Champion Charlies 4: The Grand Finale, The

Author: Adrian Beck

Publisher: Random House Australia



Page: 176

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The Jets have reached the Grand Final against their arch rivals, the Hammerheads. The build-up to the game is intense and a few of the Jets are starting to crack under the pressure. To make matters worse, CJ's sworn enemy, Lenny 'the gorilla' Lincoln, is leading the attack for the Hammerheads. Charlotte's the only one who can get the Jets back on track. But will her tactics be enough when they're out on the field and faced with penalty shoot-out to decide the winner?

Linda's Journal, Jalissa and the Grand Finale

Author: Dina Anastasio

Publisher: Benchmark Education Company




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Linda wants to be a great writer. How will her efforts get her into trouble with her friends? What will she learn from the experience? Jalissa wants the grand finale for her show to really bring the house down. Will she learn patience and perseverance? Read these stories to find out.

The Grand Finale

Part 3

Author: Robert Hrib

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Fiction

Page: 292

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Starting at the end of The Third Beginning Part 2: According to Karen and Robert, The Third Beginning Part 3: The Grand Finale, Robert has to keep peace between his two lovers while trying to hold the group together. They now have to adjust life with babies being born, finding food, and maintaining the utilities. All is done through Robert’s leadership and the group’s cooperation.

The Grand Finale

Late Intermediate Piano Duet

Author: Catherine Rollin

Publisher: Alfred Music


Category: Music

Page: 12

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This fanfare-like, exciting piano duet is meant to sound "Proud and uplifting, with great energy and vitality," and the musical textures and dynamics of this composition will certainly deliver that kind of excitement! Written in C Major, 4/4 time, with block and arpeggiated chords, and many shifts in tempo, mood and dynamics.



Publisher: Notion Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 96

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• Yellow is a dreamer: a happy, hard working and trustworthy person. • Debbie is frank: a high flying individual and in love with life. • Rita and Romola are caught in their ambitious plans. • Mana is a grandmother, and her caring granddaughter is visiting her. • Dr. Ghosh’s unbelievable encounter with his patient. • Vivek’s struggles to build an industry and its outcome. • A teacher’s effort to instill lost confidence in her pupil. • A woman’s undaunted and solitary struggle to rebuild her life in a cruel world. These are the characters you will meet in each of the stories. They will grip you. You will identify them with people you know and situations you’ve personally experienced. You wish you could help them. You would wish to join in their fun, to give them advice and cry with them. Sympathize with them. Share their grief and frustrations and be impatient to read the next story.

You Can Understand the Book of Revelation

Exploring Its Mystery and Message

Author: Skip Heitzig

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 288

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Do You Want to Know What the Future Holds? The final book of the Bible is both fascinating and controversial. It leaves some awed, and others uncomfortable. So many find its mysteries hard to fathom—what does it all mean? If you would like to know more than just bits and pieces of God’s plans for the future, Pastor Skip Heitzig is your guide to gaining a fuller understanding of the book of Revelation. You will explore everything from the rapture to Christ’s eternal kingdom, and gain a deeper appreciation for the majesty and power of God examine all the key events that will take place in the last days discover how God’s plans for the future apply to you right now learn how to be ready for Christ’s return As you study Bible prophecy and learn how God’s plans will unfold, you’ll find yourself living in greater anticipation of all that is to come!

A Commentary on Revelation

The Grand Finale

Author: Charles Lee Feinberg

Publisher: BMH Books


Category: Religion

Page: 178

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Feinberg addresses the Book of Revelation in this helpful, hardcover commentary. The book of Revelation has puzzled, frustrated, and confused Christians for centuries. Feinberg attempts to put to rest many of the concerns and confusions that plague our understanding of this portion of Scripture.

Indra Dhanush

The Grand Finale

Author: Rasika Chaube



Category: Dance

Page: 107

View: 609

On Indian classical music and dance performed by leading artists in the Rashtrapati Bhavan under the Indradhanush, the performing art series.

Eboni's Revenge! "The Grand Finale"

The Grand Finale

Author: Dante Feenix

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Fiction

Page: 250

View: 954

Black Butterfly 5: EBONI'S REVENGE! THE FINALE' This is it… the final book in the Epic series Black Butterfly! Take a final journey into the ferociously mean streets of Baltimore, Maryland as Nadet puts his life back together after serving time in prison. With a good job, a good woman, and new baby on the way… all Nadet wants to do is stay out of trouble! But can he? Once his life-long friends are convinced by a rising drug lord that he snitched on them to avoid a longer jail sentence... THAT THEY DID RECEIVE; he becomes their new target! Isolated by the snitching rumors, Nadet and his family are left alone in the hood to face the wrath of Baltimore's most notorious Queen-pin ever.… MA BELL! Enter Eboni… in a battle for her son's life that will take her to the gates of hell and back to prove that family comes first, IN HER BOOK! Strap on your seat belt tight... because this is "ride or die reading" at it's best… THE BLACK BUTTERFLY FINALE! “Dante Feenix is a true Hustler!” -NY Times Best Selling Author WAHIDA CLARK “If you think my books are hot… his(Dante Feenix) are on fire!” -NY Times Best Selling Author ZANE