Tale of the Evenings

Author: Moyeen Serneabat

Publisher: Moyeen Serneabat


Category: Poetry

Page: 139

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All your Empty Spaces are empty, hollow and empty, and you are not there. Your occupied spaces are filled with stuff like Ruth, like Apathy, Sympathy, Illusion and Love and Cynicism and Care and Love and Dreams, Birds, Trees, Forests etc. I thought you would be there, but there I couldn't find you. I looked for you in the crowd and crowdie spaces are full with crowd and unknown unfamiliar Faces, Faces with multi-colors dabbed onto them, everyone there seemed to amuse everyone else, and I know, you are unlikely to be there, so I left. Then I flew to the skies and beyond the skies to look for you, like one sky full with clouds, that you always wanted to be there among the clouds or into that world, the world at least where you meant to live, the world beyond the vicinity of this solar system, where times can not reach and sorrows can not enter, but you are not even there, So where are you .......? I am here, I am here, inside of the Evening of this book, I am here smiling, crying, laughing, singing, Playing, doing daily chores, eating, sleeping Composing dreams and painting life in blue Here, inside of this book, I am breathing I am living, just like you ....................

Shouting in the Evenings

50 Years on the Stage

Author: James Hayes

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 200

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In 1963, a young man from Limerick takes his £25 savings and journeys to London to become an actor. To pay his way through drama school he works as a security guard, serves drinks to Miss World contestants at the Lyceum Theatre. And, while still a student, is picked to play a small role in Andorra in the inaugural season of the National Theatre.

The Evenings

A Winter's Tale

Author: Gerard Reve

Publisher: Pushkin Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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THE FIRST ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF A POSTWAR MASTERPIECE 'I work in an office. I take cards out of a file. Once I have taken them out, I put them back in again. That is it.' Twenty-three-year-old Frits - office worker, daydreamer, teller of inappropriate jokes - finds life absurd and inexplicable. He lives with his parents, who drive him mad. He has terrible, disturbing dreams of death and destruction. Sometimes he talks to a toy rabbit. This is the story of ten evenings in Frits's life at the end of December, as he drinks, smokes, sees friends, aimlessly wanders the gloomy city street and tries to make sense of the minutes, hours and days that stretch before him. Darkly funny and mesmerising, The Evenings takes the tiny, quotidian triumphs and heartbreaks of our everyday lives and turns them into a work of brilliant wit and profound beauty. From the Hardcover edition.


Or, The Evenings of Southill

Author: Nicholas Salmon



Category: English language


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The Evenings and the Mornings

Author: Ilya Sapozhnikov




Page: 98

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This book is an attempt to ask the universal questions related to the human condition in the dynamic of life: the parting from the loved ones, the irreversible changes brought about by aging perceived mainly by the bystanders, the consoling power of the memories of childhood, the never-withering desire to be understood and loved, the fears and the hopes for the better tomorrow, the firm belief that everything that happens to someone is not accidental. These questions come to everybody but asked loudly, with the hope to reach the souls of the readers by the author of this book. The answers to these eternal questions are always open.