The Falcon and the Little Dog

Author: Jean De La Fontaine





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ENAMOURED of the belle, his lands he sold; The family estates were turned to gold; And many who the purchases had made, With pelf accumulated by their trade, Assumed the airs of men of noble birth: -- Fair subjects oft for ridicule and mirth

Medieval Fabrications

Dress, Textiles, Clothwork, and Other Cultural Imaginings

Author: E. Burns

Publisher: Springer


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 279

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The varied cultural functions of dress, textiles, and clothwork are used in this collection of essays to examine long-standing assumptions about the Middle Ages. At one end of the spectrum, questions of dress call up feminist theoretical investigations into the body and subjectivity, while broadening those inquiries to include theories of masculinity and queer identity as well. At the other extreme, the production and distribution of textiles carries us into the domain of economic history and the study of material commodities, trade and cultural patterns of exchange within western Europe and between east and west. Contributors to this volume represent a broad array of disciplines currently involved in rethinking medieval culture in terms of the material world.



Author: Patrick Madden

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press


Category: Humor

Page: 186

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Patrick Madden’s unconventional essays aim to make readers laugh while considering such abstract subjects as happiness and memory, reflecting the current zeitgeist with a touch of cleverness, a dash of humor, and a little help from his friends.

The Falcon and the Lark

Author: Neville Peat

Publisher: Penguin Random House New Zealand Limited


Category: Travel

Page: 184

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Part memoir, part natural history, a journey through Central Otago and encounters with New Zealand's magnificent native falcon. An evocative seasonal journal in which the author explores his roots in the rock-and-tussock country of Central Otago. He uncovers all; that is curious and distinctive there, in a rich blend of autobiography folklore and natural history. Along the way he meets up with a mystical free spirit - the Lark - and together they strike up an engaging friendship. Woven throughout the narrative is an intimate portrait of New Zealan's native falcon, karearea, 'the wildest thing in our skies'. Whether soaring, gliding or attacking, our swiftest bird of prey is sovererign of our skies and yet little known and understood. Neville Peat is one of New Zealand's finest writers, and in this delightful book combines his skill as an essayist and natural historian and his instincts and breadth of knowledge as a conservationist.

Selected Works of Jean de La Fontaine

Author: Jean de La Fontaine

Publisher: Library of Alexandria




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ONCE more permit me, nuns, and this the last; I can’t resist, whatever may have passed, But must relate, what often I’ve been told; Your tales of convent pranks are seldom cold; They have a grace that no where else we find, And, somehow, better seem to please designed. Another then we’ll have, which three will make:— Three did I say?-‘tis four, or I mistake; Let’s count them well:-The GARD’NER first, we’ll name; Then comes the ABBESS, whose declining frame Required a youth, her malady to cure A story thought, perhaps, not over pure; And, as to SISTER JANE, who’d got a brat, I cannot fancy we should alter that. These are the whole, and four’s a number round; You’ll probably remark, ‘tis strange I’ve found Such pleasure in detailing convent scenes:— ‘Tis not my whim, but TASTE, that thither leans: And, if you’d kept your breviary in view, ‘Tis clear, you’d nothing had with this to do; We know, howe’er, ‘tis not your fondest care; So, quickly to our hist’ry let’s repair. A CHARMING youth would frequent visits pay, To nuns, whose convent near his dwelling lay; And, ‘mong the sisters, one his person saw, Who, by her eyes, would fain attention draw; Smiles she bestowed, and other complaisance, But not a single step would he advance; By old and young he greatly was admired; Sighs burst around, but none his bosom fired.

De Arte Venardi Cum Avibus

Being the De Arte Venandi Cum Avibus of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen

Author: Frederick II (Holy Roman Emperor)

Publisher: Stanford University Press


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 637

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De Arte Venandi cum Avibus was written shortly before the year 1250 by Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Sicily and Jerusalem, in whose court, with its remarkably cosmopolitan and highly intellectual life, may be found the real beginning of the Italian Renaissance. In spite of its title, it is far more than a dissertation on hunting. There is a lengthy introduction dealing with the anatomy of birds, an intensely interesting description of avian habits, and the excursions of migratory birds. Indeed, this ancient book has long been recognized as the first zoological treatise written in the critical spirit of modern science. The sumptuous volume now in hand is, however, the first translation into English of the complete text, originally divided into a prologue and size books. Together, the translators and editors, have at last made available this classic work and have adorned it with notes, comments, bibliographies, and glossary. They have produced a work of great value to zoologists--especially the ornithologist--and also to everyone interested in the history of science and in medieval art and letters.

A Harvest of Russian Children's Literature

Author: Miriam Morton

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Children's literature

Page: 474

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An anthology of favorite Russian poems, stories and folk tales for children, arranged in sections for three different age groups, and a collection of folklore.

Visual Engagements

Image Practices and Falconry

Author: Yannis Hadjinicolaou

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG


Category: Art

Page: 309

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What is the relation between image practices and the iconic power of flying and more specifically falconry? The book investigates for the first time this interaction by focussing on common intersections between culture and nature, vision and gaze, tactility and perception, perspective and surveillance, material and symbol. Also questions concerning political iconology, the migration of objects and images of human-animal interactions are addressed. With contributions by Baudouin van den Abeele, Horst Bredekamp, Robert Felfe, Peter Geimer, Yannis Hadjinicolaou, Christine Kleiter, Klaus Krüger, Tanja Michalsky, Andrea Pinotti, Herman Roodenburg, Monika Wagner, Gerhard Wolf and Frank Zöllner.

Binding Passions

Tales of Magic, Marriage, and Power at the End of the Renaissance

Author: Guido Ruggiero

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History

Page: 286

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Mining the rich Venetian archives, especially the unusually detailed records of Venice's own branch of the Roman Inquisition, Guido Ruggiero provides a strikingly new and provocative interpretation of the end of the Renaissance in Italy. In this boldly structured work, he develops five narrative accounts of individual encounters with the Inquisition that illustrate the double-edged metaphor of how passions were both bound by late Renaissance society and were seen in turn as binding people. In this way new perspectives are opened on magic, witchcraft, love, marriage, gender, and discipline at the level of the community and beyond. Witches, courtesans, prostitutes, women healers, nobles, Cardinals, and renegade priests and monks speak from these pages describing their lives, beliefs, hopes, fears, and lies. With an imaginative flair for storytelling and impeccable scholarship, Ruggiero exposes the rich complexity of the culture and poetics of the everyday at the end of the Renaissance and illuminates a previously unexplored chapter in Italian history.

Heathen Garb and Gear: Ritual Dress, Tools, and Art for the Practice of Germanic Heathenry

Author: Ben Waggoner




Page: 584

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Anyone who's ever wanted to wear Viking clothing, or serve authentic Viking feasts, will find plenty of practical tips here. But even if you're not interested in re-enacting the old ways, you'll find much vital information and inspiration for the practice of Heathenry as a living religious tradition.

Field & Stream





Page: 150

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FIELD & STREAM, America’s largest outdoor sports magazine, celebrates the outdoor experience with great stories, compelling photography, and sound advice while honoring the traditions hunters and fishermen have passed down for generations.

An Ancient History of Dogs: Spaniels Through the Ages

Author: M. Ed J. C. Judah



Category: Pets

Page: 332

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Discover the Historical Roots of All Dogs, History of the Hunt, Medieval Writings about Dogs, History of Field Trials, Dog Shows and Dog Associations, Spaniels Depicted in Artwork through the Ages, photographs of the English Springer Spaniels of today, and, Selected Pedigrees of Early English Springer Spaniels. Venture into the archeological evidence, modern DNA studies and the ancient descriptions of the masters, such as Plato, Aristotle and Pliny, as they wrote about ancient dogs. Settle back and enjoy the stories of dog heroism through the ages and meet some "real-life" working springers of today. Included is a guide to the early English and American pedigrees of the English Springer Spaniels during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Meet the ancestors of today's spaniels. Enjoy over 180 pictures of dogs and spaniels from cave etchings to show dogs. Come sit a bit and take the time to learn more about your most trusted family companion and best friend, the spaniel.

The Life of a Puppy

Author: Owen Keller




Page: 76

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Owen Keller's first novel takes a young puppy on an adventure through several continents with new friends and family along the way.

The Falcon and the Owl

An Ann Kinnear Suspense Novel

Author: Matty Dalrymple

Publisher: William Kingsfield Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 346

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A small plane crashes in the Pennsylvania Wilds, and only Ann Kinnear has the ability to discover the force that brought it down. Will the secret the victims carried die with them, or come back to haunt her? Ann Kinnear is indulging her love of aviation by working toward her pilot’s license at Avondale Airport—and protecting her privacy by discouraging the attentions of a filmmaker intent on documenting her spirit-sensing abilities. Little does she know that a fiery plane crash in the Pennsylvania Wilds will embroil her in a race to track down a contract on which two rivals are banking their futures. And when airshow pilot Gwen Burridge launches a smear campaign against Ann, she is even more determined to uncover the truth. Ann travels to the crash site and learns what brought the plane down—but it’s only part of the story. Will Ann land safely, or be the latest victim of a secret someone is willing to kill to keep? Find out now in Book 3 of the Ann Kinnear Suspense Novels! 'Tis unnatural, Even like the deed that's done. On Tuesday last, A falcon, towering in her pride of place, Was by a mousing owl hawk'd at and kill'd. — William Shakespeare, "Macbeth"

Medieval Art from Private Collections

A Special Exhibition at The Cloisters, 3O Oct. 1968 - 5 Jan. 1969

Author: Carmen Gómez-Moreno

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art



Page: 220

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The Silver Falcon

Author: Evelyn Anthony

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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A widow attempts to fulfill her dead husband’s last request—to enter his prize horse in the Derby—and plunges into a deadly world of blackmail, revenge, and murder Less than a year after arriving at his sprawling ancestral estate as his secretary, Isabel Cunningham marries the much-older Charles Schriber. But now Charles is gravely ill, and before he dies, he asks one last thing of his wife. Determined to honor her husband’s deathbed wish, Isabel makes preparations to train the magnificent Silver Falcon to win the Epsom Derby. But someone doesn’t want Isabel to succeed. When she almost drowns in an accident, suspicion immediately falls on Richard Schriber, Isabel’s handsome, troubled stepson, who was estranged from his father for a decade and blames him for his mother’s tragic suicide. As the Derby approaches and the violence escalates—a vicious attack on a stable boy is followed by two brutal murders—Isabel must confront a shattering truth about her deceased husband and the man who now ignites a dangerous desire in her. Is Richard the lover she can trust with her life? Or a homicidal maniac just waiting for the right moment to strike?

Chinese Fairy Tales and Legends

A Gift Edition of 73 Enchanting Chinese Folk Stories and Fairy Tales

Author: Frederick H. Martens

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 804

Fearless heroes, feisty princesses, sly magicians, terrifying dragons, talking foxes and miniature dogs. They all feature in this enthralling compendium of Chinese fairy tales and legends, along with an array of equally colourful characters and captivating plots. Although largely unknown in the West, the 70-plus stories in this volume are just as beguiling as the more familiar Grimms' Fairy Tales or Arabian Nights. They were collected in the early 20th century by Richard Wilhelm and first translated into English by Frederick H Martens. This beautifully produced revised and edited new edition includes updated notes which not only provide background on the tales, but also offer a fascinating insight into ancient Chinese folk lore and culture. These are stories to return to time and time again. From awesome adventures to quirky allegories, from the exploits of the gods to fables about beggars who outwit their betters, Chinese Fairy Tales and Legends is extraordinarily diverse and endlessly engaging. These wonderful stories have enduring and universal appeal, and will intrigue both children and adults.