The Green Platform

Declan Coyle Lets You in on Life's Biggest Secret and Shows You How to Master Your Own Destiny in One Simple Step by Changing Platforms from Red to Green

Author: Declan Coyle




Page: 250

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The green platform is a state of mind demonstrating how each individual can take control of their own lives to be their own game changer. Declan Coyle explains that to be a game changer you need to recognize your power to choose one of two platforms: the negative, blaming, complaining 'red platform' or the positive, constructive, proactive 'green platform'.

The Green Challenge

The Development of Green Parties in Europe

Author: Dick Richardson

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 288

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The Green Challenge is an up-to-date and comprehensive account of the development of Green parties in Western Europe, and includes an account of the development since 1989 of an East European Green movement. Blending theory and empirical analysis, the book contains chapters on each of the main western European cases and on a number of other less-studied ones. These are designed to demonstrate the shifting balance of party-political competition the factor the authors believe most strongly influences the fortunes of the Greens. The editors also integrate a valuable analysis of the environmentally-degraded Czech Republic, where the Green parties' lack of electoral success has puzzled many observers.

Cyanobacteria: The Green E. coli

Author: Anne M Ruffing

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA




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As the world struggles to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and curb greenhouse gas emissions, industrial biotechnology is also ‘going green.’ Escherichia coli has long been used as a model Gram-negative bacterium, not only for fundamental research, but also for industrial applications. Recently, however, cyanobacteria have emerged as candidate chassis for the production of commodity fuels and chemicals, utilizing CO2 and sunlight as the main nutrient requirements. In addition to their potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering production costs, cyanobacteria have naturally efficient pathways for the production metabolites such as carotenoids, which are of importance in the nutraceutical industry. The unique metabolic and regulatory pathways present in cyanobacteria present new challenges for metabolic engineers and synthetic biologists. Moreover, their requirement for light and the dynamic regulatory mechanisms of the diurnal cycle further complicate the development and application of cyanobacteria for industrial applications. Consequently, significant advancements in cyanobacterial engineering and strain development are necessary for the development of a ‘green E. coli’. This Research Topic will focus on cyanobacteria as organisms of emerging industrial relevance, including research focused on the development of genetic tools for cyanobacteria, the investigation of new cyanobacterial strains, the construction of novel cyanobacterial strains via genetic engineering, the application of ‘omics’ tools to advance the understanding of engineered cyanobacteria, and the development of computational models for cyanobacterial strain development.

Environmental Movements around the World: Shades of Green in Politics and Culture [2 volumes]

Shades of Green in Politics and Culture

Author: Timothy Doyle

Publisher: Praeger


Category: Science

Page: 754

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An unprecedented study of environmentalism, environmental movements, and efforts at "greening" across the globe, written by culturally embedded scholars with both academic expertise and first-hand experience with grassroots advocacy. • Features country-based case studies of environmental movements to provide representative research data from different world regions • Provides a cross-discipline perspective from the fields of ecology, environmental studies, political science, international relations, history, sociology, and geography • Compiles a full picture of environmental, green, and conservation movements from around the globe, including nations such as Brazil, China, Germany, India, Israel, New Zealand, Nigeria, and Russia

Political Agendas for Education

From Race to the Top to Saving the Planet

Author: Joel Spring

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 168

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The Fifth Edition of Joel Spring’s ongoing documentation and analysis of political agendas for education reflects the major political issues in education since 2008. This edition focuses on the education sections of the 2012 Republican, Democratic, Green, and Libertarian Party platforms. Taking a fresh look at the social and political forces, educational research, and ideologies shaping the educational agendas of these political parties and a comparative approach, the book stimulates reflection and discussion. New coverage in the Fifth Edition includes: • The political coup called Race to the Top • Common Core State Standards and national testing based on the Standards • Explosion of online instruction • Debates about teacher evaluations and merit pay • Growing for-profit education industry • New agenda for American Education: Constitutional amendment; long life and happiness; environmental education Political Agendas for Education is essential reading for courses dealing with the politics of education, foundations of education, educational leadership, and curriculum studies, and for educational scholars, professionals, policymakers, and all those concerned with the politics of education in the U.S. and its consequences for schools and society.

The Green Pearl


Author: Jack Vance

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 667

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The Lyonesse sequence evokes the Elder Isles, is a baroque land of pre-Arthurian myth now lost beneath the Atlantic, where powerful sorcerers, aloof faeries, stalwart champions, and nobles eccentric, magnanimous, and cruel pursue intrigue among their separate worlds . . . King Aillas of Troicinet defends the peace of the Elder Isles against both the Ska marauders who once enslaved him and the wicked King Casmir. While organizing the unruly barons in the frontiers of his land, Aillas goes out of his way to capture the lovely Ska noblewoman who once stung him with her disregard. When he gets separated from his men, his dream of forcing the lady's recognition becomes the toil of dragging a defiant captive across lands governed by Casmir's henchmen. Meanwhile, the world of magic has gone on the move. The concentrated malice of the witch Desmëi has manifested as a green pearl, breeding lust and envy and death; and a sorcerer in Casmir's employ abducts the princess Glyneth, in a bid to draw Aillas and friends on a hopeless rescue mission across a bizarre and deadly alternate world . . . (First published in 1985)

The Green Computing Book

Tackling Energy Efficiency at Large Scale

Author: Wu-chun Feng

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Computers

Page: 353

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State-of-the-Art Approaches to Advance the Large-Scale Green Computing Movement Edited by one of the founders and lead investigator of the Green500 list, The Green Computing Book: Tackling Energy Efficiency at Large Scale explores seminal research in large-scale green computing. It begins with low-level, hardware-based approaches and then traverses up the software stack with increasingly higher-level, software-based approaches. In the first chapter, the IBM Blue Gene team illustrates how to improve the energy efficiency of a supercomputer by an order of magnitude without any system performance loss in parallelizable applications. The next few chapters explain how to enhance the energy efficiency of a large-scale computing system via compiler-directed energy optimizations, an adaptive run-time system, and a general prediction performance framework. The book then explores the interactions between energy management and reliability and describes storage system organization that maximizes energy efficiency and reliability. It also addresses the need for coordinated power control across different layers and covers demand response policies in computing centers. The final chapter assesses the impact of servers on data center costs.

The Green Halo

A Bird's-Eye View of Ecological Ethics

Author: Erazim Kohak

Publisher: Open Court


Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

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The Green Halo is a highly readable introduction to the vast field of contemporary ecological thought. It is a basic education in environmental philosophy and a welcome propadeutic for understanding the most crucial problem facing humankind in the coming century: How can humans live on this earth so that they do not destroy the preconditions for their own existence?

The Canadian Federal Election of 2006

Author: Chris Dornan

Publisher: Dundurn


Category: Political Science

Page: 357

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A comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the campaign and election that ended the 12-year reign in Canadian politics.

Reviewing, Rethinking, Returning

Essays on Life, Ecology and Design

Author: Alan Wittbecker

Publisher: 3 Muses Books, SynGeo ArchiGraph


Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 273

This book reviews and recasts many popular ideas, using an ecological perspective, ecological design principles and ecological thought experiments.