Just Right: Searching for the Goldilocks Planet

Author: Curtis Manley

Publisher: Roaring Brook Press


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 607

Do you wonder if humans are the only beings who wonder if they are alone in the universe? Our sun is a star. In the night sky are all kinds of stars, and orbiting those stars are planets like the ones in our own solar system. Could those planets have life like we do on Earth? Planet Earth is not too big, not too small, not too hot, and not too cold. It’s just right. Our very own Goldilocks planet . . . . Follow a young girl as she explores these questions in this gorgeous book about the wondrous search for another Goldilocks planet.

The Goldilocks Planet

The 4 Billion Year Story of Earth's Climate

Author: Jan Zalasiewicz

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Science

Page: 303

View: 185

Presents a history of climate to reveal that the climatic changes happening hardly compare to the changes the Earth has seen over the last 4.5 billion years.

Exam Prep for: The Goldilocks Planet The 4 billion year ...

Author: David Mason

Publisher: Rico Publications


Category: Education

Page: 800

View: 514

3,600 Exam Prep questions and answers. Ebooks, Textbooks, Courses, Books Simplified as questions and answers by Rico Publications. Very effective study tools especially when you only have a limited amount of time. They work with your textbook or without a textbook and can help you to review and learn essential terms, people, places, events, and key concepts.


The Goldilocks Planet

Author: J. G. Possum

Publisher: Outskirts Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 222

View: 589

Earth is on the brink of self-destruction. The fate of an entire planet rests on the shoulders of 212 people chosen to establish a colony on a recently discovered Goldilocks planet. Tests revealed the planet could sustain life...but they didn't show that life already existed there. The crew from Earth is met by many hostile creatures, but it's way too late to turn back. They must find a way to establish a colony...without making the same mistakes that destroyed Earth. Drawing from thirty-five years as an engineer, J. G. Possum has written a believable science-fiction novel steeped in fact that is also a thrilling page-turner. Tara: The Goldilocks Planet will enthrall casual and lifelong sci-fi readers alike.

The Goldilocks Zone

Conditions Necessary for Extraterrestrial Life

Author: Laura La Bella

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

View: 947

The search for life in other worlds begins with the search for a habitable planet. This book explores the “Goldilocks Zone,” a defined area that is perfect for harboring life in our universe. Readers will find out how scientists are finding habitable planets by using terrestrial and orbiting telescopes to search these regions. Readers will also get to know how extreme zones on Earth are helping scientists redefine their concept of “habitable” and what kind of life we might find. Fascinating full-color photographs and artist renderings from NASA illustrate this fascinating hunt.

The Goldilocks Planet

A Hannah Kline Mystery

Author: Paula Bernstein

Publisher: M&z Press



Page: 260

View: 796

Obstetrician Hannah Kline and her brand new fiance, LAPD Detective Daniel Ross are about to begin house hunting, when Daniel is put in charge of a high profile murder investigation. Dr. Edwin Larramore was at the top of his game. A full professor of Astronomy at the prestigious Technological Institute, and a leader in the search for extra solar planets, he has just been awarded the Nobel Prize for an extraordinary discovery. Who would want to kill him? There turns out to be no shortage of suspects. The victim had an unhappy pregnant wife, an angry ex-wife, who is also his chief academic competitor, a jealous department chairman, and several under-appreciated and disgruntled graduate students. Daniel has his work cut out for him. Hannah has been very helpful in several of Daniel's previous cases, but this time her hands are tied. Larramore's pregnant wife is her patient, and medical ethics prevent her from telling all she knows. When Hannah discovers a crucial clue, and her patient's pregnancy becomes high risk, Hannah has to resolve her conflicting loyalties."

The Goldilocks Zone

Collected Writings of Michael J. Ovey

Author: Michael J. Ovey

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge


Category: Theology

Page: 293

View: 937

The untimely passing of Mike Ovey, the former principal of Oak Hill College, in January 2017 was met with a wave of appreciation for his theological contribution to evangelicalism in the UK and across the world. So here, for the first time together, are a collection of articles that Mike wrote for theological journals and conferences.

Understanding Climate Change

Science, Policy, and Practice

Author: Sarah Burch

Publisher: University of Toronto Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 328

View: 820

Conversations about climate change are filled with challenges involving complex data, deeply held values, and political issues. Understanding Climate Change provides readers with a concise, accessible, and holistic picture of the climate change problem, including both the scientific and human dimensions. Understanding Climate Change examines climate change as both a scientific and a public policy issue. Sarah L. Burch and Sara E. Harris explain the basics of the climate system, climate models and prediction, and human and biophysical impacts, as well as strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing adaptability, and enabling climate change governance. The authors examine the connections between climate change and other pressing issues, such as human health, poverty, and other environmental problems, and they explore the ways that sustainable responses to climate change can simultaneously address those issues. An effective and integrated introduction to an urgent and controversial issue, Understanding Climate Change contains the tools needed for students, instructors, and decision-makers to become constructive participants in the human response to climate change.

Themelios, Volume 37, Issue 1

Author: D. A. Carson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 178

View: 307

Themelios is an international, evangelical, peer-reviewed theological journal that expounds and defends the historic Christian faith. Themelios is published three times a year online at The Gospel Coalition (http://thegospelcoalition.org/themelios/) and in print by Wipf and Stock. Its primary audience is theological students and pastors, though scholars read it as well. Themelios began in 1975 and was operated by RTSF/UCCF in the UK, and it became a digital journal operated by The Gospel Coalition in 2008. The editorial team draws participants from across the globe as editors, essayists, and reviewers. General Editor: D. A. Carson, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Managing Editor: Brian Tabb, Bethlehem College and Seminary Consulting Editor: Michael J. Ovey, Oak Hill Theological College Administrator: Andrew David Naselli, Bethlehem College and Seminary Book Review Editors: Jerry Hwang, Singapore Bible College; Alan Thompson, Sydney Missionary & Bible College; Nathan A. Finn, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Hans Madueme, Covenant College; Dane Ortlund, Crossway; Jason Sexton, Golden Gate Baptist Seminary Editorial Board: Gerald Bray, Beeson Divinity School Lee Gatiss, Wales Evangelical School of Theology Paul Helseth, University of Northwestern, St. Paul Paul House, Beeson Divinity School Ken Magnuson, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Jonathan Pennington, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary James Robson, Wycliffe Hall Mark D. Thompson, Moore Theological College Paul Williamson, Moore Theological College Stephen Witmer, Pepperell Christian Fellowship Robert Yarbrough, Covenant Seminary

Theory Of Everything With New Discoveries

Author: Olufolahan Olatoye Akintola

Publisher: Hilldew View International Limited


Category: Religion

Page: 260

View: 535

This book authoritatively authenticates the scientific accuracy of the Bible with new discoveries. The new scientific discoveries in this book include how the universal gravitation in all forms of matter is due to the residual effect of the strong force beyond sub-nuclear range. It simplifies the complications of the theory known as quantum chromo dynamics. BIC Subjects and Qualifiers: Physics (PH) BISAC Subject: RELIGION/Biblical Reference/General SCIENCE/Quantum Theory