The Complete Uxbridge English Dictionary

I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue

Author: Graeme Garden

Publisher: Random House


Category: Humor

Page: 320

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Do words fail you? Never again, once you've become the proud owner of The Complete Uxbridge English Dictionary. Every word has a meaning, but over the years those meanings change. Dip into these helpfully illustrated pages and you'll find many of the words you use every day without ever realising that their up-to-date definition is something entirely different. Words like 'bunny' (rather like a bun), or 'cherish' (rather like a chair), 'Cardiology' (the study of knitwear) or 'buggery' (the study of insects), 'Venezuala' (a gondola with a harpoon) or 'Norway' (a Geordie exclamation of surprise), 'ivy' (the Roman for "four") or 'faculty' (cockney for "there's no more PG Tips"). Thanks to The Complete Uxbridge English Dictionary you can now use familiar, everyday words in total confidence, fully appraised of their latest meanings. Happy wording!

Quote, Double Quote

Aesthetics between High and Popular Culture

Author: Paul Ferstl

Publisher: Rodopi


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 248

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The boundary between ‘high’ culture and ‘popular’ culture is neither hermetic nor stable. A wide-spread mechanism of a reception strongly influenced by structuralism and post-modernism has led to the amplification and acceleration of cultural production between these two poles. Relying on a decidedly theoretical approach, this volume offers a broad perspective transgressing linguistic, cultural, temporal, and media borders. Reflections and perspectives on the relationship between ‘high’ and ‘popular’ culture are the subject of the thirteen articles collected here. Side by side with theoretical approaches, case studies covering classical and Heavy Metal music, TV series and pornographic films, zombies and ‘Creature Features’, philosophically infused comics and popular lexicography, professional wrestling and hypertext literature pave the way to a contemporary aesthetics.

I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue

The Best of Forty Years

Author: Barry Cryer

Publisher: Random House


Category: English wit and humor

Page: 288

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Know your Mornington Crescent from your Cheddar Gorge? Are you partial to a bad-tempered clavier? Would you like some unhelpful travel advice? Featuring the very best moments from a forty-year history of broadcasting, Stephen Fry introduces this indispensable companion to I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, the Radio 4 comedy series which attracts millions of listeners each week. Featuring hilarious excerpts from the show's favourite games including: The Uxbridge English Dictionary, Famous First Words, the Trail of the Lonesome Pun and Late Arrivals as well as much much more, this book is essential for Clue fans young and old. For those new to Clue, there's a Beginner's Guide on how to play Mornington Crescent and numerous games which are fun and easy to play at home and guaranteed to entertain.

A complete and universal English Dictionary

including not only an explanation of difficult words and technical terms in all faculties and professions ... To which are added, a chronological series of remarkable events ...

Author: James Barclay




Page: 972

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