The Emperor's Pearl

A Judge Dee Mystery

Author: Robert van Gulik

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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It all begins on the night of the Poo-yang dragonboat races in 699 A.D.: a drummer in the leading boat collapses, and the body of a beautiful young woman turns up in a deserted country mansion. There, Judge Dee—tribunal magistrate, inquisitor, and public avenger—steps in to investigate the murders and return order to the Tang Dynasty. In The Emperor’s Pearl, the judge discovers that these two deaths are connected by an ancient tragedy involving a near-legendary treasure stolen from the Imperial Harem one hundred years earlier. The terrifying figure of the White Lady, a river goddess enshrined on a bloodstained altar, looms in the background of the investigation. Clues are few and elusive, but under the expert hand of Robert van Gulik, this mythic jigsaw puzzle assembles itself into a taut mystery. “If you have not yet discovered Judge Dee and his faithful Sgt. Hoong, I envy you that initial pleasure which comes from the discovery of a great detective story. For the magistrate of Poo-yang belongs in that select group of fictional detectives headed by the renowned Sherlock Holmes.”—Robert Kirsch, Los Angeles Times “The title of this book and the book itself have much in common. Each is a jewel, a rare and precious find.”—Atlanta Times

The Emperor's Pearl

A Chinese Detective Story

Author: Robert Hans van Gulik



Category: China

Page: 150

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Between Incompetence and Culpability

Assessing the Diplomacy of Japan's Foreign Ministry from Pearl Harbor to Potsdam

Author: Seishirō Sugihara

Publisher: University Press of America


Category: History

Page: 227

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This study of the Pearl Harbor attack clarifies the debate in two important ways: first, it definitively exposes who delayed Japan's notice of war to the United States, a serious blunder which stigmatized Japan for launching a premeditated "sneak attack", and second, it examines how the Foreign Ministry has dealt with this blunder from the immediate postwar period to the present. Sugihara's aim in both instances is to reevaluate just how costly this error by the Foreign Ministry has been for Japan, and to show how its cover-up and mishandling have distorted postwar Japanese diplomacy.Sugihara demonstrates how the protracted cover-up of the bungled war notice to the United States has severely distorted the way Japan understands its recent past. Deeply concerned with the Ministry's continuing lack of apology to the United States (and the Japanese public) for causing the "sneak attack", he presents its misguided handling of several war-related issues, such as its role in the portrayal of the Nanking Incident in high school textbooks, and its treatment of ministerial visits to Yasukuni Shrine. While due credit is given for the Ministry's overdue attempt in November 1994 to address this shameful episode, the author suggests future directions for Japanese diplomacy and delivers a strong moral message about diplomacy and justice.Significantly, Sugihara's is the only extensive analysis in English that exploits newly-declassified documents concerning the suppressed 1946 internal Foreign Ministry investigation of the blunder. Under mounting public pressure, the Ministry in November 1994 made these materials public, and they reveal for the first time precisely when Ministry officials determined whose negligence had caused the delay at Japan's Washington embassy. Critically, the author shows that the ultimate blame for the drawn-out concealment of these documents lies with former prime minister Shigeru Yoshida, whose shameless protection of Katsuzo Okumura and Sadao Iguchi, the embassy officials responsible for

Russian Games

Author: Bruce Savage

Publisher: Booktango


Category: Fiction


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The Wolf is at the door! The once mighty and evil Soviet Empire is gone...or so we had hoped so. A secret group of hard line Communist known as The Committee lurk in the shadows of the new Russian Federation hatching a plot that will destroy the United States and rebuild the Soviet Empire. Russian FSB Agent Dimitri Naumovski must team up with his America CIA counterpart to stop a nuclear war that will destroy the world.

Judge Dee at Work

Eight Chinese Detective Stories

Author: Robert van Gulik

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 184

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The eight short stories in Judge Dee at Work cover a decade during which the judge served in four different provinces of the T’ang Empire. From the suspected treason of a general in the Chinese army to the murder of a lonely poet in his garden pavilion, the cases here are among the most memorable in the Judge Dee series.


Including The Amateur Cracksman, The Black Mask, A Thief in the Night, Mr. Justice Raffles, Mrs. Raffles, R. Holmes & Co., and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Author: E. W. Hornung

Publisher: Musaicum Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 1001

View: 438

This unique edition of carefully collected mystery & adventure classics has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. THE ORIGINAL SERIES by E. W. HORNUNG The Amateur Cracksman The Ides of March A Costume Piece Gentlemen and Players Le Premier Pas Wilful Murder . . . The Black Mask; or Raffles: Further Adventures No Sinecure A Jubilee Present The Fate of Faustina The Last Laugh To Catch a Thief . . . A Thief in the Night Out of Paradise The Chest of Silver The Rest Cure The Criminologists' Club The Field of Philippi . . . Mr. Justice Raffles (Novel) THE SEQUELS TO THE ORIGINAL SERIES by JOHN KENDRICK BANGS Mrs. Raffles The Adventure of the Herald Personal The Adventure of the Newport Villa The Adventure of Mrs. Gaster's Maid The Pearl Rope of Mrs. Gushington-andrews . . . R. Holmes and Co. Introducing Mr. Raffles Holmes The Adventure of The Dorrington Ruby Seal The Adventure of Mrs. Burlingame's Diamond Stomacher The Adventure of The Missing Pendants . . . THE INSPIRATION TO THE ORIGINAL SERIES by SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes A Scandal in Bohemia The Red-Headed League A Case of Identity The Boscombe Valley Mystery The Five Orange Pips The Man with the Twisted Lip ... E. W. Hornung (1866–1921) was an English author and poet and also brother-in-law to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Hornung is known for writing the A. J. Raffles series about a gentleman thief based on a deliberate inversion of the Sherlock Holmes series. Hornung dedicated his creation as a form of flattery to Doyle. John Kendrick Bangs (1862–1922) was an American author, editor and satirist. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859–1930) was a British writer and physician, most noted for creating the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson which is generally considered milestones in the field of crime fiction.

The Emperor's Codes

Bletchley Park's role in breaking Japan's secret cyphers

Author: Michael Smith

Publisher: Biteback Publishing


Category: Political Science

Page: 368

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The extraordinary wartime exploits of the British codebreakers based at Bletchley Park continue to fascinate and amaze. In The Emperor's Codes Michael Smith tells the story of how Japan's wartime codes were broken, and the consequences for the Second World War. He describes how the Japanese ciphers were broken and the effect on the lives of the codebreakers themselves. Using material from recently declassified British files, privileged access to Australian secret official histories and interviews with British, American and Australian codebreakers, this is the first full account of the critical role played by Bletchley Park and its main outposts around the world.


America's Fightingest Ship and the Men Who Helped Win World War II

Author: Barrett Tillman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: History

Page: 320

View: 602

This is the epic and heroic story of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and of the courageous men who fought and died on her from Pearl Harbor to the end of the conflict. Acclaimed military historian Barrett Tillman recounts the World War II exploits of America’s most decorated warship and its colorful crews— tales of unmatched daring and heroism.

Representing History in Chinese Media

The TV Drama Zou Xiang Gonghe (Towards the Republic)

Author: Gotelind Müller

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster


Category: History

Page: 210

View: 804

Historical TV dramas are a highly popular genre in the People's Republic of China and an important, contested factor in shaping historical consciousness of the populace. The monumental TV drama Zou xiang gonghe made a stir when aired by China Central Television in the spring of 2003. Because of its unconventional representation of the historically critical time-span 1890-1917, the TV drama sparked a heated discussion in the print media as well as in the internet, and was ultimately taken off the program. This book aims at presenting a synopsis of the TV drama, analysing its background and impact on society.

The Emperor's Clothes

Megatrends Affecting Your Financial and Investment Decisions

Author: Ryan Darwish

Publisher: Ryan Darwish


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 250

View: 549

There is little dispute that the economy of the United States has many difficult future challenges. The astronomical budget deficits require massive and growing indebtedness to fund. The loss of competitive advantage of many key industries in the United States has lead to a hemorrhaging of dollars to countries such as China, India, and the oil producing countries. An aging population, poorly prepared for their retirement years, with declining health will lead to increasing claims on our Federal entitlement system. Corruption, ethical malfeasance, and engagement in an endless war against a poorly defined enemy promises to continue draining the productive economic, emotional, and psychological resources of the United States. At the same time, the United States remains dependent for its energy supplies on countries and regions which do not look favorably upon the United States. Consideration of the implications of these circumstances upon one's personal financial and investment decisions is crucial. This book provides a framework, and guidance, for thinking about the risks and opportunities in this economic and investment climate.