Cumulative Book Index

A World List of Books in the English Language 1943-1948 : Supplementing the United States Catalog





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Whitaker's Cumulative Book List

A Classified List of Publications...together with an Index to Authors and Titles




Category: English literature


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A Cumulative Index to the Grammar and Syntax of Biblical Hebrew


Publisher: Eisenbrauns


Category: Bible

Page: 338

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Beginning with Genesis and moving verse by verse through the entire Hebrew Bible, Putnam indexes the citations found in each major reference grammar to provide a wonderful time-saving tool for exegetes. Works indexed: Bauer & Leander, Historische Grammatik der hebräischen Sprache des Alten Testamentes; Beer, ed. by Meyer, Hebräische Grammatik; Bergsträsser, Hebräische Grammatik; Brockelmann, Hebräische Syntax; Davidson, Hebrew Syntax; Gibson, Davidson's Introductory Hebrew Grammar: Syntax; Kautzsch, ed. Cowley, Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar; Jenni, Lehrbuch der hebräischen Sprache des Alten Testaments; Joüon, translated and edited by Muraoka, Grammar of Biblical Hebrew; Richter, Grundlagen einer althebräischen Grammatik; Rosenthal, Grammar of Biblical Aramaic; Schneider, Grammatik des biblischen Hebräisch: Lehrbuch; Waltke & O'Connor, Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax; Williams, Hebrew Syntax: An Outline.

Cumulative Index of Hospital Literature

Author: Library of the American Hospital Association, Asa S. Bacon Memorial



Category: Hospitals


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Cumulative indexes to

Author: Zdenek Sesták

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

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Cumulative Index to Kierkegaard's Writings

The Works of Søren Kierkegaard

Author: Howard V. Hong

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 560

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The final volume of Princeton's Kierkegaard's Writings series, the Cumulative Index provides wide-ranging navigation to the preceding twenty-five volumes. Composed of over 90,000 entries, the Cumulative Index offers access to Kierkegaard's complex authorship and the extraordinary range of subjects he addressed in his writing. Covering the series' historical introductions, primary works, supplementary material (journal entries), and footnotes, the Cumulative Index provides a comprehensive entryway to more than 11,000 pages of text. Readers are able to survey via extended entries Kierkegaard's dual authorship, pseudonymous and signed; his numerous biblical allusions; his references to Christianity, God, and love; and his frequent use of analogies. A cumulative collation of the extensive supplementary material is also included, giving researchers and avid readers the opportunity to cross-reference Kierkegaard's Writings with his journals and papers published elsewhere in both English and Danish.

Index of NLM Serial Titles

Author: National Library of Medicine (U.S.)



Category: Medicine


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A keyword listing of serial titles currently received by the National Library of Medicine.

Fashion and Costume in American Popular Culture

A Reference Guide

Author: Valerie Burnham Oliver

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

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Provides a convenient and unique look at fashion and costume literature and how it has developed historically. Discusses subjects from jeans to wedding dresses.