In the Company of Friends

Dreamwork Within a Sufi Group

Author: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Publisher: The Golden Sufi Center


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 185

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The work of The Golden Sufi Center is to make available the teachings of the Sufi path. Weaving together dreams and spiritual stories, this "wise, rich, deeply moving, and significant book" (Andrew Harvey) explores the inner journey and the group's role in facilitating it.

In the Company of Friends

Exploring Faith and Understanding with Buddhists and Christians

Author: John Ross Carter

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Religion

Page: 348

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In this work of Buddhist-Christian reflection, John Ross Carter explores two basic aspects of human religiousness: faith and the activity of understanding. Carter's perspective is unique, putting people and their experiences at the center of inquiry into religiousness. His model and method grows out of friendship, challenging the so-called objective approach to the study of religion that privileges patterns, concepts, and abstraction.

The Pursuit of God in the Company of Friends

Author: Richard C. Lamb, Jr.

Publisher: InterVarsity Press


Category: Religion


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You were not meant to walk alone. Many of us struggle to forge deep relationships with God and other people. Modern society has isolated us as rugged individuals, deceiving us into thinking we can make it through life on our own. Individualism has likewise shaped the pattern of Christian discipleship, privatizing faith and separating us from fellow believers. But we come to know God best when others help us on the way. And our friendships develop best when we seek after God together. What would it look like to pursue God not by ourselves but in the company of friends? According to the model of the New Testament, spiritual transformation takes place in the context of Christian community. By unpacking the Gospel narratives of Jesus' ministry with his disciples, Richard Lamb demonstrates how discipleship develops within the shared community life of groups of Christians. He explores a range of topics--such as spiritual friendship, hospitality, leadership, service, conflict, forgiveness and mission--in light of Christian community. Engaging stories from real-life experience show how people can form one another spiritually when their lives are tumbled against one another. If you long for more of God, deeper friendships or both, this book will help you on the journey. Discover the transforming power of discipleship in community. Join the pursuit of God in the company of friends.

Becoming God's Beloved in the Company of Friends

A Spirituality of the Fourth Gospel

Author: Mary Margaret Pazdan

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 134

View: 292

Becoming God's Beloved in the Company of Friends offers a fresh perspective and invites persons to develop a personal and communal Christian spirituality. It offers a way to deepen commitment to live as a disciple of Jesus personally and with others. It bridges the gap between a first-century biblical text and twenty-first-century readers who hunger for genuine spirituality today. Each chapter focuses on a few stories and a few teachings to illustrate a particular characteristic of becoming a disciple.

In the Company of Friends

A Collection of Entertaining Recipes from Natchez Homes

Author: Friends of the Library, Judge George W. Armstrong Library (Natchez, Miss.)



Category: Cooking, American

Page: 122

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In the Company of Friends

Author: Roger Michael Banks

Publisher: Independently Published


Category: Fiction

Page: 244

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When a man has a son, his role becomes mentor, teacher, counselor, buddy, and protector. A son is who is mother makes him yet he often mimics what he has seen displayed by his father. How he carries himself, how he interacts with other members of the family, his mom and, and other siblings if any. The bond between the two is often so strong they almost seem inseparable. What happens when the vision the father has always dreamed for his to be just like him is no longer a reality. When the son makes a choice to be something his father has never imagined, nor ever thought possible for a son. Especially the son of a strong Black and proud Army man. As the protector, the head of the house, the man who pays the bills there are just some things that you will not allow! As a father only would he must take charge to correct, erase and ensure that his sons life continues to move in the right direction. It is his duty, his responsibility, his job as a father to secure a positive future for his son no matter what it may cost, or what lengths he has to go through to achieve it.

The Company of Friends

A Story of Crime and Corruption in Politics

Author: Tony Manera

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 330

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Amid political gridlock in Washington, Elizabeth Stone, a visionary federal judge is elected president. She realizes significant achievements by working with both major political parties. Then she is assassinated. There are no clues, suspects or apparent motive. Is this the perfect murder? Determined to see that justice is done, FBI agent George Baker penetrates the twisted sub-culture of the underworld, breaking through the wall of silence that shields the perpetrator of such a heinous crime. The killer is charged, convicted and sentenced to death. But the question of motive remains unanswered. Did he act alone, or was he hired by someone? Further investigation establishes linkages between the president's assassin, several corrupt politicians and The Company of Friends, a mysterious group with no scruples about how they pursue their interests. Are they involved, and if so, how? The reader is taken through the seamy side of American politics, exposing how money can buy influence, breeding corruption and subverting the democratic process. The multi-layered structure designed to insulate the masterminds behind this house of corruption is brought down by the relentless efforts of the FBI and its law enforcement partners. What makes the narrative so compelling is its sheer audacity and scope. Issues ranging from the economy, the environment, corruption in business and politics, to Qu�bec secessionists, create a sense of the complexity of the world lived at the presidential level. The plot is engrossing, dramatic and suspenseful.

The Company of Others

Stories of Belonging

Author: Sandra Shields

Publisher: arsenal pulp press


Category: Medical

Page: 184

View: 714

In the next decade, six million North American families will be caring for someone with a disability. But other disabled people are not so lucky, left to live in isolation and without support in an era of federal and state cutbacks. This extraordinary book is about the transforming power of family and community on “vulnerable” individuals—the mentally challenged, the mentally ill, the elderly—and how these efforts enrich us as a society. The book tells the stories, interwoven with photographs, of five such people, who are surrounded by social “circles—friends and family whose respect, encouragement, and unconditional love give them a sense of purpose and belonging. Featuring beautiful duotone photographs, the stories told here are profoundly inspiring, giving hope to anyone who, because of age, health, or disability, has been excluded from having a full and meaningful life. Co-produced with PLAN (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network).