The Brainy Bunch

The Harding Family's Method to College Ready by Age Twelve

Author: Kip Harding

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Religion

Page: 240

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Two parents share the extraordinary and inspirational story of how they sent six of their ten children to college by the age of twelve—and how any parent can achieve the same amazing success. If the Harding family can do it, your family can too! Having six out of ten kids go to college is no small feat on its own, but having six kids in college by the age of twelve— that’s nothing short of incredible. Meet Kip and Mona Lisa Harding, high school sweethearts whose simple homeschooling method produced exactly those extraordinary results. Kip and Mona Lisa are parents to an engineer (who earned her BS in mathematics at 17), an architect (who finished her five-year program at 18 and became the youngest member of the American Institute of Architects), a Navy physician (who earned her biology degree at 17), an entrepreneur (who earned a BA in English at 15 and an MS in computer science at 17), a 15-year-old college senior studying music theory and performance, a 12-year-old Middle Ages scholar with the highest average in his college class, and four others who are following fast in their siblings’ footsteps! No wonder the family is so used to being asked: How did you do it? The Hardings are the first to say they’re not geniuses. Nor do they run a strict, high-pressure household. Instead, they find out early what really motivates their children, instill their kids with dreams, and allow those dreams to blossom. In a remarkable, down-to-earth narrative that is part captivating memoir, part invaluable guidebook for parents, Kip and Mona Lisa reveal with warmth and humility the strategies behind their family’s amazing educational accomplishments. Filled with daily regimens, advice for providing children with fulfilling experiences that go beyond the home, and tips for making the transition to college, theirs is an inspirational real-life success story that anyone can achieve—whether you homeschool your children or not. The Brainy Bunch is uplifting and ultimately relatable proof of what any family can accomplish through dedication, love, faith, and hard work.

Learning the Basics

The Brainy Bunch Kids

Author: Sherrill B. Flora

Publisher: Key Education Publishing Company, LLC


Category: Education

Page: 320

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Come along on a series of exciting adventures with the Brainy Bunch kids! Your students will meet Eli, Jada, Yuuto, and Zoe?energetic and engaging friends starring in 12 colorful pullout storybooks that focus on important themes for early childhood education, such as colors, shapes, alphabet, pets, and many more. Each unit comes with a full-color teacher's guide, 12-page pullout storybook, and 6?8 reproducible student pages that offer fun comprehension activities, patterns, art projects, and so much more. It is a complete early childhood resource with over 170 teaching ideas and 90 reproducible pages.


Author: P.S.J. (Peet) Schutte

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Reference

Page: 404

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The Whistle-Blower on Corrupt Science Science went corrupt the day Edmund Halley in 1705 told the world he used the physics formula of his friend Isaac Newton to calculate the route that Halley?s comet took and the time it would arrive. This was where science went crooked, a position that went on ever since because that same dishonesty is still present in Newtonian science. Halley calculated the time periods since 1066 at the battle of Hastings and found a comet was mentioned every seventy-six years. This was very ordinary for a man of his class so he had to get far cleverer than backdate history to get a time frame. So he really got clever and conspired with the biggest fraud in science ever since; the man that stole all the physics Doctor Hooks invented, the man who even got Kepler? figures wrong, the man called Isaac Newton. Halley said he used the formula of Newton to calculate the route the comet took. This says he used mass to calculate how the comet came to the sun. According to Newton?s science, the sun?s mass pulled the comet and the comet?s mass pulled right back and in this way the comet came to the sun. I don?t go into the comet as such in this book but I do in other books. In this book I show how Newtonian science started to go corrupt in 1705 with one conspiracy to cheat and became the corrupt myth it now developed into. How do I know Halley did not use the mass pull mass idea? It is because if he did so, then how did he calculate that the comet was cyclic or that it returns every seventy-six years? If mass pulled the comet to the sun what then pushed to comet back into outer space? His big ambition was to prove the comet comes and goes, but if mass makes the comet come what pushes the comet back? You know what is the biggest fraud that came to be called Newtonian science? The most brilliant minds on earth this past three hundred years failed to asks this simple question: if mass pulls the comet closer what pushes the comet away? If mass forms the force of pulling and pulled the comet closer then what pushed the comet back into the darkness of the beyond. How did he know the mass of Halley?s comet? Nobody then asked questions. No one asks uneasy question?except me. I show the fake science we have. Newton and Halley got away with corrupt science. If you wish to prove wrong I challenge you to prove that Newton is correct. Today just like it was and keeping the trend go on, modern Newtonians gets away with even more corrupt science than anyone can imagine.

How to Swindle by Faking Science

Author: P. S. J. (Peet) Schutte

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Reference

Page: 468

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How To Swindle by Faking Science then you are going read what is the mother of all the conspiracies in science, which is about how science applies mind control by processing thought control. This is the truth! Science practicing physics about Astronomy, Cosmology and everything to do with Stars, the Cosmos or Universe, Galactica is under a Conspiracy to hide and conceal the truth...Does this sound far-fetched - I challenge you to read this book and then still think it is far fetched. Read what science hides and I prove every word. This book reveals what Science in Physics concerning Astronomy, Cosmology hides for hundreds of years. You read how science swindles to make Newton seem truthful and every time they find out how nature works nature destroys Newtonian concepts completely. This is the a conspiracy... For the first time in history I prove gravity is P. But if science was as unblemished and perfect as physicists say it is then my work has no place to be. This then is the attitude in science about my work. To counter that claim I prove that there is a mother conspiracy in place about covering the misconceptions hidden under a cloak of false lily-white purity and truthfulness. To hide Newton's in defendable incorrectness science created a mother conspiracy, which I reveal. There is a mother conspiracy hiding mistakes in place. Science benefits from and build upon this mother conspiracy being in place while I can't get further with my work while it is in place. It's imbedded in the teaching and learning process students undergo in learning Newtonian dogma. Students are brainwashed by the instigation of mind control that forces students to accept the dogma.I prove gravity has value of P, still by keeping me quiet I am perverted to introduce a new cosmic vision showing how the Universe forms when enlisting the four phenomena. How it works in science is Newton gets undeserved unduly credit in discrediting nature. I show how singularity takes on every shape and space we know. Are you up to facing the truth about what you thought is more righteous than God? Read this and see what those in science hide to make them seem so surreal?

The Ultimate Girls' Movie Survival Guide

What to Rent, Who to Watch, How to Deal

Author: Andrea Sarvady

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 255

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More than a movie rental guide, this book is arranged to address universal themes such as love complications, troubled friendships, family strife, body image angst, and more--a true manual for finding the answers to life's questions through film. Two-color illustrations throughout.

So Now You're a Zombie

A Handbook for the Newly Undead

Author: John Austin

Publisher: Chicago Review Press


Category: Humor

Page: 224

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All aspects of the zombie lifestyle are surveyed in this satirical take on an orientation manual for the newly undead. From how one became a zombie in the first place and the stages of zombification to survival mechanisms, this handbook offers specific advice on everything a fresh zombie needs to know about "life" expectancy, hunting techniques, hitching a ride, hand-to-mouth combat, and feeding etiquette. Instructions for extracting the living from boarded up farmhouses and broken down vehicles are included along with dozens of helpful diagrams outlining attack strategies such as the Ghoul Reach, the Flanking Zak, the Bite Hold, and the Aerial Fall for securing human prey and their all-important flesh and brains.