The Dog Fence

A Journey Across the Heart of Australia

Author: James Woodford

Publisher: Text Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 260

View: 802

An extraordinary and absorbing book about travel, history and one of the loneliest environments in the world.

The Laws Protecting Animals and Ecosystems

Author: Paul A. Rees

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Nature

Page: 528

View: 484

"The aim of this book is to produce an introductory text on the laws regulating the treatment of farm and companion animals, and those which protect wildlife and ecosystems"--

Not Every Dog Has His Day

The Treatment of Dogs in Australia

Author: Jane Duckworth

Publisher: Axiom Creative Enterprises


Category: Animal welfare

Page: 334

View: 400

Provides a balanced view on the many issues relating to the treatment and care of Australian dogs.


Biology of the Largest Marsupials

Author: Terence J. Dawson

Publisher: Cornell University Press


Category: Nature

Page: 162

View: 338

In this, the only up-to-date accessible and scientifically based book on Australia's principal icon, internationally known kangaroo researcher Terry Dawson gets to the heart of what makes these animals special. He shows how many features of their biology, such as their reproductive patterns, social structure and locomotor characteristics, confer great advantages in their adaptations to Australia's harsh climate and demanding environment. Besides covering widely the biology, ecology and behaviour of the ten different types of kangaroos, Professor Dawson compares European and Aboriginal cultural attitudes towards them. He explores such issues as hunting habits, conservation, kangaroos as agricultural pests, the economics of kangaroo ranching and the use of their products.

Inside of a Dog

What Dogs See, Smell, and Know

Author: Alexandra Horowitz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Pets

Page: 368

View: 398

As an unabashed dog lover, Alexandra Horowitz is naturally curious about what her dog thinks and what she knows. As a cognitive scientist she is intent on understanding the minds of animals who cannot say what they know or feel. This is a fresh look at the world of dogs -- from the dog's point of view. The book introduces the reader to the science of the dog -- their perceptual and cognitive Abilities -- and uses that introduction to draw a picture of what it might be like to bea dog. It answers questions no other dog book can -- such as: What is a dog's sense of time? Does she miss me? Want friends? Know when she's been bad? Horowitz's journey, and the insights she uncovered from studying her own dog, Pumpernickel, allowed her to understand her dog better, and appreciate her more through that understanding. The reader will be able to do the same with their own dog. This is not another dog training book. Instead, Inside of a Dogwill allow dog owners to look at their pets' behaviour in a different, and revealing light, enabling them to understand their dogs and enjoy their relationship even more.

Your Dog is Watching You

A Writer Finds Out about Dog Psychology the Hard Way

Author: Jim Heath

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub


Category: Pets

Page: 140

View: 348

The author was walking his little dog on a leash when it was attacked by a loose German Shepherd. How could he protect his dog if it happened again? He tried this, he tried that. Things only got worse. The answer came from a lucky contact with a dog psychologist. Her solution may make you laugh. But it worked. And the author learned more than just how to protect his dog. He finally learned what dogs are about. Includes a rare interview with a top dog-psychologist and trainer. Find out the easy way to prevent dog fights, how to stop your dog yanking on the leash, how to get your dog to understand what stop barking means, and why certain kinds of dog training never work.

How to Take Care of a Dog

Information about Dogs. Everything That Matters

Author: John Davies

Publisher: John Davies



Page: 64

View: 903

Do you own a dog? If so How to take care of a dog will give you the Information about dogs that you need. Dental care for dogs tips, puppy training and feeding are all included within a step by step guide. Everything is here to show you how to care for a dog and be able to bond with them over a happy and long life.

What Philosophy Can Tell You about Your Dog

Author: Steven D. Hales

Publisher: Open Court


Category: Philosophy

Page: 288

View: 100

Do dogs live in the same world as humans? Is it wrong to think dogs have personalities and emotions? What are dogs thinking and what’s the nature of canine wisdom? This is a book for thoughtful dog-lovers who want to explore the deeper issues raised by dogs and their relationships with humans. Twenty philosophers and dog-lovers reveal their experiences with dogs and give their insights on dog-related themes of metaphysics and ethics.

Ortho's All about Fences and Gates

Author: Martin Miller

Publisher: Ortho Books


Category: House & Home

Page: 96

View: 674

Offers advice on choosing the ideal style. Describes techniques for all phases of planning and construction. Includes dozens of proven designs.