Defeat The Enemy Within

Free Yourself Of The Inner Shadows That Sabotage And Cripple Your Life

Author: Charles William Skillas

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 308

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He's hunted Soviet submarines, walked the corridors of power in Washington, helped create government agencies, and has done business in foreign capitals. Now, Dr. Charles Skillas applies the same technology principles to unmask the real sources and causes of subconscious sabotage, where the terms defense, intelligence, and foreign attachment take on very different meanings. Using his own life and healing as an example, Dr. Skillas deftly transfers his defense technology background to his new career of clearing the submerged minefields of the psyche. Defeat The Enemy Within shows you * how to find help to finally resolve long standing problems that have resisted solution * why traditional therapy doesn't usually work for long term solutions * what you must do for permanent change Dr. Skillas draws on his defense industry background and 23 years experience as a hypnotherapist to blend traditional hypnotherapy, past life regression, spirit attachment, Chinese herbal and energetic medicine, and the underlying wisdom of diverse world cultures to banish the inner shadows that keep you in misery.

The Enemy Within

A Novel

Author: Nalini Warriar

Publisher: TSAR Publications


Category: Fiction

Page: 293

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story, Rob begins to face the aftermath of his and Henry's arrest for loving

The Enemy Within

Author: Steve Jacobs

Publisher: Heinemann


Category: Fiction

Page: 185

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Set in South Africa in the early 1990s, against a backdrop of de Klerk's rise to power, Steve Jacobs tells the story of Jeremy Spielman, a Jewish junior barrister, and his defense of a Xhosa man accused of murder.

The Enemy Within

Saving America from the Liberal Assault on Our Churches, Schools, and Military

Author: Michael Savage

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Category: Political Science

Page: 278

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America's bravest, brashest voice is back?as ferocious and cutting as ever. "Where has six decades of radical, mad-dog liberalism brought us?" Savage asks in his electrifying new book. "I'll tell you where: America is teetering on the cliffs of insanity." Written with the fire, the conviction, and the clear vision of a modern-day prophet, Savage returns with a vengeance in this lightning rod of a book, speaking for all Americans who are fed up and ticked off at the corrosive influence of today's "psycho liberals"?the Democrats, as he calls them. "They're speeding down the pathway of good intentions. Their mantra: Celebrate perversity, embrace ultra-tolerance, pay rape-a-nations (so-called reparations), support affirmative racism, and provide government subsidies for every illegal who sneaks across the border. In their haste to push failed socialist ideals, the libs have placed us on a crash course of total destruction." Even while the heated controversy of his New York Times bestseller, The Savage Nation, still simmers, Michael Savage raises his weapons of matchless wit and moxie again, this time aiming his sights on the liberal assault on our most cherished institutions and taking a stand for our schools, our faith, our police and armed forces, and, most important, our families. It isn't always pretty. You might even at times become uncomfortable. But as you read on, you'll find these pages always contain the Savage truth. That is how to fight the Enemy Within. Filled with riotous rage and blistering humor, this book inspires as it enflames, encouraging Americans to reclaim our country, our government, our national integrity.

The Enemy Within

Terror, Lies, and the Whitewashing of Omar Khadr

Author: Ezra Levant

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart


Category: Political Science

Page: 264

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A controversial look at the headline-making story of the last Western prisoner at Guantanamo Bay and the larger implications to national security, justice, and international relations. Omar Khadr is the last Western prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre. He has been held at the American naval base since October 2002, accused of killing a U.S. sergeant in Afghanistan. Khadr was fifteen at the time. His defence team argued that their client was a child soldier and should be treated as a victim. After several years of procedural wrangling, Khadr went before a U.S. military court. In October, he pled guilty, in an agreement that allows him to be transferred to Canada after one year. This controversial new book will be published to coincide with Omar Khadr's return to Canada in late 2011. It will include shocking information about the Khadr family, Khadr's psychological assessment, and his trial that has often been ignored in the mainstream media. Challenging the conventional wisdom about the Khadr case, The Enemy Within is a provocative look at the definition of "child soldier," life at Guantanamo Bay, the media coverage of the case, a tainted plea bargain, and the Canadian government's plan for Omar Khadr's rehabilitation upon his return to Canada. In this hard-hitting book, Ezra Levant also uses Khadr's story to address larger questions about how Canadians view immigration, terrorism, law and justice, and Canada's relationship with the United States. From the Hardcover edition.

The Enemy Within

Author: robert firth



Category: Philosophy

Page: 193

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For the very worst kind of liberals, they long ago, beginning with guys like Bertram Russell, Woodrow Wilson and the Fabian Society, understood that the greatest flaw in democracy was the one man one vote concept and, if they could corrupt this system, they could hugely benefit and, in the process, gain enormous power and riches. It is this second kind of scoundrel we have to thank for the terrible situation we in America find ourselves in today. We will show, step by bloody step, how these miserable creatures have crippled our lovely, free and once great country- how they originated, hatched and engineered nefarious plots to bring us down and themselves up. We will show, with no chance of the guilty escaping our scrutiny, who these swine are and how they did what they have done. Once you have read and comprehended the contents of this book, your view of liberals, progressives, democrats, socialists, communists and fellow travelers will never again be the same. You will hate them with every fiber of your being! You will fight them at every turn, to the death, if that is what it will take. Robert J. Firth January 2011

The Enemy Within

Encountering and Conquering the Dark Side

Author: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Publisher: Summit University Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 229

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The encounter with the enemy within is inevitable for all those who would advance on the spiritual path. It is known in esoteric literature as the dweller-on-the-threshold. This title helps to learn how to unmask the not-self and fulfill your highest potential.

The Enemy Within

The Secret War Against the Miners

Author: Seumas Milne

Publisher: Verso


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 439

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A new edition on the 20th anniversary of the miners' strike.

The Enemy Within

Author: Gregory A. Helle

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Psychology

Page: 208

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Why would you want to read this book? There are several reasons. First of all, it is my hope that victims of all types of traumas, whether war-related or not, can find some comfort in these pages. If you are a victim of PTSD, you need to know that there is hope for a better quality of life. That is one of the core messages in this book. There is no cure for PTSD, but through medications and counseling, it is possible to exercise more control over the illness. But you must take the first step and be your own best advocate. You will hear me say this more than once. If you do not advocate for your own needs, it is unlikely that you will achieve your goals. I hope that some of the information in these pages will guide PTSD victims to seek the help they need. I feel this book also has much to offer those who don't suffer from PTSD. It is the story of how a normal eighteen-year-old farm boy from a small town in Iowa went to war and, over thirty years later - at the age of fifty-two - became totally disabled with PTSD. It is my hope that this will help the public understand not only Vietnam vets, but also vets from all wars, as well as victims of other traumas such as I mentioned above. There are so many fears that hold PTSD victims back from seeking help or even admitting to themselves that they need help. Even though all those around them can see the changes in the victim, it is hard for the victim to admit a problem. They see themselves as having some kind of mental illness. Victims are often paranoid and worry about what others are thinking or saying about them, even those people who have no inkling that there is a problem. Sometimes, it can seem to the victim that everyone knows there is something wrong, and that everyone is talking about him or her. The public must become aware of the disease and offer compassion rather than rebuke. Vietnam vets in particular have been a source of fear in the general public. The media has exacerbated this situation by its frequent portrayal of the vet as an imbalanced, rage-filled time bomb, just waiting for the circumstances that will set him off. Perhaps this has made for some "entertaining" movies, but it has also kept many veterans from seeking the help they needed, lest they find themselves branded with this ugliest of cliches. Even if the victim knows there is a problem, it is so difficult to ask for help, especially from a government that loaths to acknowledge the existence - much less, the debilitating nature - of this disorder. It should come as no surprise, then, that many victims do not want anyone to know about their "weakness." Very simply, it is time to end the silence and the shame. I realize that parts of this book will be difficult for the public to read. Reading a true account is not at all the same as watching violence on TV or at the movies. In these situations, the dead are not really dead and the cast is not really experiencing the events being portrayed. It is much more difficult when the dead stay dead, bodies are permanently mutilated, and the effects of the war will stay forever with those who experienced them. . The violence presented in modern entertainment should be taken as it is intended (though sometimes the level of violence in our "entertainment" is disturbing). True violence should be taken very seriously because it can happen to any one of us - at war or at home. Where a particularly violent movie can leave one unsettled for a day or so, actually living through a violent situation can produce a nightmare that lasts a lifetime. I do not intend for this book to be political, nor do I want it to be an attack on the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). However, I do believe that the policies enacted by the government have played a significant part in weaving the intricate web of my life. Nor do I intend this to be a self-help book.

The Enemy Within

Confronting Your Challenges in the 21st Century

Author: Abraham J. Twerski

Publisher: Mesorah Publications


Category: Jewish ethics

Page: 246

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Though we are usually unaware of it, the lines of spiritual battle are drawn early in life and persist till our last day. In this intriguing book, the renowned Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M. D. delineates how the tactics of the yetzer hara