The College Football Bibliography


Publisher: Greenwood


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The most comprehensive bibliography of college football, its development, and its players ever published.

A History of College Football in South Carolina

Glory on the Gridiron

Author: Fritz P. Hamer

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: Travel

Page: 160

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The Medicos, the Purple Hurricane, the Seceders- all South Carolina football mascots that long ago drifted into history. From as early as 1889, college football began to take hold of South Carolina. The fans of the state's first intercollegiate game could hardly have foreseen how it would steadily grow from a competition between amateurs into tightly organized teams with well-paid coaches and demanding alumni, all with a passionate desire to win. This volume goes beyond Clemson and Carolina to trace the history of college teams from all over the state, including Wofford, Furman, SC State, Presbyterian College, Erskine, Claflin, The Citadel, MUSC, the College of Charleston, Newberry College, Benedict College and Allen University. Join museum curator Fritz Hamer and longtime South Carolina high school football coach John Daye as they celebrate the state's most notable coaches, players and rivalries, as well as the many unsung heroes who have helped to make the sport a statewide obsession.

The History of American College Football

Institutional Policy, Culture, and Reform

Author: Christian K. Anderson

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 228

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This volume provides unique insight into how American colleges and universities have been significantly impacted and shaped by college football, and considers how U.S. sports culture more generally has intersected with broader institutional and educational issues. By documenting events from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries including protests, legal battles, and policy reforms which were centred around college sports, this distinctive volume illustrates how football has catalyzed broader controversies and progress relating to race and diversity, commercialization, corruption, and reform in higher education. Relying foremost on primary archival material, chapters illustrate the continued cultural, social, and economic themes and impacts of college athletics on U.S. higher education and campus life today. This text will benefit researchers, graduate students, and academics in the fields of higher education, as well as the history of education and sport more broadly. Those interested in the sociology of education and the politics of sport will also enjoy this volume.

Shaping College Football

The Transformation of an American Sport, 1919-1930

Author: Raymond Schmidt

Publisher: Syracuse University Press


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 316

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Shaping College Football is the story of the intercollegiate gridiron sport in the years immediately after World War I when the game underwent major changes that transformed it into one of America's major sporting attractions and a commercial entity that would be recognizable to any twenty-first century fan. Raymond Schmidt examines the many factors that were a part of college football's reshaping in the 1920s as the universities became dependent upon the revenue being generated by football, and the sport increasingly became identified as a commercialized, big business activity; all of it being played out against a backdrop of struggle between the academic and athletic factions over control of intercollegiate sport's place in the lives of the students and the university community. This is the most detailed examination ever undertaken of college football's "Golden Era," and the topics discussed range from the shift of power away from the game's pioneering schools, through the real evolution of forward passing, to stadium building and the decade-long struggle over the game's growing over-emphasis that culminated in the legendary Carnegie Report of 1929. Including chapters on college football's class-oriented opposition to professional football during the decade, the rise of the sport at the Catholic colleges and the historically Black colleges, and some of the major scandals and disputes involving the universities, Shaping College Football also contributes to the study of sport and culture

The Unanimous Champions of College Football, 1869-2019

Author: Robert J. Reid

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 336

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In the 150 years of college football history, the national championship has been decided by unanimous vote only 33 times. This book analyzes the various methods of selecting these champions and what made the teams special. Drawing on archives and early published works, a firsthand description of the 1869 inaugural game between Princeton and Rutgers is provided, along with details of how these earliest teams were managed. The contributions and innovations of Walter Camp, the "Father of Football," are explored, as is the evolution of the game itself. Each unanimous season since the turn of the 20th century--from Yale in 1900 to LSU in 2019--is covered in detail, with a brief history of each school's football program. The question "is there a best ever team" is explored.

College Football

History, Spectacle, Controversy

Author: John Sayle Watterson

Publisher: JHU Press


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 528

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Ultimately, however, Watterson concludes that the history of college football is one in which the rules of the game have changed, but those of human nature have not.


Radio, Television, and Big-Time College Sport

Author: Ronald Austin Smith

Publisher: JHU Press


Category: Education

Page: 338

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Smith examines the troubled relationship between higher education and the broadcasting industry, the effects of TV revenue on college athletics (notably football), and the odds of achieving meaningful reform."--Jacket.

International Sport: A Bibliography, 1995-1999

Including Index to Sports History Journals, Conference Proceedings and Essay Collections.

Author: Richard William Cox

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 200

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There has been an explosion in the quantity of sports history literature published in recent years, making it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of developments. The annual number of publications has increased from around 250 to 1,000 a year over the last decade. This is due in part to the fact that during the late 1980s and 90s, many clubs, leagues and governing bodies of sport have celebrated their centenaries and produced histories to mark this occasion and commemorate their achievements. It is also the result of the growing popularity and realisation of the importance of sport history research within academe. This international bibliography of books, articles, conference proceedings and essays in the English language is a one-stop for the sports historian to know what is new.

Sports, Exercise, and Fitness

A Guide to Reference and Information Sources

Author: Mary Beth Allen

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 287

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An easy-to-use guide to nearly 1,000 information sources on sports, exercise, and fitness.