Siti the Elephant

Author: Rossiti Aishah Rashidi

Publisher: Oyez!Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Siti the Elephant is a beautifully illustrated book in realistic style that brings the story right into the reader's heart. Siti is one of the three elephants currently residing in Zoo Negara. Before that she lived free in the wild. But as human beings take over more and more land space, wild animals like Siti the elephant are losing their homes. This book contains many facts about elephants, their way of life and why they are endangered. This is followed by a short story of the five blind men and the elephant. Truly a valuable and informative book to keep and cherish.

The Eye of the Elephant

An Epic Adventure in the African Wilderness

Author: Delia Owens

Publisher: HMH


Category: Nature

Page: 320

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The authors of Secrets of the Sahara battle the elephant poachers of Zambia in this “exciting . . . part adventure story, part wildlife tale” (The Boston Globe). Intelligent, majestic, and loyal, with lifespans matching our own, elephants are among the greatest of the wonders gracing the African wilds. Yet, in the 1970s and 1980s, about a thousand of these captivating creatures were slaughtered in Zambia each year, killed for their valuable ivory tusks. When biologists Mark and Delia Owens, residing in Africa to study lions, found themselves in the middle of a poaching fray, they took the only side they morally could: that of the elephants. The Eye of the Elephant recounts the Owens’ struggle to save these innocent animals from decimation, a journey not only to supply the natives with ways of supporting their villages, but also to cultivate support around the globe for the protection of elephants. Filled with daring exploits among disgruntled hunters, arduous labor on the African plains, and vivid depictions of various wildlife, this remarkable tale is at once an adventure story, a travelogue, a preservationist call to action, and a fascinating examination of both human and animal nature.

Year of the Elephant

A Moroccan Woman’s Journey Toward Independence

Author: Laylá Abū Zayd

Publisher: University of Texas Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 103

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In this moving fictional treatment of a Muslim woman's life, a personal and family crisis impells the heroine to reexamine traditional cultural attitudes toward women. Cast out and divorced by her husband, she finds herself in a strange new world. Both obstacles and support systems change as she actively participates in the struggle for Moroccan independence from France. This feminist novel is a literary statement in a modern realist style. Many novels by women of the Middle East that have been translated reflect Western views, values, and education. By contrast, Year of the Elephant is uniquely Moroccan and emerges from North African Islamic culture itself. Its subtle juxtaposition of past and present, of immediate thought and triggered memory, reflects the heroine's interior conflict between tradition and modern demands. The title refers to a famous battle described in the Koran.

The Fate of the Elephant

Author: Douglas H. Chadwick

Publisher: Sierra Club Books for Children


Category: Science

Page: 492

View: 223

Through visits to India, Siberia, Botswana, Thailand, Kenya, and even an American zoo the author examines the pivotal role the elephant plays in balancing the ecosystems, and how it has been brought close to extinction

The Elephant

Author: Jenni Desmond




Page: 48

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From Africa to Asia, the elephant makes its home. Light on their feet, despite their great weight, these magnificent creatures appear light and graceful because they're always walking on their tip-toes. They have excellent hearing and can detect the rumblings of other elephants from six miles away. And, just like humans being right handed or left handed, elephants can be right tusked or left tusked!

Eddy the Elephant

Author: Nader Barbari

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 32

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Eddy the Elephant is a large careless Elephant. He always seems to get into trouble but his time, he is up to his trunk in trouble. Eddy gets his trunk stuck and his friends try to help him get loose, but, Lenny the mouse is too small to help, Lance the lion is trying to be helpful but is always hungry, and Jay the bird is smart but does he have what it takes to help Eddy this time.

The Six Blind Men and the Elephant

Author: Clare Boucher

Publisher: Nelson Thornes


Category: Children's stories

Page: 24

View: 744

The Six Blind Men and the Elephant is part of the Maths Together series, an early numeracy programme for parents and children to share. The set contains six picture books to introduce children, simply and enjoyably, to basic mathematical ideas. In addition, each book has its own support notes.