The Cat who Cried for Help

Attitudes, Emotions, and the Psychology of Cats

Author: Nicholas H. Dodman

Publisher: Bantam


Category: Pets

Page: 235

View: 251

Explores behavioral problems of cats, identifying the underlying causes and offering advice for improving cat-human relationships

The Cat Who Cried for Help

Attitudes, Emotions and the Psychology of Cats

Author: Nicholas H. Dodman



Category: Pets

Page: 235

View: 776

Reveals the fascinating, & often frustrating mind of one of our most popular, & independent animal companions, & shows how we can coexist peacefully with even the stubbornest of cats. Drawing on real-life stories from his practice, Dodman shares successful treatment programs that have given problem cats a new lease on life -- & their owners long-term solutions to even the most intractable disorders, from cat panic attacks to eating disorders, from litterbox aversion to depression & a wide range of feline phobias. Shows how adjustments in diet, exercise regimen, & environment can effect dramatic breakthroughs in resolving almost any feline problem.

Please Don't Cry

Author: Maria Herkal

Publisher: FriesenPress


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 327

View: 383

It’s shortly after World War II in Eastern Europe when a tormented young woman steps up to the door of a speeding train...and prepares to throw her baby outside. What happens next will forever alter the lives of the young woman, the horrified teacher who steps up to stop her...and the three-month old baby born into such dark circumstances. And so begins the life of Yugoslavian Ramona, whose childhood will be terribly marred by the weaknesses of those entrusted with her care. Buffeted from place to place with the violent secrets of how she came to be slowly revealed to her, Ramona eventually decides to leave the horrors of her childhood behind for a new start in Canada. There she begins to find her way and learn to love...until fresh tragedy sends her life off course and she finds herself trapped in an abusive marriage as miserable as her childhood. But Ramona has endured so much; she has vast reservoirs of strength within her. Now with two children of her own to protect, she slowly begins to extricate herself from the horror of her marriage to build a new life, free of abuse at last.

Colour the Fun of Poetry

Author: Margaret COX




Page: 132

View: 977

This is a Children's poetry book with fun poems and pictures to colour in.

The Cat Lottery

Author: John Des Fosses

Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 121

View: 249

Camille has exhausted the last of her nine lives. Under strict cat law, she must depart this earth for the eternal tenth life. Pioline and Poulet, her eight-week-old kittens, are left behind. Willed by Camille’s departed spirit, Boots, her aging brother, finds the kittens under the deck of John and Sandi’s house. They are wired with fear and spirits so lost they might never be found. Boots, a life long stray, confesses he is ill suited for the caring of kittens. He must devise a plan to convince the humans to take the kittens into their home. A more daunting task is to convince the kittens they should become house cats. Sandi becomes an unwitting partner in his plan. John becomes an unwitting foil. Learn the laws that govern a cat's life and how they deal with death, fear, joy, humor and love.

The Blue Fairy Book

Author: Andrew Lang



Category: Fiction

Page: 164

View: 568

In this volume, the editor gathers together a collection of old fairy tales from various sources that most people are familiar with. As familiar as you might be with the stories within, some of them have endings that you may not have seen in schools or when your read them at night as a child. Delve back into the classic stores that you were raised on but sometimes a little more twisted.

Creative Drama in the Intermediate Grades

A Handbook for Teachers

Author: Nellie McCaslin



Category: Performing Arts

Page: 346

View: 297

Explains methods and theories of teaching creative drama and suggestions for activities - Using the imagination - Movement to mime - Improvisation - Puppets and masks - Creating a play - Using a video camera - Performing poetry - Creative drama for a special child - Organising a performance.

Text Structures From Fairy Tales

Truisms That Help Students Write About Abstract Concepts . . . and Live Happily Ever After, Grades 4-12

Author: Gretchen Bernabei

Publisher: Corwin Press


Category: Education

Page: 248

View: 596

Standardized tests and college essay prompts demand that students produce quality analytical writing about abstract concepts. But how do you actually teach this kind of writing? Award-winning authors Gretchen Bernabei and Judi Reimer make it easy and fun. This book includes 35 engaging lessons that give students just the focused practice they need to craft effective, analytical writing for any situation. Centered on classic fairy tales and designed for students of all ages, each lesson includes a writing prompt accompanied by a planning framework. Students write a truism, select or create a text structure, and write a kernel essay that serves as scaffolding for a detailed rhetorical piece. With practice, students move from depending on teacher guidance to becoming autonomous analytical writers. The teacher-friendly layout and built-in flexibility of the book empower you to Use each fairy tale lesson for reading, for writing, or for both Cluster lessons around a particular literacy concept or use each as a standalone lesson Pair fairy tales thematically with other readings Customize the text structure options to meet the needs of your individual students Encourage students to create their own text structures Teach students simple ways to expand their ideas into detailed, rich essays Additional ideas for how to use the lessons, a complete collection of text structures, craft lessons on revision, and a list of conversation strategies are also included. Put Text Structures From Fairy Tales to work in your classroom and soon your students will be writing happily ever after.