The Girl on the Balcony

Olivia Hussey Finds Life after Romeo and Juliet

Author: Olivia Hussey

Publisher: Kensington Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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The 1960s starlet, immortalized on the silver screen as Juliet, tells her story in this celebrity biography—with a forward by director Franco Zeffirelli. In 1968, sixteen-year-old Olivia Hussey became one of the most famous faces in the world, immortalized as Juliet in Franco Zeffirelli's classic film Romeo & Juliet. For a simple girl from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the role was an opportunity of a lifetime. But for Olivia, the role of movie star wasn't so easy to play. In this candid memoir, Hussey tells her story from her time as an “It Girl” in swinging 60s London through her three tumultuous marriages—including one with Dean Martin's son, Dino. Over the years, she experienced motherhood, stage-four breast cancer, debilitating agoraphobia, bankruptcy, and ultimately, a journey of self-discovery in India that led her on a path to fulfillment. Hussey shares intimate memories of the legendary performers she knew, loved, worked with, and battled, including The Beatles, Vanessa Redgrave, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, Anthony Perkins, Christopher Reeve, Lawrence Olivier, Ingrid Bergman, and more. Olivia also opens up for the first time about the trauma of being raped by her boyfriend just a year after Romeo & Juliet came out.

The Girl on the Balcony

Author: Frances Hart

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction


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Love at first sight does not exist. Or so Matt Steele thinks, until he sees the girl on the balcony at the London premiere of his latest movie. Desperate to get to know her without his fame getting in the way, the Hollywood star assumes the name of the character he is due to play in a forthcoming movie. In this guise, he meets teacher Laura Marshall and they fall in love. It seems Matt's plan has worked. But Laura believes she is in love with an out of work actor called Jonathan Mann. What will happen when she discovers their love is based on a lie? More crucially, how will their fledgling romance survive when Matt has to return to the States without her? Especially when, through acombination of misfortune, misunderstanding and the malice of a distinctly fishy character, it seems as though the parting will be permanent. The narrative switches between London and the States as the protagonists learn from their mistakes. Was their love just a holiday romance or does it mean so much more?

Die Botschaft von Kambodscha / The Embassy of Cambodia

Deutsch-Englische Ausgabe

Author: Zadie Smith

Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch


Category: Fiction

Page: 128

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Nach ihrem großen Roman »London NW« legt Zadie Smith mit dieser brillanten Erzählung nach – ein literarischer Diamant! Jeden Montag beobachtet Fatou einen Federball, der hinter den hohen Mauern der Botschaft von Kambodscha hin und her fliegt – ein scheinbar unendlich andauerndes Match. Fatou ist auf dem Weg zum Schwimmbad, wo sie jeden Montagmorgen ihre Bahnen zieht. Neben den sonntäglichen Treffen mit Andrew Okonkwo, einem bibelfesten Studenten aus Nigeria, ist dies die einzige Stunde in der Woche, die ganz ihr gehört. Den Rest der Woche arbeitet Fatou als Haushälterin bei den Derawals, kauft ein, kocht, putzt und hütet die Kinder. Nein, eine Sklavin ist Fatou nicht. Hin und wieder wird sie geschlagen, und bezahlt wird sie für ihre Arbeit nicht, das Haus aber verlässt sie regelmäßig und ohne um Erlaubnis fragen zu müssen. Fatou ist stoisch, sie geht durchs Leben, wie sie ihre Bahnen im Schwimmbad zieht, und es scheint fast, als würde alles immer so weitergehen – bis Fatou einem der Kinder zufällig das Leben rettet und damit das eingespielte Gleichgewicht der Familie Derawal durcheinanderbringt.Mit »Die Botschaft von Kambodscha« stellt die großartige Zadie Smith einmal mehr unter Beweis, dass es manchmal nur weniger Worte bedarf, um eine große Geschichte zu erzählen. »Dieses prägnante Glanzstück zeigt einmal mehr, warum Zadie Smith im Alter von 38 Jahren zu den kenntnisreichsten, witzigsten, differenziertesten Beobachtern der post-kolonialen Landschaft zählt.« The Star

The Girl With Unshed Tears And Other Short Stories

Author: Surya Bala

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan


Category: Fiction

Page: 157

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One of the leading lights of Hindi literature for the last 40 years; Dr. Suryabala has left an indelible impression across stories; novels and humour/satire. Her works have been published by leading periodicals and magazines as also in novel form. Translations into various languages have found wide acclaim while a number of her stories and satires have been adapted and tele/broadcasted on radio and television. She has participated in; and Chaired; several national and international literary seminars organised by universities; Hindi academies and state governments. 5 novels; 15 story collections; 5 satire collections; one memoir published and very well received in the literary world. She has been honoured and awarded by several state governments and institutions including the Priyadarshini Puraskar by Maharashtra Government; the Maharashtra Hindi Academy Award; the Ratni Devi Goenka Award and the ‘Vyangya Sri’ award by the Hindi Bhavan Nyas.

Unvoiced Words

Author: Taniya Nanwani

Publisher: Unvoiced Heart


Category: Fiction

Page: 167

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The book 'UNVOICED WORDS' is based on the open theme where more than hundred writters from different corners of the world have placed their words with enlightning others and making them know the worth of themselves with their hidden words.Its compiled and edited by 'TANIYA NANWANI' This book will definitely empower you in ways more than you can imagine for we have worked well to bring and blend all emotions together very smoothly." Hope to get good reviews from the readers.

What's in a Balcony Scene? A Study on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and its Adaptations

Author: Hortensia Pârlog

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 140

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As reflected in its title, the central question that drives this book is “what’s in a balcony scene?”, particularly that which appears in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Exploring its representation in a number of adaptations of Shakespeare’s play, this volume shows that there are a number of fresh angles from which to look at this topic, which, in turn, provide unique insights into the balcony scene, As such, the book will appeal to anyone with an interest in Shakespeare, from researchers and students to the general reader.


Author: Angelo A. Grenci

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 392

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INABSENTIA is the real-life tale from one of Americas Most Wanted... and the first of its kind! Take a walk through the dangerous back-streets of Tijuana to pristine Cabo beaches -sail to the main-land, and schackle-step into a Mexican prison. Sell time-share with millionaires, do business in the drug trade with the most talked about criminals in the news today. INABSENTIA- puts the reader in the passenger's seat of scathing violence, fleeting love and shattered hope, illegal border crossings, mortal combat, and crooked officials, lies, conspiracy and desperation. To stay alive you too must. . .become non-existent INABSENTIA! Welcome.

Heart of the Scarab

Author: Roma Montgomery

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


Category: Fiction

Page: 170

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It was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for Judith and her two sisters. As the plane circled to land in Istanbul, Turkey, it was like looking at a fairytale come true. There it was, the beautiful Blue Mosque in all its glory, the museum's, and the world-famous Grand Bazaar with over four thousand shops. The sisters were so excited, that little notice was taken of the dark eyes that seemed to be hiding in the gorgeous setting or how a twist of fate would suddenly turn a quiet vacation into a danger zone and leave them in a fight for their lives. How could this have happened? The small boat moved silently, slicing through the warm water and humid night air. With impeccable planning, the heist had gone well and the stolen treasures were on board. Kamar silently studied the faces of his men as they whispered quietly one to another. Would they continue to fight for the Nobel cause or, in possession of such wealth, be tempted to betray him? As a cool breeze flowed across his face, he nodded to his true friend, Gursel, who immediately stood caressing the handle of his long-bladed knife, the gleaming clean metal bearing record of the blood of its victims. Suddenly everyone stiffened as faint sounds of another boat motor could be heard closing in. Kamar sensing betrayal, quickly reached for his gun.

Dark Rogue (Vampire Romance)

The Draculia Vampire Series, Book 1 (Historical Gothic Vampire Romance)

Author: Colleen Gleason

Publisher: AVID PRESS


Category: Fiction

Page: 319

View: 400

**previously published under the titles Lucifer’s Rogue and The Vampire Voss** “Count on Colleen Gleason for a scorching page-turner!” —Jeaniene Frost “Dark and decadent, sultry and seductive, Colleen Gleason’s sexy Draculia series will hold you in its thrall!” —Lara Adrian “In a world where every third title seems to be a vampire story, it’s a pleasure to come across a series that’s as unique as Colleen Gleason’s. Fresh, unique, sassy, and fun, Gleason’s Draculia trilogy is one of a kind…A must-have addition to the bookshelves of vamp enthusiasts everywhere.” —Maggie Shayne _____ 19th Century London Society: Viscounts, proper manners, balls, dance cards…and vampires. Even after centuries of lust, hedonism, and women, Voss, the Viscount Dewhurst, rarely finds himself bored. As a member of the Dracule, he is a rogue of the first order—a man who loves nothing more than a warm woman, excellent vintage, and even a puzzling challenge to keep his mind active. But when one of his seemingly harmless manipulations sets him on the path to seduce the beautiful Angelica Woodmore right from beneath her guardian’s nose, things become a little less simple…a lot more passionate…and definitely more complicated. And when the most evil vampire of the Dracule puts Angelica in his sights, Voss will have to risk everything to save her…and possibly his own soul. DRACULIA TRILOGY READING ORDER: Dark Rogue Dark Saint Dark Vixen