The Conflict and Communication Activity Book

30 High-impact Training Exercises for Adult Learners

Author: Bill Withers

Publisher: Amacom Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 283

View: 588

The Conflict and Communication Activity Book offers 30 ready-to-use exercises trainers can use to help workshop participants communicate more effectively and create positive outcomes from conflict situations.

Making It Work

A Workbook on Conflict and Communication for Adult Literacy Learners

Author: Anne Moore



Category: Conflict management

Page: 180

View: 990

Conflict and Communication

A Guide Through the Labyrinth of Conflict Management

Author: Daniel Shapiro

Publisher: IDEA


Category: Education

Page: 296

View: 728

Annotation "Conflict and Communication offers educators a practical curriculum on conflict management that helps students understand the nature of conflict and learn the skills that will enable them to deal with conflicts in their lives. The book is divided into two parts: Conflict Management and Student Mediation." "Conflict Management contains 60 hands-on activities that help students understand how personal values are formed, how misperceptions and misunderstandings arise and affect relationships, and how they can communicate effectively. The activities explain the roots and consequences of conflict, offer specific strategies for dealing with conflict, and help students discover basic human rights and their connection to conflict."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

50 Activities for Conflict Resolution

Author: Jonamay Lambert

Publisher: Human Resource Development


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 300

View: 230

This collection of activities, self-assessments, and exercises is especially useful as a resource to introduce the issue of conflict and its resolution as a part of workshops on management, leadership, communication, negotiation and diversity. The book is fully reproducible and flexibly organized in two sections. Part One includes twenty-five interactive group learning activities to explore conflict and provide practice in skills that help to resolve it. Part Two consists of twenty-five individualized exercises and assessments that are ideal for pre-work prior to group training sessions, or they can be distributed to participants for their own self-development. All of the activities and assessments are reproducible and include participant materials and notes for the instructor Selected Contents Part One: Group Workshop Activities: Two Responses to Conflict: Fight or Flight; How Can We Both Win? A Quick Demonstration; Individual Conflict Styles: A Zoological Approach; Approaches to Conflict: Role Play Demonstration; When Conflict Creates Stress, Don't Just Stand There...; Introduction to Listening: A Self Inventory; Red Flags; Benefits and Barriers: Exploring Third Party Intervention; Mismatched? Are You Reading the Non-Verbal Cues?; Constructive or Destructive Conflict: Lessons to be Learned; Gaining a Different Perspective; Assumptions: Who Needs 'Em?; Portrait of a Peacemaker; What Kind of Question is That?; Third-Party Mediation; Formulating Clear Agreements Part Two: Individualized Exercises and Assessments: Self-Assessment in Dealing with Differences; Analyzing A Conflict: Is It Worth Getting Into?; In the Heat of the Moment; How to Deal with Hot Buttons; Resolving a Conflict through Planning; Mediation: Test Your Knowledge; First Thoughts About Others: Perception IQ Quiz; Uncovering the Hidden Agenda; Your Turn: A Non-Judgmental Exercise; Supportive Listening: What's Your Score?; Escalate vs. Acknowledge: The Choice is Yours; Eight Different Points of View

The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games: Quick, Effective Activities to Improve Communication, Trust and Collaboration

Author: Mary Scannell

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 213

Make workplace conflict resolution a game that EVERYBODY wins! Recent studies show that typical managers devote more than a quarter of their time to resolving coworker disputes. The Big Book of Conflict-Resolution Games offers a wealth of activities and exercises for groups of any size that let you manage your business (instead of managing personalities). Part of the acclaimed, bestselling Big Books series, this guide offers step-by-step directions and customizable tools that empower you to heal rifts arising from ineffective communication, cultural/personality clashes, and other specific problem areas—before they affect your organization's bottom line. Let The Big Book of Conflict-Resolution Games help you to: Build trust Foster morale Improve processes Overcome diversity issues And more Dozens of physical and verbal activities help create a safe environment for teams to explore several common forms of conflict—and their resolution. Inexpensive, easy-to-implement, and proved effective at Fortune 500 corporations and mom-and-pop businesses alike, the exercises in The Big Book of Conflict-Resolution Games delivers everything you need to make your workplace more efficient, effective, and engaged.

Creative Conflict Resolution

More Than 200 Activities for Keeping Peace in the Classroom

Author: William J. Kreidler

Publisher: Good Year Books


Category: Education

Page: 216

View: 621

Educational resource for teachers, parents and kids!

Communication in Marriage Workbook

Exercises to Resolve Conflict and Improve Your Relationship

Author: Emelie Blank

Publisher: Rockridge Press



Page: 198

View: 109

Strengthen communication skills and gain a deeper connection--a marriage workbook for couples Communication is the key to any successful relationship. But sometimes, creating an open line can be challenging. Communication in Marriage Workbook gives you the tools you need to build more effective communication patterns with your partner to navigate common conflicts in a positive and supportive way. From open-ended discussion prompts to quick quizzes, this complete communication in marriage workbook for couples can show you how to use simple, actionable exercises to improve your marriage by working together or separately to work through issues. Get on the path to breaking barriers and building a more honest, open, and authentic relationship through compromise and clear communication. Inside the Communication in Marriage Workbook, you'll find: Accessible to all--Couples of all kinds are welcome, including newlyweds, couples who have been married for a while, and married couples with kids. Inclusive approach--This communication in marriage workbook is gender nonbinary and open to all couples in the LGBTQIA+ community, varying socioeconomic backgrounds, and ages. Simple exercises--These activities can be completed individually or worked on together. Communicate better and make your bond stronger with this communication in marriage workbook.

From Identity-Based Conflict to Identity-Based Cooperation

The ARIA Approach in Theory and Practice

Author: Jay Rothman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Psychology

Page: 212

View: 999

Through proper engagement, identity-based conflict enhances and develops identity as a vehicle to promote creative collaboration between individuals, the groups they constitute and the systems they forge. This handbook describes the specific model that has been developed as well as various approaches and applications to identity-conflict used throughout the world.

Conflicts in Culture

Strategies to Understand and Resolve the Issues

Author: Sandra Harris

Publisher: R&L Education


Category: Education

Page: 112

View: 236

In this book the authors discuss the relationship between culture and conflict and provide a continuum to better understand the basis for much cultural conflict. Authors emphasize a systematic framework that can be used to guide the practitioner in resolving conflicts rooted in cultural issues – from less difficult issues such as the cultural conflicts that occur on a campus between academic cultures and athletic cultures, to the more complicated and delicate issues rooted in racial or sexual identity issues.

Teaching Conflict Resolution Through Children's Literature

Author: William J. Kreidler

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.


Category: Education

Page: 112

View: 946

Lesson plans for teachers of grades K-2 explain conflict and its causes, offer examples from literature, and suggest activities for resolving hypothetical conflicts

Communication and Conflict

Italian Diplomacy in the Early Renaissance, 1350-1520

Author: Isabella Lazzarini

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: History

Page: 326

View: 546

This is the first overall study of diplomacy in Early Renaissance Italy since Garrett Mattingly's pioneering work in 1955. It offers an innovative approach to the theme of Renaissance diplomacy, sidestepping the classic dichotomy between medieval and early modern, and re-considering the whole diplomatic process without reducing it to the 'grand narrative' of the birth of resident embassies. Communication and Conflict situates and explains the growth ofdiplomatic activity from a series of perspectives - political and institutional, cognitive and linguistic, material and spatial - and thus offers a highly sophisticated and persuasive account of causation,change, and impact in respect of a major political and cultural form.

The Art Activity Book for Relational Work

100 illustrated therapeutic worksheets to use with individuals, couples and families

Author: Jennifer Guest

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Category: Psychology

Page: 128

View: 590

Explore and promote positive relationships with these 100 ready-to-use illustrated worksheets and activities. Based on systemic theory, psychodynamic theory and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles, the activities are a creative approach to starting therapeutic conversations and engaging clients in their search for solutions. The photocopiable worksheets encourage clients to express their feelings through drawing, painting and writing. They are structured around four key areas: sense of self; partner relationships; family dynamics; and improving communication and conflict resolution. Activities include explanations of how and why they help to address specific relational issues. Suitable for use by professionals working with individuals, couples or families in therapeutic situations, The Art Activity Book for Relational Work will help clients to resolve relational issues and strengthen bonds.

Managing Conflict Through Communication

Author: Dudley D. Cahn

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 319

View: 143

Muscle is built with weights, food, rest and sweat. All bodybuilders create their bodies with these four elements... in the beginning. But there comes a time when the muscle gains slow down. This is when they need to increase their body's anabolic, or muscle-building, capacity. This book is about increasing the body's anabolic capacity.

More Love Less Conflict

A Communication Playbook for Couples

Author: Jonathan Robinson

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.


Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

View: 536

A practical guide “brimming with wonderful ideas and methods that can help any couple experience a deeper, more profound connection” (John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus). More Love Less Conflict teaches readers how to communicate effectively and get more out of love. Whether debating with your parents, trying to convince your boss, or romancing your significant other, the importance of communication skills in your day-to-day life is undeniable. Through the strategies outlined in this essential guide, you can become a better listener, practice open communication, and be capable of handling almost any situation with confidence and compassion. As psychotherapist and bestselling author Jonathan Robinson explains, communication is, like love, something to work on and get better at through conscious practice. Robinson introduces ways for couples to build a foundation of love and connection, engage in crucial conversations, understand unique needs, spot a partner’s triggers, overcome communication barriers—and clear the path for love, fun, and affection.

Skills Training in Communication and Related Topics: Dealing with conflict and change

Author: Ellen J. Belzer

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing


Category: Medical

Page: 307

View: 485

With packed curricula in most health care training institutions, and hectic schedules in practices and administrative offices, time for teaching vital communication and interpersonal skills is often at a premium. This book is designed to equip trainees with the skills needed to deal effectively with conflict, difficult behaviours and other complex situations, employing a learning by doing' approach for effective and engaging learning. It has been designed for practice leaders, hospital leaders and public health professionals helping health care professionals upgrade their skills, and especially for faculty members who teach students and residents. It contains over 100 exercises designed for use in a variety of training situations, and which take into consideration the often limited training time available for non-clinical topics. Exercises range in length from minutes to over an hour, whilst a selection grid allows trainers and educators to select the right exercises to cover topics in the available time.

The Social Skills Handbook

Practical Activities for Social Communication

Author: Sue Hutchings

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 176

View: 947

Now in a revised second edition, this book offers practical guidance for setting up and running social skills sessions. Based on well-established therapeutic principles, this is a flexible, easy-to-use resource suitable for practitioners and professionals working in a range of settings. An overview of social communication theory and the principles of groupwork forms a solid foundation for the session and activity guidance, structured so that the sessions progress from basic skills such as ‘Eye Contact’ and ‘Empathy’ to more complex skills such as ‘Problem Solving’ and ‘Making Friends’. Features of the book include: • Practical and theoretical information for session facilitators • Over 70 versatile, easy-to-follow activity suggestions designed to suit all ages and levels of social ability • An attractive visual layout that includes colour coded sections, tables and illustrations • Brand new activities focused on ‘Dealing with Conflict’ and social communication ‘In the Workplace’. With ever increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with some form of social difficulty, this book will be an essential resource for anybody working within health and social care, education and the community looking to teach and develop social confidence and communication skills.

Communication Workshop

Author: Bruce Elder

Publisher: Macmillan Education AU


Category: Business communication

Page: 105

View: 187

Selection of chapters from Bruce Elder's text 'Communication Skills' which has been written primarily for students studying the National Communication Skills Project modules in TAFE. Provides an overview of the basic elements of communication and covers three main communication topics - negotiation skills, dealing with conflict and client interaction. Practical exercises given throughout the text. The author is a teacher of English and communication skills at Illawarra Institute of Technology.

The Leadership Training Activity Book

50 Exercises for Building Effective Leaders

Author: Lois Borland Hart

Publisher: Amacom Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 313

View: 353

Gives trainers information they need to teach and apply leadership competencies participants need. Featuring adaptable exercises on a range of leadership topics, this collection of activities is an all-in-one resource for trainers seeking to prepare leaders.

Nonviolent Communication Companion Workbook, 2nd Edition

A Practical Guide for Individual, Group, or Classroom Study

Author: Lucy Leu

Publisher: PuddleDancer Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 275

View: 237

The complementary workbook to Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, which has sold more than 2,000,000 copies Learning the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process has often been equated with learning a whole new way of thinking and speaking. The NVC Companion Workbook helps you easily put these powerful, effective skills into practice with chapter-by-chapter study of Marshall Rosenberg's cornerstone text, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. Find a wealth of activities, exercises, and facilitator suggestions to refine and practice this powerful way of communicating. Join the hundreds of thousands worldwide who have improved their relationships and their lives with this simple yet revolutionary process. Included in the new edition is a complete chapter on conflict resolution and mediation.

Couples Therapy Workbook

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Couples and Families, Conflict Resolution Through Relationship Communication Practice

Author: David Filipe




Page: 109

View: 370

Have you ever wondered if there was any way to bring the spark back into your relationship? Have you tried all sorts of books, but found them to be sadly lacking? Are you frustrated because you're in a relationship that's dying a seemingly inevitable death? Or do you feel like you've got a good relationship, but it should be a lot better than it is? Are you unable to really put a finger on just what is missing from your relationship? Do you find it incredibly difficult to understand the way the opposite sex thinks? Does this disconnect cause you problem after problem, and land you in argument after argument? Then read on. Have you noticed that you feel a longing in you to connect with your partner on a deeper level, but there's some kind of wall between you two? Maybe you have tried every single trick in the book, and yet you're constantly rebuffed. Do you feel like no matter what you say or do to show your partner that you love them, it just backfired constantly? Are you desperate to get things back to where they were between you two? Or are you perhaps dying to take your relationship to new heights that you feel in your soul are possible> Then you had better keep reading this. As a man or a woman in a relationship, there is nothing you want more than to have both you and your partner sharing in the joy of being together. You're both explorers, having the adventure of a lifetime on this wonderful, little blue dot. But what happens when you and your partner are unable to truly communicate with each other, or connect with each other on very intimate levels? How do you fix that? Is it even fixable, or just the beginning of the inevitable end? You don't have to worry about that anymore, because you've picked the right book! Here's what you'll learn from the Couples Therapy Workbook ● How each of the sexes communicate. ● The different ways in which people can love and be loved. ● How to effectively deepen the friendship and understanding between you both with a series of immersive exercises. ● The value of consistently feeding your relationship. ● The secrets to effective communication, and so much more! So, are you ready to put the flame back in your love life? Are you ready to move beyond what you know to extraordinary love? Then click the buy button, NOW.