Access 2013 All-in-One For Dummies

Author: Alison Barrows

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Computers

Page: 792

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Get started with the new Access 2013 with this impressiveall-in-one reference! Microsoft Access allows you to store, organize, view, analyze,and share data; the new release enables you to build even morepowerful, custom database solutions that integrate with the web andenterprise data sources. This compilation of nine indispensibleminibooks is exactly what you need to get up to speed on the latestchanges to Access. This easy-to-understand resource provides bothnew and experienced Access users with invaluable advice forconnecting Access to SQL Server, manipulating data locally, gettingup to speed on the latest features of Access 2013, creating queriesand macros, and much more. From the basics to advanced functions,this book is what you need to make Access more accessible. Shows you how to store, organize, view, analyze, and share datausing Access 2013 Includes nine minibooks that cover such topics as databasedesign, tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, databaseadministration, securing data, programming with Visual Basic forApplications (VBA), and using Access with the web Helps you build database solutions that integrate with the weband other enterprise data solutions Offers plenty of techniques, tips, and tricks to help you getthe most out of Access This all-in-one guide offers you access to all things Access2013!

Coach Without a Whistle

Author: Wayne DeLoriea

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 172

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Let's begin by exposing some myths, lies and truths. As humans, we wear lots of hats. I have cowboy hats, baseball caps, fedoras and have even been seen in a do-rag. What I wear, if I wear a hat at all, depends upon how I feel in any given moment. Same for you? Perhaps you're not into hats. Perhaps you wear a particular sweatshirt, T-shirt or have several different pairs of shoes. Like band-aids, they cover sensitivities or hide scars. Psychologists refer to wearing masks, as it applies to covering parts of our personalities that we may not be comfortable with or that we may not feel comfortable with others seeing in us. Sometimes masks even blanket good traits that we fear might not be accepted by the particular group we associate with. What interesting creatures we are! Christian Counselor, Author, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Master Fitness Instructor and Coach Coach DeLoriea is one of the more successful coaches in NASCAR. "Coach" brings firsthand knowledge of what it is to put championship teams together. He brings 'old school' ideas back to the forefront when it comes to management. Using his GI Bill to attend Lenoir Rhyne University he received a degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Human Development. One of Coach's proudest moments was when the Department of Defense awarded him a Certificate of Appreciation for assisting the United States Army in developing a Pit Crew type turnaround plan for its helicopter force. Coach has had a diverse career starting with his celebrated work with severely and profoundly handicapped children, and teens in trouble with the law. After eleven years of dedicated service he took a dramatic turn and co-purchased a gym and became a personal trainer and coach.

Weekly World News





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Rooted in the creative success of over 30 years of supermarket tabloid publishing, the Weekly World News has been the world's only reliable news source since 1979. The online hub is a leading entertainment news site.

Access 2010 All-in-One For Dummies

Author: Margaret Levine Young

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Computers

Page: 792

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A guide to the latest version of the database management application explains the ins and outs of Access 2010, discussing the changes to the program's interface, as well as concepts including tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and programming in VBA.

Their Highest Potential

An African American School Community in the Segregated South

Author: Vanessa Siddle Walker

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 276

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African American schools in the segregated South faced enormous obstacles in educating their students. But some of these schools succeeded in providing nurturing educational environments in spite of the injustices of segregation. Vanessa Siddle Walker tells the story of one such school in rural North Carolina, the Caswell County Training School, which operated from 1934 to 1969. She focuses especially on the importance of dedicated teachers and the principal, who believed their jobs extended well beyond the classroom, and on the community's parents, who worked hard to support the school. According to Walker, the relationship between school and community was mutually dependent. Parents sacrificed financially to meet the school's needs, and teachers and administrators put in extra time for professional development, specialized student assistance, and home visits. The result was a school that placed the needs of African American students at the center of its mission, which was in turn shared by the community. Walker concludes that the experience of CCTS captures a segment of the history of African Americans in segregated schools that has been overlooked and that provides important context for the ongoing debate about how best to educate African American children. African American History/Education/North Carolina

The golden steed

seven Baltic plays

Author: Alfreds Straumanis



Category: Drama

Page: 383

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Dawn of the Golden Promise

Author: B. J. Hoff

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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In the fifth and concluding volume of her bestselling The Emerald Ballad Series, BJ Hoff brings the exciting Irish-American historical drama to a climax with all the passion and power readers have come to expect from her. The saga finds Morgan Fitzgerald adapting to life in a wheelchair as a result of an assailant's bullet to his spine. Meanwhile, his wife, Finola, must face the dark memories and guarded secrets of her past. In New York City, policeman Michael Burke is caught in a conflict between his faith and his determination to bring a dangerous enemy to justice. This unforgettable series began with the promise of an epic love story and an inspiring journey of faith. The finale delivers on that promise. About This Series: BJ Hoff's Emerald Ballad series was one of the most memorable series published in the 1990s. With combined sales of 300,000 copies, these beloved books found a place in the hearts of BJ's many fans. Now redesigned and freshly covered the saga is available again to a new generation of readers--and BJ's many new fans due to her highly successful Amish series, The Riverhaven Years--The Emerald Ballad series will once again find an enthusiastic audience.

Industrial Bulletin

Author: Colorado Fuel and Iron Company



Category: Cooperation


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The Golden Sword, book 7

Author: Marti Talbott

Publisher: MT Creations Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 214

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It was to Essen MacKinnon that the old man told the secret of the golden sword, but knowing it truly existed was one thing -- finding it was something else again. Patches MacGreagor’s biggest worry was Brevie’s warning that a man would marry her just to improve his chances of becoming the clan’s next laird. But then someone murdered Brevie. Who killed her and now, how would Patches ever know which man Brevie was talking about? ~ Loved by young adults and baby-boomers alike, this 30 book historical family saga follows a Scottish highlander clan from the Viking era, through the middle ages, into the 20th century. From the first love story to the last, we hope you too will enjoy these tales of courageous men, strong women, fierce clan wars, fun characters, and perilous struggles to survive.