The Fear Cure

Author: Lissa Rankin, M.D.

Publisher: Hay House, Inc


Category: Self-Help

Page: 336

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Not many people in the medical world are talking about how being afraid can make us sick—but the truth is that fear, left untreated, becomes a serious risk factor for conditions from heart disease to diabetes to cancer. Now Lissa Rankin, M.D., explains why we need to heal ourselves from the fear that puts our health at risk and robs our lives of joy—and shows us how fear can ultimately cure us by opening our eyes to all that needs healing in our lives. Drawing on peer-reviewed studies and powerful true stories, The Fear Cure presents a breakthrough understanding of fear’s effects and charts a path back to wellness and wholeness on every level. We learn: • How a fearful thought translates into physiological changes that predispose us to illness • How to tell true fear (the kind that arises from a genuine threat) from false fear (which triggers stress responses that undermine health) • How to tune in to the voice of courage inside—our "Inner Pilot Light" • How to reshape our relationship to uncertainty so that it’s no longer something to dread, but a doorway to new possibilities • What our fears can teach us about who we really are At the intersection of science and spirituality, The Fear Cure identifies the Four Fearful Assumptions that lie at the root of all fears—from the sense that we’re alone in the universe to the belief that we can’t handle losing what we love—and shifts them into Four Courage-Cultivating Truths that pave our way to not only physical well-being, but profound awakening. Using exercises from a wide range of mind-body practices and spiritual traditions, Dr. Rankin teaches us how to map our own courage-cultivating journey, write a personalized Prescription for Courage, and step into a more authentic life.

The Fear Cure

In Four Miraculous Steps

Author: Teri Pickens

Publisher: Outskirts Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 168

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I can honestly say my life has changed after reading "The Fear Cure". Yes, being arrested has changed my life, but first and foremost I have found my spirituality. Finding your spirituality is like being born again; it is being born again; it is releasing the child that is inside you without sin, without fear. You are able to love, forgive, understand and to surrender because the innocence is there. My spirituality has revealed to me who I am and it's amazing. The grass is greener, the lights brighter, the sun is shining, the trees are taller, and the air is crisp. I have found my serenity. God, what a beautiful feeling. Thank you. -A. Colon-

The Cure of the Fear of Death

Author: Nicholas Byfield

Publisher: Puritan Publications


Category: Religion

Page: 119

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This work “The Cure of the Fear of Death” is an eminently practical work for every Christian young and old. It shows the course Christians may take to be delivered from various fears about death, which are found in the hearts of most of God’s children. Byfield covers how we may be freed from the fear of death through various considerations and cures, one way by meditation, the other by practice. He also covers seventeen privileges of a Christian in their death, and the objections men make about death, and the objections there answered. This is an exceedingly useful work that should not be missed. This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

Dead Set on Living

Making the Difficult but Beautiful Journey from F#*king Up to Waking Up

Author: Chris Grosso

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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Chris Grosso invites us to sit in on conversations with beloved luminaries and bestselling authors such as Ram Dass, Lissa Rankin, Noah Levine, Gabor Mate, and Sharon Salzberg to discover why people return to self-defeating behaviors—drugs, alcohol, unhealthy eating, sex, media—and how they can recover, heal, and thrive. In his recovery from drugs and alcohol, Chris Grosso has stumbled, staggered, and started all over again. In an effort to understand why he relapses, and why many of us return to the myriad of other self-defeating behaviors despite our better judgment, he went to bestselling authors, spiritual teachers, psychologists, doctors, and more, and asked them why we tend to repeat mistakes in our lives, even when we know these actions will harm us and the ones we love. In Dead Set on Living, Chris shares these intimate conversations and the practices that have taught him to be more loving, compassionate, and forgiving with himself as well as new meditation and healing techniques he learned through his journey. Unabashedly honest and inspiring, Dead Set on Living is essential reading for anyone seeking a path towards triumph over adversity, understanding the human condition, and rebuilding relationships after promises have been broken.

The Loneliness Cure

Author: Dianne A. Allen, MA

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 146

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Dianne Allen brilliantly attacks the loneliness monster that lurks inside. She goes straight for the cause then offers the direct cure for the issues that created your loneliness from the start. No more feeling lonely in a crowded room! If you have ever had even one lonely moment in your life, I guarantee you will see yourself in these pages and if you open to this wisdom, the cure awaits inside. -- Dr. Crystal F. Gifford Nationally known speaker Dianne A. Allen, MA takes her raw experience, education and information and establishes a strategy - a model- for transformation. As with Dianne's approach to living joyfully, the first step in curing loneliness is through daily consistent focused action. Not only does The Loneliness Cure provide the reader a 5 part visual Model for Transformation, but peppers its pages with exercises and a chart to help the reader realize personal solutions. This book teaches that connection is vital for joyful living, so too disconnection fuels loneliness. Loneliness, like contentment, affects all people. By applying the 5 part model, you can truly live a contented and joy filled life without the fear of loneliness. This book offers an active and vibrant way to become free from the causes and effects of loneliness. A contented and grateful life is attained by following the simple daily actions created to help motivate and inspire readers. Find what inspires you to be contented in life by reading The Loneliness Cure.


A Personal Journey Through the Science of Fear

Author: Eva Holland

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Psychology

Page: 288

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A personal story about not only facing but conquering fears. In 2015, Eva Holland was forced to confront her greatest fear when her mother had a stroke and suddenly passed away. After the shock and grief subsided, Holland began to examine the extent to which her many fears had limited her, and wondered whether or not it was possible to move past them. This sent Holland on a deep dive into the science of fear, digging into an array of universal and personal questions: Why do we feel fear? Where do phobias come from and how are they related to anxiety disorders and trauma? Can you really smell fear? (Yes.) What would it be like to feel no fear? Is there a cure for fear? Or, put differently, is there a better way to feel afraid? On her journey, Holland meets with scientists who are working to eliminate phobias with a single pill, she explores the lives of the few individuals who suffer from a rare disease that prevents them from ever feeling fear, and she immerses herself in her own fears including hurling herself out of a plane for her first skydive (and in the process, learns that there are right and wrong ways to face your fears). Fear is a universal human experience, and Nerve answers these questions in a refreshingly accessible way, offering readers an often personal, sometimes funny, and always rigorously researched journey through the science of facing our fears.

New Cyclopaedia of Prose Illustrations

Adapted to Christian Teaching; Embracing Mythology, Analogies, Legends, Parables, Emblems, Metaphors, Similes, Allegories, Proverbs; Classic, Historic, and Religious Anecdotes, Etc. First Series

Author: Elon Foster



Category: Literature

Page: 704

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The Anxiety Cure

Author: Archibald Hart

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Category: Self-Help

Page: 272

View: 602

Panic Anxiety is the number one mental health problem for women and second only to drug abuse among men. Synthetic tranquilizers can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety illnesses. However, in order to achieve lasting emotional tranquility, a significant lifestyle change must be made. The Anxiety Cure provides proven, natural strategies for overcoming panic disorder and finding an emotional balance in today's fast-paced world.

Facing Cancer and the Fear of Death

A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Treatment

Author: Norman Straker

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Medical

Page: 156

View: 239

In Facing Cancer and the Fear of Death: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Treatment, Dr. Norman Straker's psychoanalytic perspective on facing cancer and the fear of death brings into sharp focus the emotional conflicts of doctors, psychoanalysts, and all mental health professionals as they interface with dying patients and their families. Remedies are offered for lessening the emotional burden on those treating patients facing death. These remedies should decrease the number of futile treatments at the end of life, lessen the suffering of dying patients, give greater solace to surviving family members, and preserve our health care resources so they can be allocated more wisely.