Autocad 2014 for Engineers Volume 1 (For Polytechnic Student)

Author: Sankar Prasad Dey

Publisher: Vikas Publishing House


Category: Technology & Engineering


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Learning to use a CAD system is compulsory for engineers and designers. It is necessary to begin with the basic alphabets of AutoCAD and learn how to use it correctly and effectively through continuous practice. CAD systems create designs using basic geometric entities and many constructions used in technical designs. Universities, engineering colleges, polytechnics and ITIs of our country have also modified their syllabi according to industry needs and have introduced 'AutoCAD' as an important sessional subject. As per AICTE guided syllabus for diploma level of engineering, AutoCAD 2D and 3D have been introduced in the subject 'Professional Practice-I' in 3rd semester and 'Professional Practice-II' in 4th semester in most of the branches (mechanical, civil, automobile, architecture, electrical, etc.).This book will be invaluable for the students of Professional Practice-I. SALIENT FEATURES • Use of the latest version of software AutoCAD 2014 • Easy for those using earlier version of AutoCAD in which ribbon concept was not included • Variety of worked-out examples as per AICTE recommended syllabus • Step-by-step command prompts • Detailed applications of each command with explanation • Examples for every topic • Command sequences given for every example for the beginner

Using and Administering Linux: Volume 1

Zero to SysAdmin: Getting Started

Author: David Both

Publisher: Apress


Category: Computers

Page: 629

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Become a Linux sysadmin and expert user of Linux, even with no previous Linux experience and learn to manage complex systems with ease. Volume 1 of this three volume training course introduces operating systems in general and Linux in particular. It briefly explores the The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins in preparation for the rest of the course. This book provides you with the tools necessary for mastering user management; installing, updating, and deleting software; and using command line tools to do performance tuning and basic problem determination. You'll begin by creating a virtual network and installing an instance of Fedora – a popular and powerful Linux distribution – on a VirtualBox VM that can be used for all of the experiments on an existing Windows or Linux computer. You’ll then move on to the basics of using the Xfce GUI desktop and the many tools Linux provides for working on the command line including virtual consoles, various terminal emulators, BASH, and other shells. Explore data streams and the Linux tools used to manipulate them, and learn about the Vim text editor, which is indispensable to advanced Linux users and system administrators, and be introduced to some other text editors. You’ll also see how to install software updates and new software, learn additional terminal emulators, and some advanced shell skills. Examine the sequence of events that take place as the computer boots and Linux starts up, configure your shell to personalize it in ways that can seriously enhance your command line efficiency, and delve into all things file and filesystems. What You Will Learn Install Fedora Linux and basic configuration of the Xfce desktopAccess the root user ID, and the care that must be taken when working as rootUse Bash and other shells in the Linux virtual consoles and terminal emulatorsCreate and modify system configuration files with Use the Vim text editorExplore administrative tools available to root that enable you to manage users, filesystems, processes, and basic network communicationsConfigure the boot and startup sequences Who This Book Is For Anyone who wants to learn Linux as an advanced user and system administrator at the command line while using the GUI desktop to leverage productivity.

The Show Me Series Boxed Set: Volume 1 (Books 1-3)

Author: Anne Stone

Publisher: TrustBuilder Services LLC


Category: Fiction


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The Show Me Series Boxed Set: Volume 1 (Books 1-3) Book 1: Life’s Second Chances: Angelina Samuels has lost the only job she’s ever held. A last minute interview lands her a new teaching job just days before the school year is about to begin. It turns out to be the best thing that could have happened when she realizes that her best friend from college, Gabriella Alvarez, is also a member of the teaching staff. Gabriella’s brother, Alejandro, relocates to his hometown after having lived away from family and friends since he left for college to become a renowned transplant surgeon. He’s settling into a new job, reacquainting himself with family and friends, and is learning to deal ever-so-slowly with the personal loss that forever changed his life. When Angelina’s sister experiences a health crisis, Alejandro is there to support her and her family. And when Angelina herself experiences a personal tragedy, Alejandro is the only one to guide her through it. As love stares down at them, can Angelina help Alejandro take that second chance on love and marriage? Book 2: Life’s Gateway to Happiness: Kelly Samuels is dedicated to her career and has received several promotions in her short tenure at Lattice Works. Kelly’s family is shocked when she returns home unemployed and without an explanation. Alec Alvarez, a pediatrician from a family full of doctors, is focused solely on his career. He’s declared his bachelor status for life and has no desire for love, marriage, or babies. When Alec finds Kelly stuck on the side of a snowy road, neither of them are prepared for the feelings they begin to have for one another. As Kelly and Alec grow closer, he wants to know why the once happy-go-lucky Kelly is hesitant to his touch, while Kelly just wants to find purpose to her life again. After Kelly tells two conflicting stories as to why she lost her job, Alec steps in to discover what truly happened. Can Kelly come to terms with what happened to her and move on with her life? And can Alec love enough to give-up his bachelorhood status for good? Book 3: Life’s Turned Upside Down: Gabriella Alvarez is the youngest of the Alvarez family. She’s watched her best friend marry her brother and another brother find love. Deep down, she’s looking for love, but she can’t quite shake the college sweetheart that broke her heart. Dr. Ashton Holder works for the famous Alvarez practice. He and Gabriella have always clashed—she continues to see him only has the rough-edged doctor with no bedside manner, but he’s really made strides to put this image behind him. When Gabriella discovers a secret from Ashton’s past, though, she does her best to help him uncover something that will change his life forever, but a misunderstanding between them rocks him to the core. When he finally uncovers the secret, he must learn to put his past aside and try and move on with a future willed with hope and dreams.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Inside Out Volume 1

Configuration, Storage, & Essentials

Author: William Stanek

Publisher: Microsoft Press


Category: Computers

Page: 848

View: 702

This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds for Windows Server 2012 R2 - with a focus on configuration, storage, and essential administrative tasks. Coverage includes: Deployment Boot configuration Administration Configuring roles, role services, and features Managing and troubleshooting hardware TPM and Bitlocker drive encryption Managing the registry Software and user account control administration Managing storage and file systems File sharing and security features Performance monitoring, analyzing, and tuning Backup and recovery

Surveying (Volume - 1)

Author: DR. K.R. ARORA

Publisher: Rajsons Publications Pvt. Ltd.


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 694

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★ABOUT THE BOOK: The basic aim of the seventeenth edition of Surveying, Volume-I, is the same as that of the earlier editions, namely, to present the fundamentals of the subject in a simplified manner and to illustrate the basic concepts in a simple and lucid language so that even a beginner can understand it. A large number of worked examples and figures have been given to illustrate the basic theories. The subject matter has been revised wherever necessary to make some of the basic concepts more clear and understandable. A few new problems and examples have been added. Some of the old figures have been replaced by new ones. Either colored plates of the surveying instruments have been added as an appendix. These plates and figures are useful for making the subject matter more illustrative. ★OUTSTANDING FEATURES: -E.D.M., Total Station & G.P.S. are included separately -All the text has been explained in a simple, lucid language -SI Units used in the entire book -This book will be useful for Degree/Diploma/A.M.I.E. students and equally useful to the field engineers and surveyors -Number of problems have been solved in details -Subject matter is supported by very good diagrams -Either colored plates of the surveying instruments have been added as an appendix. ★RECOMMENDATIONS: A textbook for all Engineering Branches, Competitive Examination, ICS, and AMIE Examinations ★ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. K.R. ARORA B.E. (Civil), M.E. (Hons), Ph.D (I.I.T. Delhi) Professor and former Head, Department of Civil Engineering, Engineering College, Kota (Rajasthan). ★BOOK DETAILS: ISBN : 978-81-89401-23-8 Pages: 690 + 16 Edition:17th, Year -2019 Size(cms): L-24.2 B-18.2 H-2.8 ★PUBLISHED BY: STANDARD BOOK HOUSE Since 1960 Unit of Rajsons Publications Pvt Ltd Regd Office: 4262/3A Ground Floor Ansari Road Daryaganj New Delhi-110002 +91 011 43551185/43551085/43751128/23250212 Retail Office : 1705-A Nai Sarak Delhi-110006 011 23265506 Website: A venture of Rajsons Group of Companies

Ducted Fan Design, Volume 1

Volume 1 - Propulsion Physics and Design of Fans and Long-Chord Ducts

Author: F. Marc de Piolenc

Publisher: Marc de Piolenc



Page: 180

View: 346

Presents a simplified method of designing ducted fans for light aircraft propulsion. Includes a survey of ducted-fan-powered aircraft, ranging from amateur-built airplanes to military models and prototypes. Detailed discussion of engines and list of suitable powerplants drawn from automobiles, ATVs and personal watercraft. Extensive technical bibliography and list of sources.

Handbook of Differential Geometry

Author: F.J.E. Dillen

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Mathematics

Page: 1053

View: 858

In the series of volumes which together will constitute the Handbook of Differential Geometry a rather complete survey of the field of differential geometry is given. The different chapters will both deal with the basic material of differential geometry and with research results (old and recent). All chapters are written by experts in the area and contain a large bibliography.

The Iliad of Homer, Volume 1

Translated by Alexander Pope

Author: Steven Shankman

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 626

View: 278

In his Preface to the Iliad, Alexander Pope declared that in his poetic invention Homer possessed "unequalled fire and rapture." Pope spent his formative years as a poet translating Homer, beginning with the Iliad, and in his translation he successfully found a style that answers the sublimity and grace of Homer. Steven Shankman provides scholarly critical apparatus for this Penguin English Poets edition, which is based on the 1743 edition that contains the poet’s final revisions. Pope’s Preface and the three indexes are also included. Most importantly, this edition makes available for the first time in paperback Pope’s notes in their entirety, enabling us to observe one poetic genius illuminate the work of another.

The Collected Poems of Anna Seward Volume 1

Author: Lisa L. Moore

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 312

View: 113

This critical edition of the poems of Anna Seward (1742-1809) re-establishes one of the most popular and prolific poets of the early Romantic period. Her work influenced Charllotte Smith and Mary Robinson and later both Wordsworth and Coleridge. Her reputation was so high that Sir Walter Scott edited the posthumous edition of her poems in 1810. Unlike Scott's, this edition reproduces the poems as they were first published in periodicals and collections during Seward's lifetime, allowing scholars to experience them as eighteenth century readers did. It also includes mire than 200 poems that were excluded from the Scott edition.

Endgame, Volume 1

The Problem of Civilization

Author: Derrick Jensen

Publisher: Seven Stories Press


Category: Science

Page: 518

View: 554

The long-awaited companion piece to Derrick Jensen's immensely popular and highly acclaimed works A Language Older Than Words and The Culture of Make Believe. Accepting the increasingly widespread belief that industrialized culture inevitably erodes the natural world, Endgame sets out to explore how this relationship impels us towards a revolutionary and as-yet undiscovered shift in strategy. Building on a series of simple but increasingly provocative premises, Jensen leaves us hoping for what may be inevitable: a return to agrarian communal life via the disintegration of civilization itself.