Dental Bibliography

A Standard Reference List of Books on Dentistry Published Throughout the World from 1536-1885. Arranged Chronologically, and Supplemented with a Complete Cross-reference to Authors




Category: Dentistry

Page: 180

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Provisional Bibliography of Atlases, Floras and Faunas of European Cities: 1600–2014

Author: John G. Kelcey

Publisher: Springer


Category: Science

Page: 140

View: 473

The bibliography provides information about the presence and distribution of plants and animals in cities throughout Europe. It will be of considerable interest to and should be used by a wide range of people including academics, researchers, librarians, school teachers, and people with a general interest in the natural history of cities. The bibliography is an important tool for the professions involved in the planning, design and management of high quality urban developments, including biologists, architects, urban designers, planners, consultants, medics., sociologists, engineers, politicians, landscape architects, building surveyors, agronomists and landscape managers.

The Bibliography of South Asian Periodicals

A Union-list of Periodicals in South Asian Languages

Author: Graham W. Shaw

Publisher: Barnes & Noble Imports


Category: Reference

Page: 135

View: 804

This reference book provides a bibliography of all periodicals and newspapers written wholly or partly in a South Asian language, published anywhere in the world. These collections, held by libraries in the United Kingdom, are unique and cannot be matched by libraries in Europe, the United States, or even in South Asia itself. The bibliography contains over 2500 titles in the 15 major languages of South Asia, including Sinhalese, Sanskrit and various minor languages as well as Pashto, Persian and Arabic titles published in South Asia and Afghanistan. The periodicals are listed by language and alphabetically by title within each language. The bibliography gives the title, place of publication, issuing body (if noncommercial), frequency, and the holdings of individual libraries.

Es'kia Mphahlele

A Bibliography




Category: South Africa in literature

Page: 108

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Bibliography of the Communist International

1919-1979. Vol. 1

Author: Vilém Kahan

Publisher: BRILL


Category: History

Page: 396

View: 836

This comprehensive bibliography will be a necessary starting-point for all future students of the communist international, 1919-1943. It contains the most complete annotated list of references on the subject published so far.

Harold Pinter

An Annotated Bibliography

Author: Steven H. Gale

Publisher: G K Hall


Category: Reference

Page: 244

View: 357

This collection of seventeen critical essays commemorates 25 years of writing by Harold Pinter. The essays are original pieces by many of the leading contemporary drama scholars in American and Britain which, taken together, present a fuller picture of the dramatist's canon and a better understanding of what he tries to do and how he tries to do it.

Exchange Bibliography

Author: Council of Planning Librarians



Category: City planning


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An Introduction to Writing for Nurses

Author: Glennis Zilm

Publisher: Mosby


Category: Medical

Page: 210

View: 998

Examines the essential elements of communication : Source, Message, Audience, Route, and Tone.