishing


Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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Founded in 1998 by the late culinary luminary, author, chef, and entrepreneur Abby Mandel, the Green City Market is the venerable year-round farmers market held in Chicago's Lincoln Park. Since its inception, the Green City Market has grown into one of the most popular destinations for finding organic and sustainable produce and products throughout the Midwest's extensive farm-to-table culinary movement. The Green City Market Cookbook is the first collection of recipes from the celebrity chefs, local farmers, loyal customers, and longtime vendors that make up the Green City Market community. Beautifully illustrated with full-color photography, the thoroughly tested recipes in this book represent a diversity of wonderful meals that can be created from the fresh, sustainable output of Midwestern family farms. Chicago's leading chefs, as well as other market regulars, have contributed recipes simple enough for the inexperienced cook but sufficiently enticing to satisfy the most discriminating gourmet. Organized by season, The Green City Market Cookbook provides eager readers with recipes that make use of fresh fruits and vegetables that come straight from the small regional farms that are the lifeblood of the farm-to-fork movement.

Greens Cookbook

Delicious Greens Juices & Smoothies That Will Boost Your Overall Health

Author: Stephanie Sharp

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 74

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Do you suffer from anemia or other illnesses as a result of a lack of iron? Are you considering a healthier lifestyle? If so then this Greens Cookbook is about to change your life! What if I told you that by drinking just one green smoothie or juice a day can significantly improve your overall wellbeing? That's right, the key, however, is to be sure you are including what I like to call power greens in each drink. These 'power greens include: spinach, kale, celery and cucumber. Why these specific greens? Well these greens are known to vastly aid in improving organ health, weight loss and immune system strength. These greens, however, can be an acquired taste and as such this Greens Cookbook will show you how to add a world of flavor, charisma and personality to your green drink. This will be vital for longevity as these juices and smoothies will be so delicious that you will forget that it is cleansing the toxins from your body. It's super simple to get started. Simply grab a copy of this Greens Cookbook today and take a step to start taking care of your body today!